Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


43. Lieing for love

Ashleys POV.


I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I went out, seeing my mom and dad, talking, while amy was making pancakes. she turned around and ran into my arms, starting crying while saying how sorry she was about what happened.


my mom came too, and hugged both of us. I couldn't help but cry, it was all so overwhelming. we sat down with the pancakes, and I was quiet. I looked down the table, not knowing what to say.. or what I should say..


MOM - I know you don't wanna talk about it, but you have to sometime. the sooner, the better.

ASHLEY - Whats there to talk about?

MOM - Do you remember? did you know? 

ASHLEY - No and no... 

MOM - The doctors told us that you remembered a bit?

ASHLEY - No, i don't.. i don't wanna talk about it..

MOM - You have to talk about it.. about him..

ASHLEY - Im done, thanks for pancakes.

MOM - The reason why came all the way to america, is because we have to go to court. you have to tell what happened, so they know for sure how long they are gonna be in prison.

ASHLEY - Does that mean.. justin will be there?

MOM - Yes.. its tomorrow, so you have to pack your bags..

ASHLEY - .. Oh no, i'm not leaving! i'm staying in america!

MOM - Aren't you coming back to canada?

ASHLEY - No mom.. i'm staying!

MOM - We'll discuss that later.. you ARE coming to court! we'll be driving in a few hours, so get ready.


some hours later, we drove off to canada, to get that bastard arrested.


Justins POV.


-2 hours before the court-


POLICE - We gave you ten years, but it can change.. ashley and her family is coming in 2 hours and you will get your final judge.. it can be fewer years, but certainly also up to 30 years.. so have your arguments ready..

JUSTIN - Ashley is coming?

POLICE - Yes..

JUSTIN - Can I talk to her?

POLICE - No, you can stay the fuck away from her, like you should have done from the beginning..

JUSTIN - Fuck..


I have to talk her.. she has to see me.. I know she will get her feelings back, if she she sees me.. damn, I have to figure out how i can talk to her, without the cops getting crazy..


Ashleys POV.


MOM - Are you ready to get in? 

ASHLEY - Not really..

MOM - Its gonna be alright.. we are here for you!


We got out of the car, when i felt the tears..


ASHLEY - Just go without me.. I just have to get some air for myself..

MOM - Are you sure?

ASHLEY - Yes, i'm fine, just go!


I tried my best not to cry.. it was so hard.




I looked around, to see where the sound came from.


Over here!


I looked over to an open window. Justin jumped out. 

I felt my whole stomach turning.. he came over to me and I got so scared..




He an over and put his hand on my mouth looking me int he eyes. I almost fainted from fear. he was gonna rape me again.


JUSTIN - I had to see you and talk to you, so please don't call the police..

ASHLEY - Sre you gonna rape me?

JUSTIN - No! no no no no, you have to understand it was a mistake...

ASHLEY - You lied?

JUSTIN - Im so sorry, and I can never make it up to you, but i wanna spent my life trying, because i love you! i just didn't know when i did it.. i love you ashley.


He kissed on the lips, with his hands on my head. I did not kiss him, but I did start to cry. 


JUSTIN - I know you hate me, but i wanna make it up to you.. when i get out in 10 years, im gonna be there for you.

ASHLEY - 10 years?

JUSTIN - Yes, probably.. i can get 5-30 years they said.

ASHLEY - I love you

JUSTIN - I love you too! oh, I knew you would forgive me!

ASHLEY - I love you, thatS why we should make a deal.

JUSTIN - What deal?

ASHLEY - Im gonna make sure you wont get in prison, on one condition..

JUSTIN - Everything baby! I wanna spent the rest of my life with you!

ASHLEY - You'll stay away from me..

JUSTIN - Sure.. wait what?

ASHLEY - If i make sure you're not gonna be in prison, you have to promise, never to see me again. I want you completely out of my life!

JUSTIN - I cant.. 

ASHLEY - You have to! I can make sure you get 30 years in prison, and you can never see me anyways, because imma have police settle that. but i love you, and i think you deserve a good life, so please take my offer..


I was balling my eyes out.. I never want to let go of him, but after what he did, I would rather let go, than hold on. He was crying too. I saw the pain in his eyes..


JUSTIN - On one condition.. 

ASHLEY - What?

JUSTIN - I get one last kiss..


I let out a little laugh.. I couldn't stop loving him. he was being so sweet..


Then he leaned down, giving m the most passionate kiss he ever had given to me. he held my body really tight, squeezing out bodies together. I pulled away looking into his eyes and then I walked into court.. about to lie, just to make my rapists life better. i couldn't believe the things you would do for love..


Justins POV.


I went in the window, after wiping the tears off my eyes. they brought me, ryan and chaz to court and we sat down. then i saw her family walking into the room. her mom and amy gave me the meanest eyes ever. I tried to apologize through my eyes, but they were cold as fuck!


Then Ashley came behind them. she looked down, still a little teary, from our conversation. She was just so beautiful that it hurt. then she looked up and right into my eyes. it was a sad look, saying "why did you do it?". MAN, the pain in my heart...


after a while when she was asked what happened. she stoop up and turned around facing me, ryan and chaz. 


ASHLEY - I have a confession.. i should have told this earlier, but I was too scared, and those three boys, were willing to offer an important time of there life, to protect my secret. a stupid, stupid secret...


She then started to look straight into my my eyes.


ASHLEY - We were all in the boat house, and really turned on. so, as a fun and embarrassing game, we decided that they should all have sex with me. it was no rape. yes, we did run around in the woods, thats how i cut my arm.. not the knife. and yes.. I was a virgin, thats why it was important for me to keep it a secret. I got hit by a car, but my memory of that night slowly came back, so thats why i played along when the doctors came with their version of the story. im sorry.


I couldn't believe she could lie in that way.. it sounded so real. amazing what she will do for me..


It all ended with us getting half a year in prison, because of the few evidence of the other girls. that will give them time to see if they could figure out more, but chaz already had some of his friends, deleting ALL the evidence of rape. 


looks like everything is good.. i got everything i wanted..


who am i kidding, i'm so happy that she would do this for me, but what is the point of living, if you're not with the one you want to be with.. 


And.... I will never see her again.. ever.


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