Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


32. Humiliating episodes

Ashleys POV.


We ordered some food and sat in the restaurant. It was a boat filled with people on vacation. I could feel how some of the boys looked at me. It was nice to get the attention, but I didn't really think about it, cause I was so happy with justin. He was so amazing.


I actually feel like he is the only one I have. I remember some faces of some girls, who I think was my friends, but I have no idea.. I don't even know if I had friends. Justin, Amy and my mom. And they were family, so I couldn't really tell them everything. I told amy a lot, but not about me and justin. I have no one to tell about how I have crossed my limits by being naked and stuff. Besides justin. He listens. He understands. He cares. He is fun, but serious. He is bad and sassy, but still good as an angel. He is amazing and he is mine.


I reached for his hand under the table and I saw how he looked at me and smiled. I loved his smile. So warm and wonderful. I saw the waiter come with our food and it looked delicious.


BILL – So, how do you like it so far?

AMY – I love it!

BRITNEY – Of course you do. You got your boy, just like your sister..

BEN – Come on, brit, knock it off. We are just friends.

AMY – Best friends! But not more than that?

ASHLEY – Seriously, I don't mind you guys attacking me, but just not amy!

REBECCA – Are you gonna cry?

RUBY – Ashley, stop it! Britney and rebecca were happy for you!

ASHLEY – Did you even hear..

RUBY – Stop it I said!


Mean evil bitch! Evil bitches! Why did we have to bring ruby and rebecca.. on the other hand, thats how I met justin.. he came with ryan!


MOM – Ashley I heard that there is a girls pajamas party on the boat tonight. Its for everyone! So I think you and rebecca and britney should join! Amy is too young. But she has to take care of baily anyways tonight.

ASHLEY – Do I have to?

BILL – I think that justin boy is getting to your head. I think it would be healthy to spent time with your girlfriends!


Girlfriends? Not friends. Not interested. Never in my life. I would rather shoot myself.


ASHLEY – Of course, that would be funny..

JUSTIN – I don't think im getting to her head?

RUBY – Well, you aren't taking it slow..

JUSTIN – Is that the argument?

MOM – I think it will be healthy for her to spent time with the girls.

JUSTIN – I'm not really sure about that..

MOM – Well I am, and if you are gonna question me, then I might have to set you on break.

ASHLEY – Mom, why do you always have to be so strict. I am 17, not a little kid!

MOM – I know, I just don't think you should bet on a summer romance..

ASHLEY – You did not just say that!

MOM – I have so much experience, I know about it. Im just trying to protect you!

JUSTIN – From what?

MOM – From getting hurt!

JUSTIN – How can I hurt her?

MOM – I really wanna let past, be past, but when you guys were younger, you were so mean to her that she had anorexia. You were the reason why she moved school and felt bad about her body for so many years!

ASHLEY – Is that true justin?

JUSTIN – We were little! Doesn't matter now, I would never hurt you.. I have grown..

MOM – Ashley, I just want you to be careful!

JUSTIN – I feel like you don't like me..

MOM – I do justin, I just don't like that she isn't spending time with anyone else!

ASHLEY – But i'm going with rebecca and Britney tonight, remember?

MOM – Yes and you are gonna have so much fun!


I dont think so.. I cant last too long, so I'll be fine!


We finished up and went into our rooms. I saw rebecca and britney take some of their stuff.


ASHLEY – What are we supposed to wear?

REBECCA – Pajamas! It is a pajamas party!

ASHLEY – Sure! And were was it?

BRITNEY – Room 404. its on the the first deck.

ASHLEY – Thank you.

REBECCA – You welcome. We will just go out and change, cause we have to get some snacks first. See you down there!

ASHLEY – Sure! I'll be down there in a minute!


They went out and I put on my pajamas. It was a pair of shorts and shirt that showed my belly. I took my big teddy shoes on and a blanket in my hands. I put my hair in a bon and then I heard a knock on the door.


Justin came in and checked me out.


JUSTIN – You look good babe! I wish I could join, just to watch you!

ASHLEY – Stop it!

JUSTIN – No, im serious. Me and ryan is gonna go to a guys night. It will be a bunch of guys just playing video games.. I guess thats gonna be funny enough..

ASHLEY – Have fun babe! Wanna meet tonight before bed time?

JUSTIN – I would love!


He kissed me and went out. I checked my phone and then I went down to the room. I grabbed a coffee from the little star bucks cafe and then I headed the room. I saw the room. There was a note on the door saying “for the pajamas party go through this room and enter the red door”. Sounds easy enough. As I went in the room I took a sip of my coffee, and closed the door.



Then I saw a room full of guys playing video games. They were all looking at me. Then they were like “damn you're cute” “hey sexy, wanna join” “you can sit on my lap” I was only in my tiny outfit in a room of 50 horny guys all looking at me. This was not one of my dreams.


Suddenly I saw justin get up and hug me. He looked at the guys and told them I was with him, and they all boo'ed.


JUSTIN – What are doing in here?

ASHLEY – Rebecca and Britney told me it was in here! The note said there was a red door in here to the pajamas room.

JUSTIN – Ashley, never believe those bitches!

ASHLEY – But where is it?

JUSTIN – I dont know babe. Go ask someone who works here. And hurry, these guys want you!

ASHLEY – But you are here. You wouldn't let anyone get in my pants!

JUSTIN – Uhm, no! And go now!


He looked like he really wanted to get rid of me. But he did kiss me a couple of times before I left. Went I went out I heard the guys yelling stuff like “nice ass” “shake it baby”. I also heard justin getting mad, but he was just gonna beat their ass's in the video game, then he will be happy again.


I went out and found a guy who worked at the place. He was about justins age and very pretty. Not as much as justin, of course. I checked me out and bit his lip.


GUY – Are you lost? The pajamas party is on third floor! And my name is Greg.

ASHLEY – Hey greg, i'm Ashley. Yes, someone made go in the video game room, dressed like this.. I really want to know where it is!

GREG – I could follow the way?

ASHLEY – Its okay, you can just tell me the room.

GREG – I want to! A pretty girl like you shouldn't walk alone.

ASHLEY – I have a boyfriend!

GREG – I have a key to every room on this ship!

ASHLEY – Im sorry?

GREG – Oh I though we were talking about irrelevant stuff..

ASHLEY – Oh.. heh

GREG – But speaking about the key. I have access to the romantic room!


We started to walk


ASHLEY – Whats the romantic room?

GREG – It the dark room, filled with different colors of light. Theres a hot tub and vine and strawberries.. if you what i'm talking about..

ASHLEY – That sounds great!

GREG – I can access anytime I want. Now.. in the middle of the night, when all the boyfriends are asleep..

ASHLEY – Im not really interested..

GREG – Are you sure.


He opened the door and apparently he had brought me to the romantic room. I felt the watery air and the light. It screamed sex. It made me a bit horny imagining me and justin in here.


ASHLEY – wow, its amazing!

GREG – Could you spent some time in here?

ASHLEY – sure!!

GREG – Just what I wanted to hear!

ASHLEY – Can I borrow the key then? My boyfriend would love this!

GREG – But I thought..

ASHLEY – Thank you for showing me this! Im gonna go to the pajamas party now!

GREG – Will I see you soon?

ASHLEY – I don't know, but I do wanna borrow that key! See you


Even though I knew what he wanted, I was just playing it cool. And it worked quite well for me. I finally found the room and went inside.


Everybody was dressed in normal clothe. I was the only one in pajamas. They all started to laugh at me, especially Britney and Rebecca.


BRITNEY – Did you say hello to the boys from me?

REBECCA – I bet they laughed at you too!

BRITNEY – You are so naïve!

ASHLEY – They didn't laugh.. they were turned on by me!

BRITNEY – I doubt that!


ASHLEY – Oh, I heard every boy turns you down, when im around.. I dont know if thats true, but everybody says so!

REBECCA – Not true!

ASHLEY – Oh, your mom doesn't just hate me, because everybody likes me better?

REBECCA – No she doesn't! Seriously ash, look around. Only justin and your mom likes you. You don't have any friends. Nobody wants you!

BRITNEY – And justin? He will get over you. He dumped my friends after he slept with them, so if you haven't slept with him yet thats why he is still there. He is only trying to get in your pants!

ASHLEY – You dont know him!

BRITNEY – You are right, I don't.. But at least I know what he had been doing for the years before this summer. I know how he acted when he was with a girl and how he dumped them.. but you are right, you know him way better. You have been together for like.. five days? Ever since the accident, cause you don't anything from before!

ASHLEY – I know that you talk shit, and I shouldn't trust you. You obviously dont give me reasons to actually trust you!

REBECCA – I think you should dump him.. no, I think you should stay with him. I cant wait to see you get your heart broken!

ASHLEY – Why do you say stuff like that? Do you really hate me that much?

BRITNEY – there is only one spotlight honey. And it doesn't fit all three of us!

ASHLEY – I dont even know when you started hating me.. you talk shit.. I should just listen to the people that cares about me..

BRITNEY – Wake up sweetie! Everyone in this room doesn't like you!

ASHLEY – Really?

GIRL – You seem like someone I am supposed to hate!

ASHLEY – Supposed to?

GIRL – You look like a girl who can just blink with her eyes and steal my boyfriend.

ASHLEY – I wouldn't, I got my own!

GIRL – Sorry. You are probably a nice girl, we just don't want you around!

ASHLEY – So this it how it is. You think im pretty and guys like me, thats why you are trying to tare me down until I break! You cant, cause I have nothing left for you!

BRITNEY – We wont, but justin will. Sooner or later he is gonna break you. I don't know how and I don't know when, but he will. You can make him care, but you can never really change who he is. And he is a bad boy. End of story.


I went out the room. I was trying my hardest not to let them under my skin, but it was just so hard. I was supposed to meet justin now, but I just didn't feel like. I went down to were I found that greg guy. He was the only one I needed now.  




OMG! why does she need Greg? dont mess up Ashley!

Hey guys, I hope you like this long chapter.

I will get some coffee now, and if im really sweet, I will let you know what she wants with Greg!

if im not too tired..

Do you like the drama? I have to confess, that I love writing drama!

I seriously hate Britney and Rebecca. like really!

Lol, im a freak!



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