Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


46. Greg and the girls

Ashleys POV. 


I have been working hard for six months now! I finally gotmy normal weight back, but i have way more muscles now! I actually think that I look better than ever. I'm in love with my apartment and my job. I think everything is great right now!

Greg is moving Up here in two weeks. I've missed him so much. He is gonna start in my school, which by the way is really good too. I made three really good friends and a lot of people wants to talk to me!


Rosie - Blonde, blue eyes, shorter than me, pretty. she has a boyfriend and she is such a good girl. the sweetest person you'll ever meet.


Abigale (Abi) - Dark brown hair, light blue eyes, tall, skinny. she is the party girl, who ever settles for anything. she is the one who drags us to a lot of parties and goes home with new boys all the time.


Destiny - dark blonde, green eyes, funny, my height. she is the funny one. her personality can make anyone fall in love with her, and she always makes you smile.


And me. the fitness loving, beautiful girl, who can make anyone fall in love. the smart girl, with the crazy history.


Us girls, does everything together. we are so close! they were actually all friends, when i came to the city, but i started to talk to Rosie and sooner or later i were part of the group. They know about Justin, the rape and everything that happened that summer. they are so understanding. except maybe Abi, who hooked me up with several guys. With my own apartment, and no parents to worry about I can't say that I have been completely innocent. but I'm not like Abi at all. 


> 2 weeks later <


I welcomed Greg in the airport with a giant hug! I was so happy to see him, that I probably squeezed all life out of him.  He looked at me with amazed eyes. 


GREG - Jesus Ash, you really changed since last time I saw you!

ASHLEY - In a good way right?

GREG - in the best way thinkable!

ASHLEY - Thank you! I picked up the keys to your new apartment, so we can just head over there immediately!

GREG - Yer, lets do that. Oh, I can stay with you until I get all the furniture I need right?

ASHLEY - of course! I'm just really glad that you are here! But hey.. You have changed a lot too, you know!

GREG - Oh yeah? how?

ASHLEY - The last I saw you, you weren't packed with all those muscles! have you been workin out?

GREG - Guilty!

ASHLEY - It suits you!

GREG - thanks!


We went to his apartment and took a look at it. we talked about what he needed and then we made a list. Afterwards we went home to me and I cooked dinner for us. 


GREG - You seem a lot healthier now Ashley!

ASHLEY - Yeah, I was eating like a pig back then.

GREG - Not only that, I mean your mood. You seem like you finally got over him.

ASHLEY - I actually think I did. I mean I think about him sometimes, but it's not bad. I realized that one summer, that changed my life, shouldn't be a bad thing. I decided that he was not worth my tears or my bad mood. So the more I realized the fact that I was never gonna see him again, the happier I got. You know, it's easier dealing with things, if you just face facts.

GREG - Well I'm glad you did! And I'm glad to be here with you!

ASHLEY - Me too! You have to meet my friends, they are gonna love you! You'll make so many new friends at school. 

GREG - I can't wait


After we had eaten, we got under the blankets to watch a movie. I cuddled into his arms smelling his scent. 


ASHLEY - Can't we be cuddle friends?

GREG - Only cuddle friends?

ASHLEY - Only cuddle friends. It is so nice to be in someone's arms!

GREG - Hahah. well, then I guess we are cuddle friends!


Justins POV.


In 2 month I'm moving to America. In 2 months I'm gonna win my baby back.

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