Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


34. Goodmorning

Justins POV.


I had been looking for that girl all night. I had called her and texted her, but no response. Britney and rebecca had no idea where she was. I was getting a bit worried, since we had a date. We were supposed to meet, because the grown up couldn't see how much time we spent on each other.


After looking for her for an hour, I decided that she was fine and she would explain everything tomorrow. Or thats what I tried to tell myself. I had a hard time falling asleep, thinking that she might be hurt. If she didn't show up the next morning I would do something. For now, I would rest.


Ashleys POV.


I woke up in the king size bed. I got up and looked around. Greg were no where to be found. I saw a note on the nightstand saying that he had an early shift. It said that I could just take some food in the mini fridge and I didn't had to think about cleaning anything. Aaaand, that I looked beautiful sleeping. Of course..


I sneaked out the room and through the hallways. When I was at my room I slowly opened the door. Britney and rebecca were asleep, so I sneaked in and got into my bed. I laid for like 10 minutes until I got up, pretending I had been sleeping here for the whole night.


I got up and turned on the lights. They slowly woke up while I was changing into normal clothe. They just looked at me.


BRITNEY – Where did you go last night? Justin was looking after like a crazy person.

ASHLEY – I just needed to be alone..


ASHLEY – Seriously? After the things you told me? You dont see why I needed time for myself?

BRITNEY – Whatever, we were just being honest! Thats better than hiding it..

ASHLEY – I dont really know about that..

BRITNEY – Trust me girl.. we are doing you a favor!

ASHLEY – I have a very hard time believing that!

REBECCA – Whatever!


What a great way to start the morning. I missed justin. I needed to see him and tell him about greg, before he finds out. Not that its wrong, but it could sound wrong.


I did my hair and make-up and got out. I went to justins room and knocked on the door. He opened looking very sleepy, without his shirt on. He looked so hot. His eyes turned big and his mouth started to smile, while hugging me. Then he pulled away with a mad look on his face.


JUSTIN – I have been so worried about you! Where have you been, I though we had a date!

ASHLEY – Can I come in?

JUSTIN – Sure, ryan is in the shower..

ASHLEY – Thanks!

JUSTIN – So.. tell me!!

ASHLEY – Britney and Rebecca told me no one likes me. All the girls at the pajamas party hated me too. They also told me about how you used to treat women..

JUSTIN – What do you mean?

ASHLEY – That you just wanted to sleep with them and then leave them..

JUSTIN – That is true! But you are special ashley! I love you. I love so much that I would go through and accident being by your side every second, spending so many days, for you to remember me! I wouldn't do that with any girl. But it is cause its you. My baby girl. My love!

ASHLEY – I know that..

JUSTIN – So why didn't you meet me?

ASHLEY – I just needed to be alone!

JUSTIN – Were you mad at me?

ASHLEY – No! I just felt bad. Like no one liked me. They also told me you were gonna hurt me and break my heart.

JUSTIN – How would I do that?

ASHLEY – They didn't know. They just knew you would..

JUSTIN – They dont know anything and again.. you shouldn't listen to them! So where were you? I looked for you for about an hour!

ASHLEY – Look.. I found this guy who works on this ship and I asked if I could get a room for myself. He then said that every room was rented, but I could sleep in his room..

JUSTIN – You what?

ASHLEY – But its totally innocent! He had a huge room, with a bed I slept in and he slept on the couch. There were no sparks or anything. He didn't want to get my pants either, so I just found a friend.. nothing else!

JUSTIN – You should've come to me..

ASHLEY – I know, but I couldn't.

JUSTIN – At least you should've told me!

ASHLEY – Im telling you now!

JUSTIN – Thats not the same..

ASHLEY – Look, im not hiding it from you, cause it was nothing. Just a night to think about things.

JUSTIN – What did you do?

ASHLEY – We did not touch.. not even hug. We only talked. His parents died in a car accident. So we had something to talk about. But that was it. He was gone when I woke up, cause he had to work.

JUSTIN – Well, I trust you babe.. but next time, you should come to me instead!

ASHLEY – I will. But, hey! I got a friend!

JUSTIN – You got me!

ASHLEY – Yeah, but you are a boyfriend!

JUSTIN – Uh, better, then im allowed to do this.


He started to kiss me, very passionate and kind. Then ryan came in with only a towel on. We started to laugh and I went out the room and they both got dressed.


We met at a restaurant, full of breakfast. Everybody. I wanted to tell my mom about how rebecca and britney had treated me, but I decided not to. I didn't want to make more problems in this family.




sorry its short. but i have to get some sleep. im from denmark and we haven't attended school for 4 weeks now, because some problems with the teachers and the state. 

so tomorrow i have to go to school and in two weeks we have exams. 

im gonna be honest and say that i havn't even thought about studying. my school is overrated.. im too smart for it, lol. 

No, im just kidding! but seriously ..


 what im trying to say is, that I will try my very best at uploading as much as possible. even though if im gonna stay up late and live my life on coffee, i will.


Thank you for bringing a bit more life to this story. I like the comments and all the other stuff. makes me want to upload even mooooree!! 




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