Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


39. Goodbye

Ashleys POV.


I really loved this guy. he was sweet, he loved me and we had sex. finally. i couldn't even understand how lucky I was to have someone as caring as him. I cant stop thinking about how i reacted when we first tried. thank god, he helps me through that. 


I went down to my room, to get i shower, when Rebecca and britney's hatefull eyes met me. they looked at me, like I was trash, but I couldn't stop smiling. I was in love. and I had sex. 


REBECCA - Why are you smiling like a maniac?

BRITNEY - Yeah, like, you look stupid!

ASHLEY - Sorry, girls.. but this is what it looks like, when you're good enough for having an non-cheating handsome boyfriend, who has sex with you. bet you dont that feeling..


I walked out of the room, feeling SO confident! wow, sex is really incredible! it wasn't even my intention to tell anyone, but i guess that, I dont care. im confident now.


I knocked at the door and a tired greg opened the door, looked at me weird. i pushed him aside and went into his room, looking for a towel.


ASHLEY - Can I use your shower?

GREG - What are you doing up, so early?

ASHLEY - Where do you have the towels?

GREG - Why dont you shower at your own place?

ASHLEY - Guess who you are looking at?

GREG - What is with you this morning?

ASHLEY - I had sex with justin! he isn't cheating!!

GREG - Congrats, honey!


I went to his shower, leaving the door slightly open, so we could talk. I undressed and got into the shower, and he sat on his bed.


GREG - Thats explains why you are so happy!

ASHLEY -Wanna know whats weird? we tried yesterday, at night, but i freaked out! it was like, he turned into my enemy and I needed to get away from him. isn't that weird?

GREG - Yes, i've never heard of something like that. what did you do?

ASHLEY - Well, I told him i was scared and I yelled at him, but he just held me and comforted me! he is so nice!

GREG - Dont you find it alarming?

ASHLEY - A bit, but we had sex this morning, and it was great! everything was good!

GREG - I guess, you must have been REALLY afraid, of having your first fuck!


I got out of the shower and dried myself, putting the towel around me and sat down next to him. he gave me a hug and looked at me.


GREG - If it happens again, you need to tell me alright?

ASHLEY - I promise! oh, and thank you for the shower!

GREG - Anytime!


I went down in my own room and got dressed. Then i found my family in a restaurant, getting breakfast. justin and ryan wasn't there yet. i sat down and everyone went quiet, and stared at me. I saw how rebecca and britney smirked at me. I knew trouble was out.


MOM - I know that you want to be an adult. I know. But this. this is just too early!

ASHLEY - What?


Justin and Ryan arrived. they sat down and looked confused.


MOM - I dont want you to have sex already!

ASHLEY - MOM! im 17, cant i decide, what to do?

JUSTIN - What's going on here?

MOM - What's going on here? you had sex with my daughter, when she is CLEARLY too young for that!!

JUSTIN - she is not too young for that.. its normal..

MOM - I dont want or accept it. 

ASHLEY - Mom, stop, please!

MOM - Im sending you home. Justin, you cant be on this vacation with us anymore, and you ashley.. you are gonna go home to the cottage all by yourself, and think about what you've done!

ASHLEY - You have to be fucking kidding me!!

RYAN - WHAT? No, man, justin cant leave!!

MOM - Thats my decision, and you cant change that!

ASHLEY - Why are you like that mom? im not gonna be your little girl forever, cant you just understand that!

MOM - Go to your rooms and pack.. NOW!! Half an hour, you are standing ready, in the lobby, understand?


I got up and ran into my room, as fast as possible. I balled my eyes out, by the thought of my summer romance ending here. of course, we are gonna go on, but its gonna be difficult. 


After 15 minuttes of packing, i finished, looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. my mascarra, was all over my face. suddenly someone knocked. i went out to get it, and the justin walked in. he looked at me with a sad face. 


ASHLEY - I guess, this is goodbye? for now?

JUSTIN - We still have 15 minuttes..


He locked the door and pushed me onto my bed. i felt an instand passion, desire through my body. he ripped off my clothe and kissed me hardly. we didn't even, do any foreplay, he just went right up in my, really hard and aggressive, making me moan, like a crazy person.


It was so passionate and perfect. I didn't even know that goodbye sex, was so good! after he came, he laid down next to me, looking me in the eyes. he then looked at his watch and we had 2 minuttes left.


We got dressed and took our backs out int he lobby. the whole family was there, to sent us, separate ways. i didn't even hug any of them, i just looked at justin with tears in my eyes.


JUSTIN - I love you, you know that!

ASHLEY - Do you promise, to see me, when im done on this vacation?

JUSTIN - I promise to call you every day!

ASHLEY - I love you so much! I've never loved someone as much as I love you. I wouldn't remember if I did, but I know. in my heart! i love you

JUSTIN - I love you too. promise, that no matter what happens, we are gonna be together. forever!

ASHLEY - I promise!


He kissed me very passionately and then he cuddled me into a big hug, while i was crying on his shoulders. we looked at each other, and kissed one last time. then we went separate ways, on separate boats.




I have so many things to say. how about a question?

How much do you hate me?

On a scale of 1 - 10?

I would say a 100!


I am so sorry, that I haven't updated. my exams ended 1 and a half weeks ago, and I have been dealing with moving on, and being happy. i didn't like my school, and it took all my energy. I have been very sad this last couple of months, and im sorry that i haven't just updated.

You know.. when you are dealing with sadness, everything gets sad. I just feel very bad about myself at the moment and it takes all my energy. 

mentally, I haven't found time, to write on this story, but it has killed me reading your comments about where i am, and why i never update anymore. 

I am here. always. you just dont hear from me, and im so sorry about that!

it makes me happy, to see that you still have interest. im gonna try to update more. 


btw, my exams went well. got my A's ! :-)


i love you <3

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