Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


29. Girlfriend

We went out to get some breakfast. We sat down at our seats and he put his hand on my thigh making me melt. His warm hands against my cold morning body. I could barely eat.


BILL – Now, me, Abigale and Ruby have talked. Since Ashley feel better, we decided to go do something fun. I rented a big boat that we are gonna spent the next week on. To get away from the cottage. And make ashley connect to us even more.

REBECCA – Its like everything is about ashley. Seriously, do we do things thats isn't for ashley?

BRITNEY – Im sorry, but she's right! Before the accident it was about ashley and now its even more about ashley!

JUSTIN – Jealous bitches..

BRITNEY – Im sorry?

JUSTIN – You should be! Have you any idea what she has been through? Try to show some respect!

BRITNEY – Don't act holy Justin! If it wan't because you were horny and she was your age, you wouldn't have cared either.. I know you!

ASHLEY – What?

JUSTIN – Don't listen to her.. she is just jealous! Always have been, always will be!

BRITNEY – So you do not just want to fuck her?

BILL – Stop talking like that!

BRITNEY – NO! I know how horny he is! He have fucked some of my friends! Four actually and their all my age!

JUSTIN – It doesn't matter who I fucked in my past!

MOM – Can we please stop talking like this?

BRITNEY – Tell me Ashley. Have he tried to have sex with you?

ASHLEY – No, he is a guy, I dont even know what you're talking about!

BRITNEY – But I guess he have tried to see you naked right? Maybe he already has!

MOM – Thats not how my little ashley is!

REBECCA – Wake up! When I shared room with them, I heard hard breathing and I saw something happening under the sheets!

ASHLEY – Did we have sex?

JUSTIN – No, we were just cuddling!

MOM – Do you do stuff like that ashley?

ASHLEY – I don't remember!

BILL – Stop this now!! Britney and Rebecca you do the dishes and Justin you maek sandwiches for the whole family for the trip to the big boat! Oh, and as I forgot to say, before you turned mean, we are going and speed boats out to the big boat. But thats probably not as interesting as arguing. Now do what you have to do and be nice to each other!


I went into the room alone, before Justin could even say anything to me. I wasn't mad, I was just confused. He seemed like this sweet boy, who wouldn't just sleep with girls. Britney made him sound like a pig. He had slept with four girls on Britney's age. I was only 17 and he was 19.. he had slept with older girls. I don't feel good enough. And how would she know about all the naked asking? He had been seeing me naked before and he often asked me, telling me that it was okay, cause he had seen me..


Maybe this guy isn't as good as I though.. maybe he doesn't tell me the whole story, since rebecca have heard me breathing hard, while being in bed with justin.. it seems weird!


Justin came in and hugged me he took my hands and looked me in the eyes.


JUSTIN - Ashley, you believe me right? Don't believe anyhting alse than what I've told you!

ASHLEY – I don't know.. it seems like you haven't told the whole story.

JUSTIN – Believe me I have!

ASHLEY – Then why does my stomach tell me you are lying?

JUSTIN – I don't know! I have told you everything there is to be said!

ASHLEY – I can feel it when you tell me.. You ARE lying!

JUSTIN – No i'm not, stop saying that!!

ASHLEY – Omg.. the look in your eyes.. I recognize it. I see woods and running. Omg what is happening to me?

JUSTIN – Shh.. calm down..


he hugged me and held me, even though I was a bit scared of him. I cried and couldn't stop. All I saw was trees, night and Justin's angry eyes.


JUSTIN – It was before the car accident. I was chasing you and you were running through the wood. I had my angry look on, to scare cause I thought it would be funny. You were not really scared, it just feels like it, cause you have a lot of feelings right now..

ASHLEY – But I can feel it.. its real! Why haven't you told me?

JUSTIN – I did tell you!

ASHLEY – Not that I was scared!

JUSTIN – You weren't its just something your head thinks!


He hugged for about five minutes, when I finally calmed down. He kissed my forehead and made me safe around him again. There was something I had to ask him about though..


ASHLEY – The thing Britney said.. About you and her friends? Is it true?

JUSTIN – Yes, but thats just the past..

ASHLEY – I thought you were good!

JUSTIN – Am I bad, because I sleep with girls?

ASHLEY – No.. you just didn't seemed like the type..

JUSTIN – Not when i'm in love, no!

ASHLEY – So.. you are normally into older girls, huh?

JUSTIN – No! I have been with way more younger girls, than older. I mean younger like you!

ASHLEY – Wait a second.. That mean you have atleast been with nine girls. Not that its non of my business, but how many girls have you slept with?

JUSTIN – Uhm.. it doesn't matter!

ASHLEY – Seriously? Not more than 10, right?

JUSTIN – Uhm..

ASHLEY – 15?

JUSTIN – Well..

ASHLEY – 20?


ASHLEY – 30? Please Justin this is grose!

JUSTIN – 30-Something I think..


JUSTIN – I'm a boy. Im young. Its not that unusual!

ASHLEY – Wow.. you are really not the guy I thought!

JUSTIN – But I am your boyfriend, so that mean I can do this!


He attacked me and held my hands so that I couldn't move. He then leaned in and kissed my cheeks and my forehead and my ears and my nose. At last he looked at me with his amazing eyes.


JUSTIN - I know you may not be used to this, but now that you know i'm a fun guy you have to let me.


He leaned in and kissed my lips very fast. His lips were right next to me and he looked me in the eyes. He smirked and started to kiss them very slowly. I kissed him too, cause I couldn't resist his new found charm. He started to open his mouth and slightly stick his tongue into my mouth. That was when Ruby crashes into the room and stopped us. He pulled away.


RUBY – Sorry for interrupting, but Justin you have to make those sandwiches!

JUSTIN – I'll be out in a minute.


He looked at me and we started to laugh. It was now official. He won me over. He had me. I was his girlfriend for real and to confirm that, ruby told everyone about the kiss

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