Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


3. Getting rooms


Ashleys POV. 

what an idiot! who does he think he is, coming here and ruining my vacation! 7 weeks with justin bieber.. awfull! even though he had become really hot.. like, seriously delicious to look at, his annoying attitude were still rubbish! 

BILL - get in the mini bus guys, we are driving now

MOM - ashley, go get baily will you sweetie?

ASHLEY - of course mom 

*picks up baily*

JUSTIN - oh, so your a little mommys girl huh?

ASHLEY - no, i just have manners.. it means good attitude

JUSTIN - haha, does that mean you still easy to crack?

ASHLEY - you have never cracked me!

JUSTIN - you moved because i farted on your face

he began to laugh really hard. tsk.. as if I moved just because of that! maybe it was because he and ryan were being total jerks, teasing me about my extra weight. god, those were some bad years. 

ASHLEY - like you said.. i have changed!

*in the mini bus*

Amy sits beside of me and justin right behind. I felt something poke my head so i turn around and notice justin and ryan laughing at me. 


RYAN - hahaha, your head is soo empty

JUSTIN - what do you keep in their.. air?!

ASHLEY - no, in a matter of facts i have a brain! oh sorry.. i mean a usefull one!

BILL - no argues okay?

No argues? as if! maybe if they would leave me alone, but i don't think thats gonna happen!

*at the cottage*'

RUBY - okay guys i want you to be on your best behavier!

ASHLEY - yer like thats gonna happen

RUBY - pardon me?

ASHLEY - oh, sorry it wasn't to you, uhm, AMY get over here!

BILL - okay theres 5 rooms, me and Abigale are taking one of the rooms together. ruby is getting the smallest one for herself. the other one is for Britney and Baily. Then we have Amy and ben in a room, and last ryan, justin, rebecca and ashley.. your getting the biggest room. theres 3 beds. two small and a big one. you can decide who sleeps where. 

I am speechless.. Justin and Ryan is two jerks, who I cant stand, and Rebecca is a total bitch who seem mad at me for some reason. maybe she's just jealous of me.

ASHLEY - how come i get that room!

MOM - Because you dont speak together so much. and you're the same age! it will a perfect opportunity for you to get to know each other. 

JUSTIN - se-weet

ASHLEY - corection, sweet!

JUSTIN - uhm, corection.. nerd!


This is so stupid! I ran into the room and slammed the door, just to express how annoyed i was.

BILL - *looks at Abigale* this is gonna go well

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