Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


18. Getting romantic


This is crazy! like a week ago, 3 people had favorited this.. i thought it was allright, cause its my old story, but HOLY FUCK!! 47 have put it on their favorite list! 

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Therefor I am gonna make an extra long chapter! just for you! :-)

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Ashleys POV


He had become so kind. and he was a really good kisser! I actually think im starting to fall in love with this guy. I went into the living room. we were having family quizz night.


ABIGALE - Finally you could be here, huh?

ASHLEY - yes, and ready to beat everybody!

JUSTIN - If your so ready, then you dont mind eating your words?

ASHLEY - Im not eating anything! except victory! *smirking*

JUSTIN - lets see


we were family teams. so me, mom and Amy were a team.. Justin and chaz was with ryan and his family and last bill and kids. we had played for like half an hour, when my team was behind. 


JUSTIN - looks like your losing ash

ASHLEY - its still ashley, wannabe. and you shouldn't brag too soon.

JUSTIN - im not afraid of losing

ASHLEY - im not afraid either!

RYAN - well, your gonna lose anyways!


And so we lost.. Justin, chaz, ryan, rebecca and ruby won.. whatever, I didn't mind it, cause justin was really happy and that was nice. rebecca on the other hand, was really annoying. even though it was better than when she was angry at me all the time, because justin had been sleeping in my bed, instead of with her. she was flirting with chaz though, but he didn't seem interested.


Justin POV.


I was alone in the room with ryan and chaz. they seemed a bit obsessed.


CHAZ - Man, when are we gonna make her our CT?

RYAN - yer, justin! haven't you made her fall in love yet?

JUSTIN - Look guys.. she needs to be fully in love with me, before she will ever want to get intimate with me. just give me a couple of days and our Chick Toy is ready to be ours, to play with.

CHAZ - Nice man.. Just dont develop feelings for her, okay? 

JUSTIN - of course! do you know who i am? i never fall in love..

RYAN - Just be carefull, k?

JUSTIN - Jesus guys.. im not!


Just in my last sentence Ashley came in. she was smiling at me. 


JUSTIN - Hey babe *i said smirking*

ASHLEY - *blushing* hi

JUSTIN - Wanna go for an evening walk? 

ASHLEY - sure


We were on our way out when ashleys mom interrupted.


ABIGALE - where are you two going?

ASHLEY - We are just going for  a walk, mom!

ABIGALE - Well, bring baily, will you?

ASHLEY - Of course mom.


Ashleys POV.


I picked up baily getting her in her pram. just when we got out of the house rebecca interrupted.


REBECCA - where are you going?

JUSTIN - just walking baily.

REBECCA - Why dont you just admit, you are going out to have sex?

ASHLEY - uhm, we are not?

REBECCA - please, i know it.. i mean you sleep in the same bed and all.

JUSTIN - that doesn't mean we are going out to fuck!

Rebecca - Well, why did you move bed?

JUSTIN - I would rather sleep with ashley than you. actually chaz did too, but he lost, so he got to sleep with you.

REBECCA - OMG! My mom tells me i am pretty!

JUSTIN - you are not ugly, ashley is just way prettier! you can't compete with her!

REBECCA - fuck you ashley!

ASHLEY - what the hell have i done?

REBECCA - you are just little miss perfect aren't you? always helping with baily. always making people smile. always getting boys attention. always getting everyones attention.

ASHLEY - im sorry you feel that way. can i..

REBECCA - NO!!! see, your always sweet! you are not supposed to help me! if you really wanna do something, then just get out of this family! you know, everyone is always talking about you when you aren't around. "she's so pretty" "she's gonna become something big" "she's every guys dream" .. thats even the parts of the family you havn't met yet! 

ASHLEY - I dont know what to say

REBECCA - *starts crying* before you came around, everybody loved me. everybody adored me! now that you came in nobody cares. you're thin, but curvy. you have long playful brown hair and tanned skin, with perfect big eyes. why cant i be more like you? the only person who cares about me is my mom. even ryan, think you're more exiting. i see the way he look at you. not that he is supposed to look at me in that way, but he could give me some sister credit. he stopped doing that ever since you came. you ruin my life ashley. and you can't even help it. 

ASHLEY - I wish i could do something to make yo feel better..

REBECCA - Just get out of my life.. just get out. 


She walked inside with her mascarra all over her face. I had no idea what to do. I felt so bad!


JUSTIN - she'll get better. everything is just hard right now. 

ASHLEY - I feel so bad

JUSTIN - Dont! it not your fault. I shouldn't say to her face that you're hotter.

ASHLEY - you're right..


He hugged me, holding me really tight. i loved being in his arms. its almost like they were made for me. our body's just wanted to go well together. this was for sure. i liked this guy. we started to walk baily. when we arrived in the city we found a starbucks café and went in there with baily. he ordered some coffee for us and we sat down.


ASHLEY - i love a good coffee when its chill.

JUSTIN - me too! 

ASHLEY - so, about the bed thing.. your spot is officially next to me?

JUSTIN - If you want me too *he said winking*

AHLEY - well, its a one man bed, so there is not that much room..

JUSTIN - I dont mind sleeping close to you

ASHLEY - dont you think it really hot?

JUSTIN - uhm.. well, i think its hot just watching you, so i guess having you close is very hot! *he said smirking*

ASHLEY - i meant warm. dont you think its too warm?

JUSTIN - oh, hah! well, no i like it. you are a bit cold always, so i like heating you up. 

ASHLEY - well, i like that too.


we went home. it was a bit late and baily had fallen asleep in justins arm. he was so cute when he was with children! he was gonna make a great dad! 


Justins POV


Things were working! I could feel how she was falling for me. she was sweet though.. but most important she was hot! she was the perfect girl for being our CT! chick toy. I had to win her over and make her mine. I dont mind breaking her.. she's just another girl, to do! 

when we stepped inside the cottage, bill took baily, thanking us for walking her. we went into the room where rebecca was asleep, while chaz and ryan were gaming on their phones.  


JUSTIN - hey guys

RYAN - Hey man!

ASHLEY - sshh!! rebecca is asleep *she whispered* 


Ashleys POV.


Me and Justin went out the living room. my mom and bill were watching a movie, while cuddling. i sat next to Justin and he he put his arm around me.


ABIGALE - I see a little summer romance?

BILL - I see it too

ASHLEY - we are just friends. 

BILL - Sure. 

JUSTIN - We are!

ABIGALE - its nice to see you two get along so well! i remember when you were smaller. you couldn't stand each other. and you couldn't, starting off this summer either! i like it now

ASHLEY - I know.. its actually nice to be friends.


half an hour went by and they went to sleep. it was only me and justin. i was lying between his legs at this moment and he was cuddling my hair. we were still watching the movie. it wasn't really that exciting, but it was nice to be alone. sleeping in a room with three other, wasn't really my thing.he reached for my hand and started to hold it. he was so sweet! i cuddled deeper into his legs, showing that i liked to be close to him. he put his other hand on my stomach cuddling it. It was just so nice that i could stay here forever. he kissed my head. Then i turned around facing him. he was so perfect. his smile faded by the tiredness in his body. he kissed my forehead, sliding my hair behind my ear. i smiled, blushing. He kissed my lips, very softly and sweet. 


ASHLEY - Im starting to like you Justin

JUSTIN -  I've liked you all summer. 

ASHLEY - luckily its just the beginning.

JUSTIN - I know. we are gonna have a great summer.

ASHLEY - you promise?


He went quiet, for some seconds. his face changes a bit, but then turned the same again. 


JUSTIN - i promise.


He kissed my lips again. i loved being so close to him. we kissed a couple of times feeling each others lips and energies. he was so passionate. we started to kiss more and more, and he softly slid his tongue in my mouth finding my tongue, playing with it softly. he was turning me on. it was so nice.


i pulled away and he lifted me up in his arms and carried me to the room. they were all asleep. he put me on the bed and undressed me. down to my underwear. then he took off his clothe, except his underwear, and went under the blanket with me. he touched my body from my face to my legs. he felt me, and i felt his warm hands against my skin. we kissed, while his hand explored my body. he spooned me, holding me tight. i then fell asleep in his muscular arms, fitted just for me.

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