Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


19. Getting ready

Justins POV.


I woke up with Ashley in my arms. She was like a godess. her sweet breath, softly gasping for air. her smell in the morning, was like a warm sweet smell of her perfume from the night before. And her body was great. I slowly started to cuddle her thighs, making her wake up. she scooted closer to me.


ASHLEY - Goodmorning 

JUSTIN - morning, beautiful!

ASHLEY - Are the others awake?

JUSTIN - they are having breakfast

ASHLEY - we should probably get out there.

JUSTIN - but i want you right here


She turned around and kissed my morning lips. she just smiled at me, looking me deep in my eyes. I love how her big eyes, stared right into mine, without any make-up on. she was so beautiful in the morning. She then got up and put some clothe on. She looked at me, with a look saying that i should get up. she grabbed some of my shorts and threw them at me. i put them on and pulled her back in bed. 


ASHLEY - Justin!

JUSTIN - What do you think about your family knowing about you like me?

ASHLEY - they dont know.. besides my mom.

JUSTIN - how do you think it looks like, when get out as the last ones, together?

ASHLEY - i dont know..

JUSTIN - im just saying, that we should't make your whole family believe that we are a couple.

ASHLEY - dont you wanna be seen with me?

JUSTIN - of course! I just dont want your family to believe that I'll be around for you, you know?

ASHLEY - you wont be around for me? are you seriously telling me, that you only wanna get in my pants and use me?

JUSTIN - no, thats not what im saying!

ASHLEY - well, what are you saying?

JUSTIN - I like you ash.. im just not interested in something serious. not something your family needs to know.

ASHLEY - oh, okay. you wanna fuck me and keep it a secret, so no one expects something from you. 

JUSTIN - you dont get it..

ASHLEY - i think i get just fine. your a pig!


She got up really mad. I knew that, if wanna win her trust I had to get her back, right now! If she got away she would be even more mad at me, and it would be harder for me to make her forgive me. I stood up and grabbed her waist turning her around to face me. she looked kinda shocked.


JUSTIN - I like you ash.. But with a big family like yours, things can blow up. I dont want that to happen. I want you for myself, until we are strong enough to handle your family.

ASHLEY - *got a few tears in her eyes and smiled* Okay.


We hugged for a minute and walket out to get some breakfast. everyone was done except rebecca, chaz and ryan. The other were outside. 


RYAN - Morning, sleepyheads.

JUSTIN - morning, guys.

REBECCA - Can you please stop making those noises at night? 

ASHLEY - what noises?

REBECCA - I hear kissing noises and quiet laughing! its annoying!

JUSTIN - relax rebecca.. It could be worse noises!

CHAZ - haha, i see what you mean bro!

REBECCA - Ew, never in the same room as me! you hear me?

JUSTIN - whatever..


Rebecca went in the room and ashley went to check on baily. its was only me and the boys.


CHAZ - seriously, can we soon get in her pants?

JUSTIN - She almost got mad at me, but we are alright. I think she really thinks I want the best for her!

RYAN - you are brilliant. so when can we get with her?

JUSTIN - Look, I need to get her out to the boat house. you know, the one if you cross the road and go into the forrest, its by the forrest lake. 

CHAZ - oh, that one.

JUSTIN - yes. I will make her feel really comfortable, and when she least expects it, you guys will be there.


I told the guys about my whole plan. We went out to the others after we finished eating. Bill gathered us all.


BILL - There is this famous lunch restaurant about two hours of driving from here. so get ready and we will drive off. after that we will go for a walk cause the nature over there is incredible have I heard!

BRITNEY - please! why do we have to do something so boring!

AMY - I dont want to do it either!

REBECCA - I know right! walking for fun?

ASHLEY - Couldn't agree more.

RUBY - shut up! this is a family trip, so all of you little girly girls, can pack that attitude away, cause its disgusting! 

ABIGALE - Yes, kids. please remember its a family bonding trip, and to go and see nature is a really good opportunity to talk to each other!


Ashleys POV


We went into the mini bus and drove off. for the whole ride I was lying on justins shoulder and he was cuddling me. He was being really sweet and was starting to believe this really meant something special. Maybe we were meant to be?

ASHLEY - Do you like me?

JUSTIN - Is the sun warm?


JUSTIN - *giggles*

ASHLEY - Oh, I see .. sweet! But im serious.

JUSTIN - Im serious too!

ASHLEY - Im just afraid to fall in love, if im not sure

JUSTIN - you can be sure

ASHLEY - You promise 

JUSTIN - *waited for half a minute* I promise


I fell asleep on his shoulder. suddenly i heard a noise and we were there. we ate lunch and went for the walk. Justin held my hand for the whole walk.


JUSTIN - So, if you could win 5,000 dollars, would you hold a giant spider?

ASHLEY - Noway! im so afraid of spiders, like i start crying if its close to me, even if its a little one!

JUSTIN - Thats so cute!

ASHLEY - no its crazy! my fear is so sick, that its not cute. its crazy!

JUSTIN - well, im afraid of sharks! 

ASHLEY - Im that afraid of other animals. like i hate them and i would never touch them and i would be really scared if i was close to them, but spiders is just the worst. i cant even.. im getting afraid just talking about it. i feel like they are all over my body now!

JUSTIN - calm down, sweetie! if theres a spider i will save you!

ASHLEY - thank you!


We had a lot of fun, just laughing of random things. I could feel he loved being with me.


We went home and relaxed, just watching a movie. he then pulled me into the room, where he started to kiss me and touch me, making me feel really good. He put me down on the bed took my hand and looked me deep in my eyes, with his honey brown sweets of love. 


JUSTIN - Ashley.. I know a place in the forrest, where we can be by ourselves? will you come with me, just for a couple of days? 

ASHLEY - That sound wonderful!

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