Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


30. Food fighting

Ashleys POV.


JUSTIN – well, I guess I have to go out and make those sandwiches..

ASHLEY – I guess you have ..


He got up and went out I the kitchen I could here how they all laughed at him. I felt good inside. He was mine.


I strated to pack some of my clothe and I packed justin's too. He was busy anyways and we were leaving soon.


I went out the kitchen and he was standing all alone, making those sandwiches. I went up to him, from behind and put my hands up under his shirt. He jumped a little, cause I scared him, but he just turned his head and kissed me. I liked having a boyfriend.


JUSTIN – Dont scare me like that!

ASHLEY – I just thought you would be happy to see me!

JUSTIN – Oh, I am!

ASHLEY – I packed our things and i'm ready to help!

JUSTIN – You dont have to..

ASHLEY – Well, I want to!


I took some of the peanut butter and put on the bread. After making a few sandwiches he took some of the peanut butter and put it on my nose. I screamed and tried to put on his face, but he was to fast. It turned into a food fight with peanut butter and jelly all over the place. The others were packing so, luckily they didn't see anything!


ASHLEY – OMG, look at me!

JUSTIN – You look hot!

ASHLEY – NO! Im covered in peanut butter and jelly! Look at you, you barely have anything on you cause im not that good!

JUSTIN – Im sorry babe, let me take that off you


He went over to me and and put a handfull in my face. I looked at him in anger and he started to laugh. I tried to hit him in the chest but he was too fast.


JUSTIN – Easy now babe. Hey, look you have something right here!


He came closer and closer to me, and pointed at my lip. He slowly sticked out his tongue and licked some of the peanut butter off my lips. It was so sexy and he kept licking my lips slowly. I took something off me cheek and put it on his mouth.


ASHLEY – Oh, look you have something too.


I licked a bit of his underlip and started to bite it slowly. It was so sexy. He grabbed my waist and placed on the kitchen table. He started to kiss me. The only thing I could taste was the peanut butter. It was actually really delicious. He started to open his mouth and slightly started to play with my tongue with his. I put my hands around his neck and his body came closer to mine. After kissing he smiled at me kinda dirty. I know he wanted me!


I jumped down the kitchen table and looked at us. I started to laugh cause it would take some time to clean this up. Then my mom came and saw how messy it all was. She started to scream.


MOM – ASHLEY!! why did you do all of this? You know what? Never mind.. just go out and the back and wash yourselves. I'll finish this.


Justin POV.


Wow, that was easy! We went out in the back and I found the hose. I looked at her and she was so pretty. All innocent in her dirty clothe!


JUSTIN – You know, this is our first shower together

ASHLEY – Of course you start thinking dirty!

JUSTIN – Not necessarily

ASHLEY – Can you please start washing me then?


I turned on the hose and started to wash her. I Tried to get all the peanut butter off. She looked like she enjoyed it. She definitely enjoyed splashing the water on me. I handed her the hose and she started to wash me. Suddenly she starts to point it to my head. She started to laugh and I tried to find her and stop her, but she blinded me with the water. When I finally reached her, I took the hose and stopped the water with my finger.


JUSTIN – See I think we should do a little game here.

ASHLEY – Like what?

JUSTIN – You know i'm stronger than you. So if you don't do as im telling you, I might have to splash you with the water.

ASHLEY – Okay, well what do you want?

JUSTIN – Hmm.. lets see.. don't you think you are wearing a lot of clothe?

JUSTIN – I don't know.. you could take off your shirt and tell me?


I got up and stepped on the hose, making the water stop. I took of my shirt and looked at her with the sexiest look I could give her. She took the hose and started to wash my abs, sliding her hand up and down my body. I started to her. Damn, she was tempting! I took off her shirt and unbuttoned her shorts. She looked at me really sexily. She took off her shorts and she took off mine as well.


I started to wash her body. Seeing the water run down her body made me hard. Literally. She started to laugh and went close to me, starting to touch my lower stomach.


ASHLEY – Are you exited?

JUSTIN – Well, I have this very sexy girl in front of me, so of course i'm exited!


I started to kiss her very sexily. My hands started to play around her body. I moved them down to her ass and squeezed it. She had a great ass and it just turned me on some more.


She pulled away and took my hand.


ASHLEY – We have to get in and get dressed. We are going to the boat remember?

JUSTIN – Of course


We went into our room with some towels to dry ourself. She was really sexy. If we weren't about to leave, I would have banged her!


ASHLEY – Turn around


ASHLEY – My underwear is wet. I have to change

JUSTIN – I dont mind..

ASHLEY – I thought we talked about it..

JUSTIN – we did


Ashleys POV.


He came closer to me and put his hands on my back. He looked my deeply in the eyes and then he unhooked my bra. My face turned weird but he didn't care. He took it off and handed me a new. I put it on turning around. When I turned around he was standing naked. I quickly turned around again.


ASHLEY – Sorry!! I didn't know you were changing.

JUSTIN – I dont mind. You can see me if you want.

ASHLEY – No, thats awkward..


He turned me around and I couldn't help but looking at it. It was HUGE! I looked him in the eyes and he was just smirking at me. I didn't even know how to react.


ASHLEY – Please put some underwear on?

JUSTIN – Thats what I like about you. So innocent and sweet!


He put some underwear on and I hurried to change mine as well. He didn't really notice and we got dressed and went out to the others. They were waiting for us, so when we finally came, we all went out to the speed boats.


BILL – Two in each boat!


I took justins arm, showing I wanted to be with him, so we found a boat and got in.


ASHLEY – You do know how to drive this thing right?

JUSTIN – Of course!

ASHLEY – Please don't do it wild and crazy!

JUSTIN – Well, you just described me, so I cant promise you.

ASHLEY – I am so going to die!


I held n to him for the whole ride and when we finally reached the big boat he helped me into it. It was huge and pretty. Real luxury!


MOM – So, the rooms are. Me and bill, ruby and baily, amy and ben, britney and rebecca and ashley, and last, justin and ryan.

JUSTIN – Why dont I get to sleep with ashley?

MOM – Because hearing what you have been doing, I think its time to separate you two a bit!

ASHLEY – Why mom? I like being with him, he makes me feel safe!

MOM – I dont want it!

JUSTIN – Come on, she is not gonna stay virgin forever!

MOM – See! That is why I dont like it!!


we went to our room an unpacked. In my room britney and rebecca were having fun. As soon as I stepped in they stopped laughing and ignored. I felt bad, spending time with those two. I really felt like they hated me.



Three chapters in one day! I hope you like it!

I'll update tonight, if im still in the mood.

What do you think about them getting a bit romantic?

let me know

thank you




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