Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


23. Escaping

Ashleys POV.


I had to get out. they were gone, so I needed to do it quick, before they get back. I tried to loosen the ropes they had put around my hands and my legs. I had no luck. I felt humiliated lying all tied with sperm on my stomach. it was awful! My muscles hurt, so there were no way i could get out of the roped, without help.


Justins POV.


I had an awful taste in my mouth. Just seing the look on her face made me feel terrible. I didn't even enjoy having sex with her, cause I knew how much pain she was in. All the things she said were running like crazy around my brain. If I could just go against the guys, it would be great. But i couldn't throw my reputation on the floor some girl! or could I?


Ashleys POV.


I looked at my scar. It really hurt, and if i didn't clean I'm sure it'll get infected. Why am i thinking of that right now? Keep focusing on getting loose ashley! keep focusing. I kept staring at it though, when i realized that it was a knife who cut me open. The knife had to be in here. I looked around and suddenly my eyes found it . I couldn't really reach, so put my head down the sperm filt sheeds and grabbed it with my mouth and slowly pulled the sheet closer and closer with my teeth, making the knife come closer too. I put the knife in my mouth and spit as far up my hands, I could. I could just reach it with my hands, but it was so hard to cut the rope in my position. 


Justins POV.


CHAZ - man, why did you leave.

JUSTIN - I was finished.

RYAN - Seriously dude, you should have stayed. You could even though you finished.

JUSTIN - She was screaming a lot too..

CHAZ - Man, if i didn't know better I would say that you developed feelings for her.


Ashleys POV.


I heard they started to talk. SHIT! I had to do this quick.I tried really hard and after a minute, I had cut the rope. I quickly tied the other hand up and then the legs. I put my bra on and my panties really quick. I was trying to make as little sound as possible. I searches the room, for escape possibilities. There were a window.


Justins POV.


JUSTIN - No, I have not developed feelings! thats ridiculous!

RYAN - Justin every time we raped a girl, you were the one to finish her off, and make her scream the most. 

CHAZ - Yeah, you make them suffer the most!

JUSTIN - Thats girls I dont know!

RYAN - So you have developed feelings? 


Ashleys POV.


I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I think they were talking about. they could come in and bust me every second. I quickly grabbed one of the boys shirts, cause it would be big enough to cover me and went to the window. Its stuck. I couldn't open it. 


Justins POV.


JUSTIN - You know what? I feel fucking terrible about this. I should have said no, cause seeing the look on her face, made me want to kill myself.

RYAN - Man, I have never seen you like that. 

CHAZ - You have liked girls before, but you have never reacted like you do know. 

JUSTIN - I know! im feeling things I've never felt before!

RYAN - Go get her. You love her man, and im sorry!

JUSTIN - You shouldn't be. It was my plan too!


Ashleys POV.


"Go get her" i heard one of them say. Shit they would be in here in a matter of seconds. I couldn't open the window, so my mind turned down and the surviving mode kicked in. I stood back and crashed my foot through the window. I crashed in a million pieces. I got in the window filt with broken class, cutting me on my feet, arms, everywere. Then I heard someone burst through the door. It was Justin. He looked at my bleeding, almost naked, sperm filt body and froze. I jumped down the ground and I saw ryan following me through the window. I took the huge rock, next to me and threw it a him. he fell back in the room and I ran away, Without looking back.




I kept running. I quickly put on the shirt I found, so all the sticks wouldn't slap me so hard and slow me down. He yelled at me like a crazy person. like he wanted to kill me. I kept running for my life. I ran so fast, that I had never done before. I heard he came closer, still yelling me name. I looked back and saw how he struggled to reach me. He looked mad. and mean. everything about him reminded me of torture. I just had to get home in safety. home to my mom. 


I could see the road not far away from me. I kept running, cause I knew I would home in a matter of minutes. I looked back and he was almost right behind me. I started crying, yelling "Leave me alone, monster". He kept forcing me to stop and yelling my name. I could here him louder and louder, cause he came closer and closer.


I saw the road. I just had to cross and then I would almost be home. I couldn't see home but I knew it was right behind the hills. He had almost caught me, and the sounds of his voice mixed with me inner thoughts, surrounded my head. I weren't able to hear anything else. I was out of breath and I couldn't run further, but my legs kept going somehow. I ran so fast that everything around me was blurry. I ran and I ran and I ran, until the sound of his voice crashed through my head as I i was about about to cross the road.




All I saw was his face in tears and two light coming against me. Still running, but the car decided to be on that road exactly the same time as me. All I had time to think about before the car hit me, was his smile. 


Some say that right before you die, you see your whole life pass, infront of your eyes. I believe The only things you see are the ones who really is important to you. Of course you have to die, to know that. Thats why I know.

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