Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


37. Déjà vu

Ashleys POV.


I was sitting on the chair all by myself, looking at all the pretty girls in the pool. I wish I looked like they did. If I did, life would be easier. Justin wouldn't maybe be cheating on me. Im AM too boring! I just thought he didn't mind..


Someone patted my shoulder and I turned around, quiet shocked. I saw Greg smiling with a smoothie on a trey. His face turned worried when he saw my tears. He placed the trey on the little table next to my chair and then he sat in the chair next to me, looking at me.


GREG – Are you okay?

ASHLEY – Not really..

GREG – Whats going on?

ASHLEY – Nothing..

GREG – I know something is wrong, when your eyes are all teary and you're on the deck all alone, looking at people having fun.. tell me ash!

ASHLEY – Its stupid..

GREG – It upsets you, therefor it cannot be stupid!

ASHLEY – No, greg its REALLY stupid! I don't wanna talk about it..

GREG – You can tell me anything! We are friends remember?

ASHLEY – Yeah..

GREG – So what is it?

ASHLEY – I have this theory.. or my roommates does..

GREG – Don't tell me that you are listening to those guys..

ASHLEY – Its hard not too! They have a point!

GREG – So what is it?

ASHLEY – Justin cheating on me.

GREG – Really? Why is that?

ASHLEY – We haven't slept together yet, and he is not always trying to make it happen..

GREG – Is that the reason?

ASHLEY – You don't know him. Apparently he has a slutty past. He was a bit of a man whore, so they told me that the other girls he had been dating, was getting dumped if they didn't sleep with him. And he is only staying with me because he is on my family vacation and if he did, my family would get mad at him.

GREG – Remember that it's only a theory, so you can't be sure.

ASHLEY – I know.. but it sounds right.

GREG – How?

ASHLEY – I mean.. after my memory loss, I asked if I were a virgin. He said yes, but we had been close to sex, you know. He had seen me naked and in the beginning he was always trying to get me naked and being really sexy seducing. Now, he is more sweet around. Like a boyfriend you cuddle with. He doesn't even want me anymore I think. He isn't trying like he used to.

GREG – Well, I dont really likes this justin kid, but I think you are concluding things too fast. Im sure its not like that. Maybe he is just afraid of going too fast, cause he wants to keep you! If I was your boyfriend I would do anything possible to keep you.

ASHLEY – Why do you say that? You dont even really know me that well..

GREG – But I know your story. I know i'm your only friend. I know myself when i'm with you, that why I say it.

ASHLEY – I just get confused of your signals..

GREG – Ashley.. you are so beautiful that I get butterflies in my stomach by looking at you. You are so perfect that you're stuck in my mind. But dont judge me. It is in a friendly way. I feel blessed, being your friend, that is what i'm so happy for. I dont want to be your boyriend, cause then you wouldn't come to me with all your boyfriend problems. You know? Its funny!

ASHLEY – Thank you for being here.

GREG – Of course. Whenever you feel sad, you know you can come to me. Please always know that!

ASHLEY – I will!

GREG – So, what about that smoothie I gave you?

ASHLEY – Oh, right. Thanks!


I finished the smoothie and we were just having fun in the chairs. We looked at all the people in the pool and he would make fun of them. He would make voices of what they would think while doing what they were doing. He was so funny. He would make me laugh all the time. I actually peed myself at one time, so I had to change. He just laughed so much that he made all the people turn and look at us. It was o fun!


The day went by, being with greg, making me smile. At dinner time we were eating at the more fancy restaurant on the boat. I put on pink top/dress and some black tights. We went to meet and I saw justin for the first time today. He looked beautiful in his shirt. I couldn't stop smiling when he came over to me, looking like prince charming. I didn't even really think bout he may be cheating. I would take that talk tonight..


JUSTIN – Where have the most beautiful lady on this planet been for the whole day?

ASHLEY – Where have the handsome boy been?

JUSTIN – He had been hanging out with ryan, playing basketball and video games!

ASHLEY – Oh, how nice! The girl have been hanging out with greg all day!

JUSTIN – What have you been doing?!

ASHLEY – Just hanging out with greg.. he is really funny!

JUSTIN – Why didn't I know?

ASHLEY – I didn't think it was necessary..

JUSTIN – You have to tell me when you are hanging out with guys!

ASHLEY – No I dont! Its my life..

JUSTIN – But I am part of your life.

ASHLEY – You can hang out with girls..

JUSTIN – Really? You wouldn't think I was cheating?

ASHLEY – speaking about cheating. I know you are!

JUSTIN – What?

ASHLEY – Yes.. you dont wanna sleep with me, therefor you have found another girl to sleep with!

JUSTIN – Is that what this greg guy tells you?

ASHLEY – no, thats what britney and rebecca says. Greg says that its probably not true..

JUSTIN – Oh, so he keeps his fingers of you..

ASHLEY – Hey, I should be jealous! You are the one who is cheating!

JUSTIN – Its a crazy idea you have.. I am not cheating!

ASHLEY – But why aren't you trying to get in my pants anymore?


He took my hand and pulled away and into the hall. He slammed me against the wall and started to kiss my neck. I was shocked. He moved up and breathed hard while reaching my mouth he bit my lip and looked me very sexily. He started to kiss me in a very hot way. He turned me on and I didn't really know how this happened.


He picked me up, with my legs wrapped around his waist. He continued kissing me and we got into his room and he threw me onto his bed. He turned around and locked the door. He took off his shirt and went down on top of me and kissed my mouth.


He took off my shirt and pulled off my tights. He started to kiss my stomach. He looked at me and I sat up, looking into his eyes. I started to play with his belt, trying to get it off. I then unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them, while bitting his his underlip. He took off his pants and put me down. He unhooked my bra and started to play with my nipples. He made them hard and made me so horny. He started to finger me, but it hurt so much.


ASHLEY – It hurts..

JUSTIN – Shh, you just have to get used to it

ASHLEY – Are you sure?

JUSTIN – Trust me baby. You will love it in a while..

ASHLEY – Really?

JUSTIN – You are gonna want more of it.. trust me!


He continued to finger me. The pain went slowly away like he said, but the feeling inside me grew. The feeling of fear. It was probably just because it was the first time. Perfectly normal.


I started to give him a handjob, and he really enjoyed it. He was moaning and touching me. After he was really hard, he took me and put me down in the bed.


His body went between my legs and he looked me deep in the eyes. He kissed my lips and slowly put his dick inside of me. The pain was beyond harsh and I started to tear up. He asked if he had to stop, but I didn't say anything. I wanted to do this with him, to give him pleasure, but it hurted like hell. The fear in me grew. He kept going slow, but it got worse and worse.


I couldn't even control it, so pushed him away and grawled all the way up in the other end of the bed, looking terified at him. He was so scary and I didn't know why. Everything was scary. This reminded me of something bad. I felt like I had to escape if I wanted to survive.


He looked at me with a worried look on his face. He got closer to me, but I started to scream. I couldn't control any of my actions. I didn't even know why I did this.



JUSTIN – Whats going on babe?

ASHLEY – Please don't come closer!

JUSTIN – Why? What is going on? Did it hurt that much?

ASHLEY – Don't kill me!

JUSTIN – Why would I kill you?

ASHLEY – I dont know!

JUSTIN – Why are you saying these things?

ASHLEY – I dont know. I feel like I have tried this before. But I feel afraid!

JUSTIN – What do you mean?

ASHLEY – I need to escape!

JUSTIN – No you dont!


He came over to me and held me tight. I was afraid, but it was calming.


ASHLEY – Am I going to die?

JUSTIN – No of course not!

ASHLEY – Why am I feeling like this?

JUSTIN -I dont know..

ASHLEY - its like déjà vu

JUSTIN – You think?

ASHLEY – What has happened to me justin?

JUSTIN – Nothing, that I know..

ASHLEY – Justin, you know something, what is it?

JUSTIN – I dont know! But im here to protect you!

ASHLEY – Protect me from what? The truth?

JUSTIN – You need to relax.. nothing is wrong! Maybe its just because its your first time!

ASHLEY – I have never heard of someone feeling like this, their first time!


Justins POV.


How the fuck can this happen? Has the rape traumatized her so much, that anything that reminds her mind of the rape, she will go nuts. Well, that just says that she knows it. Inside of her mind, she knows is. Me, doing this, just triggers it to remember.


What the hell am I supposed to do. I cant tell her the truth. She will never love me. She will hate me for life. She can never know. Maybe I just have to try it enough times, until her mind forgets and see it as a good thing.


JUSTIN – You are fine babe. It is scary the first time.

ASHLEY – You dont understand it. Its like a fear of something. Maybe you..

JUSTIN – You dont fear me. When we were almost having sex, you loved it. Maybe its something from before you met me. But you told me you were virgin, though.. anyways, I know you don't have to fear me.

ASHLEY – Are you sure?

JUSTIN – I would never do anything to you! EVER!

ASHLEY – Okay.. I trust you!


She went to sleep in my arms. I couldn't sleep all night long, cause I was scared that she would remember and then leave me. I needed this girl. She made me good.


I hadn't even thought that this could happen. I guess I had to be more careful around her.  

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