Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


5. Cleaning the bridge

Ashleys POV. 

MOM - honey your all wet?!

ryan and justin laughs

ASHLEY - thats because SOME people *looks at justin and ryan* are very immature!

MOM - amy.. didn't i say "get along"

AMY - what the..

ASHLEY - its not her mom.

justin sits down besides of you, you could feel his body warmth steaming into your body, like a sauna. 

ASHLEY - oh see theres a place for you in the other end of the table, go

JUSTIN - naah, im feeling comftable right here

ASHLEY - atleast one of does

BILL - these places are permanent untill summer ends okay?

I ran over to the other end of the table, when Ruby gave me a look, that easily could have killed me. That lady really didn't look nice. she was like an evil witch, thirsty for brain juice. MY brain. Its must be in the family ryan and rebacca were idiots too.

RUBY - permanent places

JUSTIN - guess this is your lucky day sweety.. roomy AND you get to sit beside of me all summer

ASHLEY - yippie

Justins POV.

I took her fork, while she didn't notice. I slid it down the side of the table when i droped it. it made a loud noice and everyone got quiet

JUSTIN - i think you dropped your fork ash

she turned totaly red in her face as she climmed down under the table to get the fork. I could see how she didn't like the attention when doing something wrong.

MOM - don't you have any manners left?!

ASHLEY - are you kidding me! what about ryan and justin?! havn't you noticed how they are?

MOM - you should try be a little like them

ASHLEY - if i was a little like them i'd not just be dropping my fork, but sticking it into someones foot!

RUBY - that is not how the boys are AT ALL!

Ashleys POV.

BILL - ashley, you are doing the dishes tonight

ASHLEY - you cant decide what im suppose to do!

MOM - do the dishes.. and after that you can clean the bridge on the lake! and think about how you were before me and dad got divorced!

oh no she didn't.. reminding me of dad, is like reminding me of someones who's dead, so, i bursted into tears. she knew how much i missed him, but she did it anyways

ASHLEY - call me when your done

I ran into my room, when i heard a knock on the door.. it was justin and ryan.

ASHLEY - go away *i said with tears all over my face*

RYAN - hey! this is our room too

JUSTIN - want me to help you with the bridge?

ASHLEY - uhm.. no

JUSTIN - why not?

ASHLEY - like your gonna help me, your probably gonna push me into the lake and let me stay out there all night, and then die because the water is so cold, and then you finaly get what you want right?!

RYAN - yay, we are sharing a room with little miss drama queen

he rubbed my cheek like i was 4 years old.

ASHLEY - get of me

BILL - ashley, come do the dishes

ASHLEY - okay..

*at the lake*

I hate mom, i hate bill, i hate everyone! Its like getting a ticket to hell. this is gonna be the longest summer in my life!

JUSTIN - need help

speaking of hate. I got up and turned around to make a quick comment, when I slipped in the soap. 


JUSTIN - hahahaha! your so clumsy

ASHLEY - ouch... 

I started to clean trying to ignore him.


JUSTIN - looks like you might need some help

ASHLEY - no...

JUSTIN - as you wish..

he pushed the bucket so the soap water was all over the bridge, I got tears in my eyes

JUSTIN - looks like little ash is going to cry.


after I finished cleaning the bridge i went in the livingroom where justin, ryan and rebecca was. 


REBECCA - we have to figure out who gets, which beds?

ASHLEY - Dibs, on one of the single beds

JUSTIN - I think ryan and rebecca should have the single beds *he smirked* 

ASHLEY - no, i dont think so.. i said dibs! 

REBECCA - She's right.. I think you and i, justin, should share the big bed.

JUSTIN - I would rather share with ash, but i guess its okay


Rebecca looked really annoyed. she just gave a really mean stare and went into the room. she was obviously jealous of justin wanting to be with me. i knew he only wanted to tease me, but it felt great beating rebecca.

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