Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


51. Beautiful sins

Ashley's POV.


The next day went on, and I know i acted strange around the girls. I just wan't ready to tell them, that my rapist was back and I was sleeping with him, being my boyfriend unfaithful. I just really don't want to hurt him!


The night came and still hadn't eaten much. Then Greg came by, with some vegan take-out food. He just knew me so well! Not that I'm vegan, I just like healthy food. We ate the food, and then we cuddled up on the couch. It was so nice to be with him. I could never stop valuing him. 


GREG - I'm glad your feeling better, babe. I've been invited to a party in a city nearby, and I would really like it if came!

ASHLEY - What party?

GREG - Apparently these three new boys moved in, so now they are throwing a party. I don't any of them, but I think he said Ryan, Chad and Austin. Have you heard about them?

ASHLEY - I am really not up for a party!

GREG - It's tomorrow, you can get to feel better!

ASHLEY - No, I'm serious! I really don't wanna go, and don't think you should either!

GREG - Babe, I promised Dylan and Kyle that I would go. I think your girls are coming too!

ASHLEY - Well I'm not up for it! can't we have a nice evening together?

GREG - I would love that, but i promised! Come with me, then we can leave early if gets boring.

ASHLEY - No I'm not going!

GREG - Why are you so upset! You don't usually act this way about a party? what is wrong?

ASHLEY - Nothing, I just don't feel like partying! why do question me like that!

GREG - Because you are acting like that!

ASHLEY - I am not acting anyway! Nothing is different!

GREG - Oh yes, something is different and I think I know what!

ASHLEY - No, nothing is different. There is nothing to know!

GREG - Is because your grades are getting worse? I mean it's not much, but you don't as many A's as you usually do?

ASHLEY - Wait what? Uhm.. yes, uhm.. That is maybe the reason why I have been acting strange.. I'm sorry, I was just embarrassed..

GREG - I tell you what. I leave now, so you can study and then I'm gonna pick you up tomorrow morning and we go to school. Then you can at least consider the party!

ASHLEY - Okay.. I love you!

GREG - I love you too babe!


He gave me a big kiss, and then he went out the door. I just sat and looked at the flowers he had given me. I couldn't believe how easy it was for me lying about those grades. I felt sick about myself. And even worse knowing that he would go to the party and see Justin. And I couldn't prevent it.. 


The next day he picked me up, and we went to school. I still told him that I wouldn't go to the party. Then I met up with the girls. 


ABI - Ash, you have been acting so weird ever since those guys in the coffee bar. So you what? they are throwing a party tonight and we are ALL going! 

ASHLEY - I'm sorry guys, but I can't. And I havn't been acting weird since those guys.

ROSIE - You actually have..

ASHLEY - My grades are getting lower, thats why I have been sad.. I wanna do good in school!

DESTINY - Oh, ash.. you could have told us!

ASHEY - I'm so sorry girls.. 

ABI - Just come to the party ash!

ASHLEY - I told you, I can't!

ABI - What do you have to do?

ASHLEY - Uhm.. well.. I just don't want to. I don't feel like parting, I already told Greg..

ABI - Boo! boring!!!!!

ROSIE - Abi, don't be rude! It's alright if you feel like studying more. We understand!

ASHLEY - Thanks guys!


I went home and sat on my couch watching tv. I could just wait for hell to break loose. Maybe Greg wont even come home, cause he tried to fight Justin, but Justin put him down. Maybe he will come home, with a broken everything. Maybe with a broken heart if Justin tells about how he had been doing me while dating Greg. Maybe Justin will get hurt...

After worrying like a crazy person I fell asleep on couch. I woke to the sound of someones breath. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Greg cuddling my arm. I felt happy, that he was okay. I looked at the clock and saw that it 10 PM. I turned around to ask is the party sucked, but it was not Greg eyes who welcomed me. I was spooning with Justin.


ASHLEY - How did you get in?!

JUSTIN - You forgot to lock the door..

ASHLEY - But, what are doing here? where is Greg?

JUSTIN - He is at my party. As soon as I saw him coming, I thought that I could have you for myself. 

ASHLEY - Is that a joke?

JUSTIN - No, I wanted to be with you!

ASHLEY - You snuck in my apartment and laid your hands on me?

JUSTIN - It's not the first time babe!
ASHLEY - How long have you been here?

JUSTIN - For half an hour.

ASHLEY - Do you ever stop?

JUSTIN - Not until you're mine again!

ASHLEY - I can call the police anytime possible!

JUSTIN - If you do that, I'm gonna tell Greg, your friends and family about you sleeping with me, cheating on Greg. 

ASHLEY - I could make you go to prison forever!

JUSTIN - I think you forgot who I am! Remember I've never been a good boy.. I'm capable of things, you never want to happen to your dearest.. If the police gets involved in this, not only you, but your closest will get hurt. 

ASHLEY - Are you threatening me?

JUSTIN - I'm am just letting you know about the consequences.

ASHLEY - I have missed you so much! I spend half a year in sorrow, because I missed you! But I only missed the idea of you. Now I know you never loved me. This is not love, this about power. You only want me, cause it's dangerous. You can seriously sit there and threaten me and my dearest. The idea I had of you, would never do that..

JUSTIN - I am so sorry that I'm bad at this, but my past relationships was always superficial! I have never dealt with love, the I do with you. And I'm scared by that. I'm scared of love, so threatening is what I know. That is usually the way I get what I want.

ASHLEY - Once you realize, that you can never have me, everything gets easier.

JUSTIN - I have you right now.

ASHLEY - No matter what you say or do, you wont be able to get me. You can threaten me all you want, but that will make it up to me.

JUSTIN - What can I do ash? 

ASHLEY - You can leave, and never show your face again.

JUSTIN - Sorry, but that is not an opportunity.


He put his hand on my head and looked me deep into my eyes. I got mesmerized by the look he gave me. I put my forehead on his and started to tear up. Why do I keep making room for him in my life. It was so stupid, but I couldn't resist. Then he started to kiss me. I kissed him. One thing let to the other and I had done it again. My sins were beyond. But it felt so right.  


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