Bad Boy

Your new siblings are Ryan butlers cousins. on a family trip, they decide to rent a cottage for the summer and Ryan brings his friend Justin Bieber. Justin is anything but good, and decides Ashley is his next toy. when she falls for a lie and get raped, her life crumbles. But does that really matter when she's hit by a car and looses her memory? will she ever know the truth about the love of her life?


44. Ashley's 6 months

Ashleys POV.


Summer is nearly over, and found and lost the love of my life. he is in prison for the next 6 months. Not that it matters, because i'm never gonna see him again. I decided to start my life from the beginning. I have moved to America to stay with my dad, but that is only until i turn 18, then i'm gonna get my apartment. yes, i am gonna be an independent adult, who handles her own life!

I have found one, and my dad is helping me with first couple of rents, but I've found myself a job in the local coffee bar. I'm also starting in a new school, which is gonna be very exiting! I don't know anyone in this town, but i'm actually still talking to Greg and he has considered moving here. It would be great with a guy who actually cares about me!


> 5 weeks later <


so basically the last five weeks has been awful. i'm emotional and angry all the time. the new school is fine, but I haven't really made some new friends. I do have some people I talk to, but i'm not really interested in them. everything is just better when i'm in my bed eating ice cream or chocolate. I think almost everyday in the last few weeks I've been eating unhealthy! I do remember one time in last week eating an apple... it was awful. my jeans are tight. my belly does not look thin in skinny shirts. I haven't even tried some of my tight dresses. everything is just awful! I feel like locking myself up in my room all the time. my dad has tried to comment it, but I just get mad and yell at him instead. what a jerk!


> 2 weeks later <


Okay, so i started to work and i'm actually kind of happy about it. It's a very nice place, with the best coffee in the world! 

My dad gave me some money to go shop and get some new clothe. turns out I went one size up. I didn't buy any clothe, because I got sad. Instead i bought 2 ben and jerry's, a bag of crisps, some chocolate and some soda. I went home and ate it, while watching the notebook. Why did the thing about Justin still hurt?

As the days go, I regret our deal. He should be able to see me, cause I love him. I am the one who is supposed to be with him!


> 3 weeks later< 


Happy birthday Ashley! I'm am now 18 and ready to go out and get a new apartment! Some of my new friends from school suggested that we should go out and celebrate it, but since i only fit my sweatpants and i look stupid in stockings, I said no. Im getting really tired of gaining weight. Instead Greg is coming to visit me. Uninvited of course. no one is supposed to see me in this condition. 

I saw him for the first time in so long and his first reaction was "Wow Ashley.. you look a lot different" 

It's a very nice way to say "Wow Ashley. you look like a fat pig, try to loose weight".

After a day he went home after listening to how I still love justin, and want him back. I bet he is never gonna visit me again.


> 1 week later <


I found my apartment and i am gonna be able to move in within 3 weeks. so now i have to go furniture shopping with dad. Oh and i have decided that I wont eat unhealthy anymore! starting from tomorrow, cause I have a bag of crisps that I need to finish. 


> 2 weeks later <


The last 2 weeks i spent on buying things for my apartment. I also spent it on eating even more unhealthy than ever. I can now officially say that I gained 8 kilos (about 18 lbs). Im officially turning really big. so i'm gonna start losing weight now, before it gets more out of hand. 


> 1 week later <


I just got the keys and i'm going to decorate my apartment. everything big is bought, so the next couple of weeks i'm gonna spend on making the apartment exactly how I want!

I have also realized how big i have gotten. I looked myself in the mirror yesterday and cried. I used to be the girl everybody wanted to be! now boys on the street doesn't even look at me anymore. no attention in school either. no love at all. 

I have decided to live healthy now. new apartment, new beginning. I am gonna get the old Ashley back. the happy one, before she new that she was raped and lied to. I am gonna be an Ashley who doesn't need a Justin to be happy!

I have a fitness membership now, so I'm gonna be very fit soon. 


> 2 weeks later < 


Okay so the last two weeks have been really good! I've been eating clean and working out. I actually feel a lot happier and I'm starting to more people at school. I also started talking to Greg again! I really missed being happy! you know, it's actually a lot easier to eat good, when you're preparing everything yourself! okay, I did order a pizza one day, but I am really doing good!


> 4 weeks later< 


Fitness is really good right now. eating is really good. i lost half of what i have gained, and I am building muscles which makes me look even more healthy and beautiful! I feel so good!

I also calculated that Justin would get out of jail by now. My rapist who have been raping other people than me, and his crazy two friends are going to be let out. I wonder how he are, and how he will live his life. I am probably never gonna forget this guy.  




Hey guys, sorry for not updating. I'm a fool.

Did you get a bit inspired by Ashley loosing weight?

Im considering doing a side story, to this episode in her life. you know the weight loss and the training! I want to make a story of how she does it, great tips, what she eats and so on.

This is going to be based on how I have chosen to live. 

I also wanna be healthier, and work out more often. 

Would that inspire you? doing a story through the character you imagine yourself being? Give me your thoughts, maybe we can challenge each other and help each other.

Let me know okay?






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