My Life is In That Diary

This is Cadence's Diary. Read her secrets and life day by day.


2. Tuesday March 5th 2013

Dear Diary,

I feel awkward carrying you around school but ever since I got you all I want to do is write about everything I do and see.

Today has been pretty regular, I got up and drove my sister to her school at seven then rushed over to my oh so amazing high school (I say sarcastically) I just barely saw my dad this morning but it was probably the longest morning I spent with him since my mom passed. It was a whole ten minutes. He isn't the most talkative person ever since she...yeah. He sort of shut down when it all happened. He doesn't talk to us at all but I know he cares for us more than words can say. Its not that he is an alcoholic or anything, he doesn't get drunk, but he also doesn't understand how to pace himself especially with beer. He really is a brilliant man and sweet, he is an artist, poet, and writer. He is just full of regrets, he would never admit this but I know he blames my mom and all of his kids for the awful life he lives. Enough about my father...

So far school has been so normal it was boring.

My first class of the day was U.S. History. Bridget and Bailey were in the class with me, along with Zain. Zain was the cutest guy I ever knew. He has been my best guy friend since seventh grade. And all those years I have known him I have had the biggest crush on him. In ninth grade he started to like me too but this girl named jenny asked him out and he said yes thinking I wasn't into him. I later told him but they were two months in a serious relationship so nothing could happen. I was totally crushed. Then I got over him last year and he asked me who I liked and I told him I was into this other guy, but really I was still kinda crushing on Zain. I asked him the same thing and he said he wasn't interested in anyone. Now we are in this friend zone area and I am still head over converse for him and he has no clue. Ugh can you say drama? 

Zain was the perfect guy he had gorgeous brown hair that was wavy and not to long not to short. He had Deep dark green eyes and mid toned skin. Zain was the perfect height not too tall and not too short. He was kindhearted and loves animals. His favorite color is purple. He plays guitar and writes his own songs. We always joked about starting a band together where I would sing and play drums and he would play guitar and write the music. We would call the band Emerald Chemistery, don't ask why we made it up in eighth grade.

I have to go to geometry right now I will rant more later.-9:00am 


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