I Will Not Fall

Already at a young age is Arabella forced to grow up and take care of herself. She manages to live by herself thanks to her friends. But what happens when her apartment gets water damage and she is forced to move in with Peter and his nephews. How will she deal with the knowledge of the family’s secrets and their past?
I Will Not Fall is a story about friendship, love, family and growing up. It follows how Arabella and her best friends Rose, Roxann and Joey cope with the everyday life of a teenager and all its problems.


8. Video store in ablaze

Peter dropped Arabella off at the video store. It was around six a clock and it was very crowded inside the video store. Everyone wanted to have it cozy with movie and candy on the last day off before the week would start all over again. Peter had asked Arabella to by a bag of salted chips to him so the first thing she did was to get one so that she wouldn’t forget it. To decide which movie she would rent was much harder. There were a lot of movies and Arabella had no idea what the guys wanted to watch, so she went to the candy first. Will had said that he liked the sour candy kind and Arabella liked everything that was made out of chocolate. She was finished with picking the candy in no time so now she only had one hard decision left to make. What movie should I rent? She asked herself. No horror movie in any case. Arabella hated horror movies and didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Peter and William by hiding her head in the pillows as soon as it gets scary which is what she always dose when she watches horror movies. No, absolutely no horror movie. A comedy would do, I mean how doesn’t like comedies. Plus it might get Will on better thoughts and ease his mind. But she still had to choose the right kind of comedy, because if he has problems with his family and that’s what’s upsetting him then he don’t want to see a family comedy. But if it is love problems then he don’t want to see a romantic comedy either. So it must be an action comedy. They are always fun and the chances of stepping on a sore toe is the least. Arabella was on her move towards the action shelves which was on the other side of the store from where the candy was. She has to push past a lot of people, but she managed to do what first seemed impossible. Some people refused to move and since she is smaller and shorter than most of the people at the store it had been tough for her getting pass them. When she finally arrived at the action shelves she sighed out loud and attracted the attention of the nearest people around her. She was breathing heavily like after a jogging session. That there could be such a hassle to rent a movie, she thought a little irritated. The worst thing was that once she caught her breath began all the people to leave the store and she was left basically alone in it.
Well that’s typical, Arabella thought annoyed and sighed.
“Hmm… What to choose” she said in a low voice to herself and began to read the titles. “Hot Fuzz,  The Pacifier, Wild Target…”
Arabella remembered that Joey had mention the last movie sometime and said that it was very funny. She reached out for it but she wasn’t the only one who did it. Their hands touched each other and Arabella looked to her right where she saw one of the most handsome guys she ever seen. He was very tall and well built. His hair was a mix of orange and red. The colour reminded Arabella of a warm fire cracking in a fireplace during the winter. Their eyes met and Arabella looked into a pair of dark green eyes. Both she and the guy quickly pulled away their hands.
“Oh sorry” said the guy, looking almost a little embarrassed. “Are you taking that one? He asked looking down at the movie.
“Oh, you take it. I can find another one” Arabella said shyly. She started to fiddle around with her necklace and quickly understood that it will become a habit of hers when she’s nervous like now.
The guy smiled at her and took the film off the shelf. He was carrying a large bag that looked to be full packed. When he turned to go towards the checkout so bumped the bag against the shelf and all the films went down on the floor.
“Damn…” said the guy and bent down to return the films to their places on the shelf. Arabella couldn’t help start laughing, it all looked so funny. The guy looked up at her from the floor and a smile was plying with his lips. She bent down and began to help him.
During the time that she helped him so couldn’t she stop giggling even though she tried. It just didn’t work. She was hoping that the guy didn’t think that she seemed disturbed for behaving so childishly. When they were finished thanked the guy Arabella for the help, took the movie and went to the cashier and paid. So Arabella was left alone in the store. The last she saw of the guy was his orange hair as he went out of the shop. The hair that had set the whole store on fire with is strong colour.
“We are closing soon, just so you know” said the guy at the cashier to Arabella.
She quickly took a film from the shelf without thinking. She went and paid for all the candy, chips and the movie and then went out into the darkness. It was getting cold and the days had become darker already. It was not long until the Halloween party would take place. Arabella wondered if the guy she just met would be there. She hadn’t even found out his name so the chance of them meeting again was very small. But if she’s lucky enough to see him again, asking him for his name was the first thing she would do. She wanted to get to know this hottie. She didn’t know why exactly. She had a chrush Will but felt drawn to the guy that she just met. He was exciting in a way that Will wasn’t. He was mysterious in some way. Will was more of the kind guy that everybody likes. Or at least he is in school. He might be a complete different person when he’s at home. Maybe he’ll always behave the way he has this last days towards her now that she would be living with him. But she wanted to get to know the real Will so if he was like that, grumpy and irritable then she just had to put up with it. Everyone has their flaws, no one’s perfect. Even though until recently she thought that Will was that. It made him more human in a way that he was a bit grumpy, that he wasn’t a perfect creation of God without any errors. Arabella really wanted to know more about Will, understand him. She also wanted that when it comes to the mysterious guy. She wanted to know his weaknesses and what he was good at. What he liked and didn’t. But most of all she wanted to know what his mane is.
Maybe I should ask Roxann, she thought. She’s the kind of person how knows a little bit about everything. Maybe he goes to her school, maybe she know who he is, although her school is very big so of course can’t she know everyone but it doesn’t hurt asking.
“TUTTT” Arabella heard the sound behind her and flinched from the sudden and loud sound. It was Peter who honked at her with his car. She had gone in the opposite direction from where he was parked and that’s why he had honked at her. Arabella ran to the car and sat down in the front seat next to Peter. It was nice to put one the ass heather, as her mother always called it and felt the warmth from the seat warming her.
“What movie did you rent?” asked Peter when they were on their way back. Arabella looked around in the bag and found the film.
“Hot fuzz” she said, reading the title out loud. She had just taken the first best movie she saw when the guy had told her that they soon closed. He had stressed her plus that she had had her mind elsewhere. On a guy with orange hair. But that she didn’t say out loud to Peter.
“That’s a good one. I don’t think Will has seen it so will be perfect” he smiled at her and Arabella smiled weakly back.   
“Arabella… regarding William, don’t be sad or anything. It’s not you he is angry at even if it seems like that the case. I called my brother this morning, seems like William had fought with both his parents and friends for some reason. Why and for what I don’t know but I do know that it has nothing to do with you so don’t let it affect you. in a few days he’ll be his usually happy self, you’ll see”
Peter didn’t know that Will had talked to Arabella about it this morning and said basically the same thing but it felt good hearing it again and she thought that it was sweet of Peter that he cared of her.
They drove the last part in silence. When they arrived and entered the house they found Will in the kitchen with three different books open at the table. He hadn’t been joking when he said that he had a lot of studying. Arabella had always thought Joey’s class had it chill with no homework and stuff. Though Joey never has been the type that studies a lot. There are always last-minutes studying for him the night before they are going to have a test. He has never received an F but Arabella guessed Will’s not that kind of person who is happy with only an E. He’s more that kind of person who’s aiming for an A. Arabella saw how Peter walked cautiously up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.                       
“Just going to say that we’re back now. If you are done, we’ll start the movie soon”
“What movie did you rent?” asked Will. He hadn’t looked up from his books yet.
“Hot Fuzz” said Peter, who had already started to tear in the kitchen for cans that he could have the candy and chips in.
Will looked up from the books and looked at Peter’s back. “Hot Fuzz?” he asked.
“It’s an action comedy. It’s very funny actually. Could you help me a little bit here? I can’t carry it all by myself into the living room” Arabella who hadn’t even taken off her shoes yet rushed to help Peter, as soon as her shoes were of that is. Will began to pick up his books and went upstairs. Inside the living room there was a large flat screen television. It was the first time Arabella really thought about how big it really was. Arabella had a flat screen television in her apartment, a much smaller one that is. The one Peter had was three or if not four times bigger than Arabella's had been. Suddenly Arabella felt like as if she belonged to a class under William and his family. Not until now had she thought about how rich Peter was. His new fancy cabriolet, his huge house and all its furnishing. It must have cost a fortune and she had a feeling that Peter wasn’t the only one who lived a life of luxury. She thought that the entire family probably was rich as well. Compared to them, she had nothing. Was worth nothing, she was just a little nobody. Arabella put down the chips bowl on the coffee table a little depressed and made it comfortable for herself in the couch. Peter sat down in the armchair, which surly cost several thousand crowns guessed Arabella. That led to that Will had to sit on the couch with Arabella. She didn’t know if Peter used to sit in the armchair, if it was his favourite spot, or if he was planning that she and Will would be sitting next to each other. When Will came and sat down next to Arabella could she see how Peter had a big grin on his face and it looked like he had it all planned in the slightest detail in his mind.
Arabella started the movie and they watched it together in silence. The only sound was the rustling sound of when someone took from the bowl of chips or candy. At least at the beginning of the film it was like this. A little later, the room was filled with laughter as well, most of it coming from Peter’s direction. Peter had been right, the movie was good. Simon Pegg, who played the lead role was brilliant. The whole movie was brilliant. The whole movie was a big surprise. You never knew what would happen next, and the end… Arabella sat with her mouth open for a while, not noticing what she was doing. It was so flipped, so genius. It was a film that proved that anything can happen anywhere, anytime. It really lighted up the mood because even Will couldn’t help but to laugh. When the movie was over so was it almost eleven and the following day was Monday. That meant school for Arabella and Will and work for Peter so it was time for them all to go to bed. Arabella was tired, she really was but she didn’t want to sleep. She didn’t want to go to school the following day. It wouldn’t take long before people found out that she was staying with Will and his uncle. It wasn’t like if she was ashamed of it or so, not at all. The thing was just that she didn’t really know how the school would take the news. Some would surely not even bother, some probably don’t even know who she is though everyone in the school knows who Will is. Some girls would probably be jealous, because Arabella knew that if she was them then she probably would be jealous as well. Arabella imagined if there had been something to be envious of. That would be absolutely wonderful she thought. But there was nothing there. There was nothing between Arabella and Will that people could be envious of. They were just friends, if even that. But maybe, maybe the time that they would spend together with each other would be the basis for a genuine friendship, and then the basis for true love. There’s always a small chance. With a smile left Arabella Will and Peter in the living room and went to bed. She thought that her last thought she would have before falling asleep would be about Will, but it wasn’t. Once again wandered her thoughts back to the ginger-haired hottie and she fell asleep with a big smile on her lips.      

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