I Will Not Fall

Already at a young age is Arabella forced to grow up and take care of herself. She manages to live by herself thanks to her friends. But what happens when her apartment gets water damage and she is forced to move in with Peter and his nephews. How will she deal with the knowledge of the family’s secrets and their past?
I Will Not Fall is a story about friendship, love, family and growing up. It follows how Arabella and her best friends Rose, Roxann and Joey cope with the everyday life of a teenager and all its problems.


4. Times of need

Life in the apartment flowed. Arabella couldn’t say anything other than that she loved it. Sure, she missed her grandfather but they called each other at least once a week so it was not that bad anyway.
Roxann, Joey and Rose come to visit her daily. The four of them are living the life right now.  Sure Joey is very much with Anya and Rose with Julius but when they aren’t with them they are always at Arabellas place. Anya also usually comes with Joey to the apartment. Arabella liked Anya a lot. For once Joey has found a sensible girl she thought, not like Julia. She had never liked her and it turned out that she was right. If she chooses Chase before Joey then it’s her loss. Joey deserves someone much better. And Anya is clearly better.
Julius, however she didn’t like. She thought he was slimy. She told Rose and apparently doesn’t he like Arabella either so therefore has he not been at the apartment often with Rose. When Arabella thought about it she realized that it had actually never happened. Not even once, which is only good if you ask her.


Since that Roxann and Arabella is living the single life, the two of them spend a lot of time together. Roxann is practically living in Arabellas apartment with her, which she doesn’t mind. She helped her to furnish and right now they are both sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee and tea together. Arabella didn’t have to work that day and it felt great to just be able to relax and take it easy. The fact that Roxann is single is something Arabella don’t get. She’s slim, tall and curvy. Long red hair, dark eyes and a cheeky smile. She sews her own clothes too which Arabella personally thinks is super cool. Today for an example, she has a black/pink skirt on and a dark green cute top that she has made all by herself. Her entire wardrobe is full of clothes she sewed and right now she’s working on three dresses, one for her, Rose and Arabella that we would be wearing at this year’s Halloween party. Arabella hoped that during the Halloween part she would be pretty enough so that Will would notice her and start to think of her differently than just a friend. She started to think that maybe she should invite him home, or rather ask Joey to invite him. She had actually not had a proper housewarming and it’s been a month since she moved in.
“Roxann, what do you think about a housewarming party? I mean now that we have all the furniture in place and so” Arabella said.
“Now you said something interesting. I’ve been thinking about it as well for a while”
“It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Nice people, good food and music are enough”
“Yes it would be really fun. Let me think a bit… Today is Thursday, the party should be on Saturday because you work every weekday, plus we have to be able to fix food and stuff. Tomorrow, you and I will go shopping when you finished at work. Master Chef Joey will prepare food and Rose will fix the music. All pre-planned” Roxann smiled big towards Arabella.  
“Do you really think we can fix it in just two days?”
“Of course! You can do anything as long as you have me”
“What would I do without you Roxann?” Arabella said dramatically.
“Not survive” Roxanns smile just got bigger.
“I certainly would” Arabella respond and boxed her on her shoulder.
They drank up the rest of their tea and coffee in silence. Then it was time for Roxann to go home. It had gotten late. Roxann promised to get in touch with Joey and Rose and inform them about their party plans before she left.


The following day, Arabella had a great hurry out of the apartment. She had overslept, and the bus that she took to school was leaving only ten minutes after she had woken up. She didn’t have time for breakfast and today she would be eating late in school. Her stomach screamed for food during class which made Rose and the rest of Arabellas classmate laugh. It was a long and tough day so it was nice to sit on the bus Arabella thought on her way back home. She planned to lie on her couch and sleep for a little while before she had to go to work.   
Arabella took the stairs up to the third floor, unlocked the door to her apartment and found it full of people. And water.
“Are you living here?” asked one of the guys that were in her apartment. He had orange overalls wearing.
“Y-yes” She replied with a trembling voice. “What has happened?”
“Water leak” replied the guy. “Looks like some broken pipes in the house caused this. I’m sorry but once we get rid of all the water, your apartment will have major moisture damage. You will unfortunately not be able to stay here at least for two months”
“W-what?” The panic started to grow in Arabella. What would she do now? It’s not that she can live with Roxann or any of the others for two whole months. Roxann live in a very small house with her mother where they barely fit, Roses parents are short on money at the moment and Joey has five siblings. Of course they would all receive her with open arms, but it would be a hassle in the long run and Arabella didn’t want to be a burden on anyone.
“Oh my! What has happened here?” said a voice behind Arabella.
Arabella turned around and there stood a handsome man in his 30s. He had black short hair and big green eyes behind a pair of glasses filled with concern. Arabella didn’t answer the man instead the guy who had talked to her did. He told the man the same things he had told Arabella.
“Oh Dear. I know how hard this stuff is, has fallen into a similar situation myself. Tell me, what’s your name?”
“My name is Arabella”
“Arabella, yes that was an unusual name indeed. My name is Peter. Tell me Arabella do you have anywhere to go now, any relative you can stay with?”
“No I haven’t. My grandfather has just moved from town”
Peter was silent for a moment while he has a thoughtful expression.
“You could always stay at my house with me and my nephew until your apartment has been fixed. I have a way to big house you see. There is plenty of room over that you can have”
Arabella was very surprised that a stranger had offered her to stay which him and his nephew. However, she was not sure about it.
“Thanks but no thanks. I don’t want to intrude”
Just as Arabella said that, her headmaster who lived on the floor above came down the stairs and saw her and Peter in their conversation.
“What’s going on? Peter what happened?” she looked questioningly at them.
“Arabella here have nowhere to stay for the next two months due to her apartment just had a water leak. I offered her to stay at my place but she decided not to as a sensible young lady should. I understand fully that you don’t want to live with a stranger Arabella but we have to find a someplace where you can stay”
“Arabella, do you trust me?” asked Mary, Arabellas headmaster.
“Of course” said Arabella without even thinking due to the fact that what was happening to her at the moment was so surreal.
“Then trust me when I say that Peter is a good man. I myself would have offered you to stay with me and my family, but I think you are better off with Peter. You don’t want to live with the headmaster right?” she said and smiled warm against Arabella.
“You have no other place to go, am I right?” asked Peter.
Arabella only nodded in reply.
“All right then it’s decided. You could at least try this weekend. If it doesn’t feel right we’ll fix some other place where you can stay until your apartment is fixed again” said Mary. She and Peter smiled nicely against Arabella.    
“Here you have your clothes and things that we could save for now” said the guy in the orange overall.
He handed over a box to Arabella with about half her clothes in it and some other stuff. She was relieved when she saw that her most important belonging had survived, her photo album.  
“Okay I’ll go with you” Arabella said to Peter realizing that she had not much of a choice.
They went down the stairs together in silence. Peter led her to a black cabriolet which apparently was his. She put her school bag and the box in the luggage and they set off.
“How is it that you were in the building today if you don’t live there?” Arabella asked Peter curiously.
“I was visiting Mary, she’s an old friend of mine and I haven’t seen her for a while. So she’s your headmaster as well huh. Did you know that she lived over you?”
“Yeah. Well not at first but we ran into each other in the stairs so yeah…”
Ran into each other, rather crashed into each other. Arabella found herself quite shocked when on a Saturday morning she ran right into the headmaster of her school when she ran down the stairs in just her pajamas.
“Dose your nephew and I go to the same school?” Arabella asked Peter.
“Since Mary also is his principal, then that must be the case right. He is not home right now though. He went to his parents’ right after school and will be with them all weekend. But perhaps it’s good, then he’s not in the way while you can unpack in your new room and get used to the place a little bit before he comes”

Arabella didn’t listen so much to what Peter was talking about. Sure, he was kind and she should be very grateful for having her stay with him but she couldn’t let go of the feeling she felt from when she saw her apartment completely destroyed. Sorrow, pain and above all fear. Fear of what would happen to her. She guessed she was still in shock. Peter babbled on for the entire car ride but she didn’t listen. Instead, she took a first good look on the guy that had come to her rescue, studied his profile as he drove. Black hair, straight nose, small wrinkles around his big green eyes, big glasses that suited him very well and a big whit smile. He actually reminded her of Will. Will also has black hair and green eyes.

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