I Will Not Fall

Already at a young age is Arabella forced to grow up and take care of herself. She manages to live by herself thanks to her friends. But what happens when her apartment gets water damage and she is forced to move in with Peter and his nephews. How will she deal with the knowledge of the family’s secrets and their past?
I Will Not Fall is a story about friendship, love, family and growing up. It follows how Arabella and her best friends Rose, Roxann and Joey cope with the everyday life of a teenager and all its problems.


1. Prologue

When Arabella woke up on the morning her mother Sonya had already left for work. She had left a note for her daughter on the refrigerator. On the note could you clearly see Sonyas handwriting.


“God morning sweetheart! I didn’t want to wake you up because I know that you were up late last night studying. I just wanted to wish you good luck on your test, though you don’t need luck, and also to remind you about how important it is to have a good breakfast. So eat!
Hugs and kisses, love



Arabella opened the refrigerator and started to make herself breakfast. While she was waiting for her eggs to finish she thought about the human body. That was the subject that she would have a test in during school that same day. She felt pleased whit herself when she sat down at the kitchen table as she could the human body whiteout any problems. All she had to do now was to control the test nerves and if she would manage that the test would be a piece of cake.
When Arabella was finished whit her breakfast she went back into her bedroom for a change of clothing. She put on skinny light grey jeans and her favorite purple shirt. A new guy would come to her school that day and Arabella thought why not put on some more effort in how she looked. She wanted to look good when he made a first impression of her. She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth, put up her long brown hair in a high crest. She put one a little mascara and lip balm then she was ready to go.  


Joey was waiting on her as usual where the two streets that they live on meet. They walked to school together and talked vividly about the school gossip and about the new guy. Joey had heard that his name was William and that he had moved here to his uncle from the capital where his parents live. Joey thought that it was cool that had just moved away from his parents to his uncle and he wondered why he did it. So did Arabella. But the idea of moving and leave her mother scared her. She never wanted to leave her. It was her and her mother against the world. And it had always been like that. After her dad had died when she was seven so had her mother taken care of her alone. They may not live a life in luxury but Arabella wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. She knows how hard her mom works to get it all to work for us. She is just so grateful that she has her.  
Arabella and Joey arrived at the school just five minutes before school started. Joey gave Arabella a quick hug and wished her good luck on the test. Since they did not go in the same class, Joey would be having a English lesson now as Arabella would have biology, which meant that Arabella would have the test the first thing in the morning. She went to the C building of the school where she had her locker and throw in her bag into the locker and took out a pen and eraser. As she closed the locker door she heard someone say her name and turned around and looked right into Roses big blue eyes.
“Hello Bella. Ready for the test?” she asked eagerly.
“As ready as I can be. How about you? Have you seen the new guy yet? Shouldn’t he start today?”
“Yes I’m ready, no I haven’t seen him and yes he will start today. Though it may not be so surprising that we haven’t seen him. I mean, shouldn’t he be in Joeys class, so if he’s here then he’s probably in the A building where all the languages classes are”
“I guess so. Bit of a shame though. It would be fun to se him, you know, just to know what he looks like”
“Know exactly what you mean, but now we have to hurry. We don’t want to late” said Rose and pushed Arabella lightly towards the biology classroom. They arrived just in time. An hour ahead they sat and wrote about the human body and how it works. Once Arabella walked out of the classroom she sighed out loud, as most others also did. The test had been difficult bur Arabella thought it had gone well for her. It had felt good when she did it. Rose was still in the classroom, she had ten minutes left to finish writing.
Arabella went down to the school’s cafeteria and bought a drink for both her and Rose. On her way back she happened to walk into a guy she had never seen before. He was tall and slim whit short dark hair and big green eyes whit long lashes. He was very cute.
“Oh sorry, didn’t see you” Arabella fast said and she could feel how her cheeks was getting warmer.
“Oh, it’s okay. Maybe you can help me” the guy said shyly. “I don’t know where the English classroom is. Though I guess there’s no point to go there now because I’m an hour late. You possible don’t know where class 8E will have their next lesson?” asked the guy. He talked very fast because he was nervous.
“Yes I do actually” Arabella replied. “My friend is in that class. I’m certain that he has history next. You will find the history classroom furthest away if you follow that hallway” she explained and pointed to the hallway to the right of them. She saw how the guy got relieved as he thanked her.
“No problem. You can greet my buddy Joey from me. He’s a very kind and nice guy. Very tall and blond and will probably listen to his iPod. You will recognize him when you see him” she said and smiled towards the boy.
“Thank you, I will. My name is William by the way”
“Arabella. Nice to meet you William but I must go now” Arabella said apologetically. She had seen how Rose had come out of the classroom and saw how she was looking after her with her gaze.
“Sure, no problem. I should go to the history classroom then. It was fun meeting you Arabella. And thanks once again”
He started going off in the hallway as she had pointed out. So now she had met William from the capital, she thought as she walked up to Rose. He was very sweet and seemed a bit shy. She looked forward to getting to know him better.
Rose immediately began to ask Arabella who it was she had been talking to when Arabella came up to her and gave her the drink she had bought. She told her briefly that it was William and what they had said to each other. Rose agreed whit Arabella that it would be nice to get to know him better. She also thought that he seemed nice after hearing what Arabella had to say after their meeting. They threw there now empty drinks and wet back to their lookers. They took out their math books and started to go to their home classroom, which was where they had their math lessons. Arabella had just opened the book and started on the first task when the school’s principal came in and said there were some men who wanted to meet her. She followed the principal out of the classroom. There stood two police man outside the classroom, both with a gloomy supervision. Arabella immediately received a lump in her stomach.    
“Are you Arabella Torstensson?” asked one of the policemen. Arabella just nodded in response.
“We had unfortunately bad new to tell you. On the way from downtown to the industrial area, there was a car accident. It was fortunately not so great but the people sitting in the cars that crashed, and those who were just behind were injured. Some more than others. I’m sorry to inform you that your mother, Sonya Torstensson, was one of the few who died in the car accident”
Arabella felt how she started to have trouble breathing and how everything suddenly spun around. Her legs gave way and she was close to falling together but one of the policemen, the one who had not said a word yet managed to grab her. She felt sick and knew that she would soon vomit. There were four words that were repeated over and over again in her head. My mom was dead. My mom was dead. My wonderful mom was dead!
She was sucked into a darkness that she thought that she would never get out from. It didn’t matter how strong the lights were, they still couldn’t repress the darkness that had surrounded her. She couldn’t fight it, instead she just disappeared deeper and deeper into the darkness. Until it pulled her down so far that she didn’t see any light anymore. The only thing she could think of was her mother.
What was the point of living if my mother was dead….

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