I Will Not Fall

Already at a young age is Arabella forced to grow up and take care of herself. She manages to live by herself thanks to her friends. But what happens when her apartment gets water damage and she is forced to move in with Peter and his nephews. How will she deal with the knowledge of the family’s secrets and their past?
I Will Not Fall is a story about friendship, love, family and growing up. It follows how Arabella and her best friends Rose, Roxann and Joey cope with the everyday life of a teenager and all its problems.


7. Letter from the past

There were complete silence and all eyes turned to Will.
“Will, what are you doing here? I thought you wouldn’t come home until tomorrow” asked Peter.
“Changed plans” replied Will short. “The question is why are Joey and the girls here?” He didn’t sound particularly happy in his voice when he said it, rather angry instead and Arabella got the feeling that he didn’t like that they were there. Especially not that she was there.
“Have you already forgotten? I told you yesterday on the phone. Arabella’s apartment has got moisture damage and I offered her to stay here with us. Her friends are just here to visit” Arabella didn’t know if Peter had notice Will’s tone before, but if he had so pretended he like he didn’t because he was happy as normal when he replied.
“You told me that a girl would stay here, not which girl! I took it for granted that it was Thea when you didn’t say any name since she’s use to be here”
Arabellas heart sank like a stone when said that. He still sounded very angry and he glared at her. One didn’t have to be a mind reader to know that he’d rather had Thea there rather than her. Whoever she was.
“I thought it would be a surprise. You go to the same school so I thought you guys were friends and that it would be fun. I know that you and Joey are good friends. Seriously Will, has something happened?” Peter didn’t sound so happy anymore and Arabella understood him. It was hard to be happy when Will was so grumpy.
“No. Why would you think that?”
“Because you don’t usually behave like this”
“Can’t you be in a bad mood sometimes or what?!” Will shouted out the words in frustration. “I’m out!” he said and left the room. They heard how he went up the stairs and how a door was shut with a loud bang.
No one said anything and it was an uncomfortable silence at the dinner table.
“I’ll go up and talk to him” said Joey finally. “He’ll calm down soon enough”
“You do that, and thank you very much for the good food” Peter smiled gently against Joey. “Leave the dishes, I’ll take care of it. I think you are the only one of us that Will’s willing to talk to right now”
Joey nodded towards Peter and stood up. They heard how he went up the stairs.
“Go away Peter! Leave me alone!” they heard all the way down to the ground floor how Will shouted at Joey in belief it was Peter. Then there was silence again. Arabella couldn’t handle the silence so she started picking up the plates and was planning with the dishes. The others followed her lead and started helping her. When they were finished washing the dishes left Rose and Roxann. It had become quite late and they didn’t want to miss the last buss home. Joey was still upstairs with Will. Best to leave them alone Arabella though so she and Peter went to the living room and put on the TV. They browsed among bunch of channels before they finally decided to watch Criminal Minds. Arabella loved that series and was soon hocked. It was a brand new episode and as usual was it exiting from the start. When the episode was over, an hour later, Joey and Will finally came down. Will apologized to Arabella and Peter for his behavior before. He still wasn’t happy but at least had Joey managed to get him on better thoughts. He wasn’t angry anymore which was good.
Since that Joey had been up and talked to Will had he missed the bus that the others took. Peter was kind and drove him home and Will went along. Arabella was left all by herself in the big house. It was almost twelve, so she decided to go to bed. She thought that if she was alert in the morning then she could make breakfast to everyone and maybe then would Will like having her around in the house.
But it didn’t go the way she had imagined.

Arabella woke up very early and was the only one awake in the big house. It was completely quiet as she carefully walked to the bathroom. The worm water against her body felt good and made her relax and forget about her surroundings. Everything felt right in that moment. As if her mother was still there, as if Will was in love with her. But reality quickly caught up with her. Her mom wasn’t there anymore. She stands alone now. She had to manage on her own just like her own mother had when Arabellas father had died. She took care of Arabella all alone, raised her without complaining once. She was always happy. Sure, she was tired but she was still always happy. Arabella never heard her complain, not once, over that she was working so much. She worked so that they managed to pay the bills. She had rarely any time off, but she was still happy. Arabella had to be strong like her mother.
When she had finished showering, she went out of the bathroom wrapped only in a towel and went right into Will. They crashed into each other and it was a miracle that the towel didn’t fall off.
“Right, you are still here” he said, glaring angrily at her.
“S-sorry” Arabella stammered out. She was like in a trance. Will hates me, she thought. It has to be that way. That he only had been nice to her before because she was Joey’s friend. It was probably that he and Joey had been talking about yesterday. How he would put up with her. Joey had probably told him what she likes to do so that he could avoid her. What she didn’t like so that he could make a hell for her there so that she wouldn’t stand out being there and leave him and his uncle alone. Okay, she knows that she was being paranoid, but it’s easy to be when it’s the matter of who you are in love with.
Will’s green eyes bored into hers. In most cases think’s Arabella that it’s the most wonderful thing there is to look into his green eyes but in that moment was it just uncomfortable. If looks could kiss as they say then she would be laying on the floor in death throes. Arabella looked away and down on the floor.
“Can you let me pass?” asked Will.
Arabella looked up at him again. God, he was so cute. His raven black hair was tousled and was all over the place. He had a pair of dark blue pajama pants on and a large black t-shirt that read London on it. He looked absolutely perfect if it wasn’t for those eyes. It was if they were shooting lightning at her, more than Zeus does in a whole year.
“Hey, did you hear me?” Will said, this time even more annoyed.  
“Oh sorry” Arabella said and stepped to the side. She heard a little annoyed sigh when Will walked past her and into the bathroom. She went back to her so-called room and laid down on the bed, ignoring the fact that she only had a towel on. She laid there for a while, could have been just a few minutes or an hour. She went then up and got dressed. A pair of black tights and a long black tank top with a light denim shirt over. She brushed her almost dry long brown hair and put it up in a loose ponytail. Then she took out the photo album and sat down on the bed and looked at all the different pictures. There were pictures of her together with her mom and dad. Pictures of her, Joey, Roxann and Rose and a bunch of others. Arabella flipped to the last page, her mother had told her that when life was though she should look there for support. So far had Arabella not looked at the last page, but now she felt like she needed the support her mother had told her was to be found there. In the back was a picture of her family when they’d celebrate her sixth birthday. She was sitting in her father’s lap and blew out the candles on the cake while her mother stood beside her and helped. Arabella smiled when she saw the picture. She took it out from the album and looked at it more closely. On the back could she read, We love you. Arabella recognized her mother Sonya’s handwriting.
There were also a short letter in the back and a piece of jewelry. It was a necklace made of silver. It was a circular pendant with a four-leaf clover on. Very simple but beautiful and elegant at the same time. The chain was also thin and light. Arabella started reading the letter.
The necklace was a gift from your father to me and now I’m giving it to you. Your father Percy gave me the necklace when we had been together in two years. He told me that I was his only four-leaf clover on a large meadow and that he didn’t know how he would have lived his life if he hadn’t been lucky enough to find me. But he was wrong. There were two clovers on the meadow, you’re the second one. I want you to have this necklace as a reminder of how special and valuable you are. Let it give you strength and hope when life seems hard just as it has for me. Don’t forget that you are valuable just the way you are. Just be yourself when if it feels the worst and you will see that it all will resolve itself. Remember that there are angels watching over you. Both on earth and in heaven. You just have to believe, you and your dad are my angels. One day you’ll find your very own angel that will make your life complete.
Love mom.

Arabella felt how a tear rolled down her cheek and quickly whipped it away. With a smile on her lips put she back the photo and the letter in the album. It had been worth the wait, she thought. She put on the necklace and felt how the pendant touched her skin. It felt at once just right, like she always had worn it. As if it already was a part of her.      
Mom was right, I just need to be myself then it would defiantly be better between Will and me, Arabella thought. She wanted to get to know his true self so then it’s only fair that he gets to know the reel her too. She hadn’t completely given up on her plan to make a good breakfast that would get Will on her side so she quickly went down the stairs to the kitchen and felt how the pendant were bobbing back and forth. But when she came down so was Will already there in the middle process of making sandwiches for himself. So there went that plan. He had already fixed breakfast for himself.
Arabella tried to not be in the way for him so that she wouldn’t annoy him even more while she made her own breakfast. When she was finished with her sandwiches and fixed some juice to drink so sat she down at the kitchen table across Will. They ate in silence and Arabella spent most of the time to look down at the table. After a while so started Will to talk and this time with a much nicer tone towards Arabella than what he’s used since he arrived.
“Um Arabella… I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t want you here, it’s just that it’s a bit hard right now” he looked at her with sad eyes. He looked really sad, as if he regretted how he behaved earlier. Arabella felt like she was a piece of ice that lay out in the sun. Will’s eyes made her melt for sure.
“Will it doesn’t matter” she said but got cut off.
“Yes it dose. I was upset and I took it out on you. It was wrong of me and I’m really sorry”
“I believe you. You probably had your reasons to be so angry” Arabella put gently her hand on Will’s. “If you want to talk about it then I’ll gladly listen” she smiled at him and he smiled back and his eyes got a bit of joy in them.
“Thank you. I’ll remember that”
Arabella removed her hand and took her dish and put it in the dishwasher. Will did the same and when they were done they went to the living room and sat down in front of the TV. Will flipped through the channels when Peter came into the room.
“You guys are up early” he said cheerfully. “Where’s the fire? It’s only nine”
“Early bird catches the worm. Isn’t that what you use to say?” replied Will without taking of his sight from the TV.
“Hehe yeah I do. Who’d thought that you listen to what I say”
Will just grunt as an answer. Arabella wondered if everything would be allright between them now. She was afraid that he was thinking that she was pathetic that must come to their home and live there. That she blew the whole thing about living on her own in her own apartment. Because that what she felt, like she was a failure. But he had really looked sad when he told her he was sorry. Like if he really meant it and wasn’t just trying to be kind. And when Arabella had put her hand on his… it was like she got a smaller shock through her body. She wondered if he had felt it as well, or if it just had been her. She just remembered something she totally forgot because all the drama and turned quickly to face Peter.
“Peter what happened to that girl that you treated yesterday? Did everything go well?”
“The treatment went without any major difficulties. If she got rid of her cancer, we’ll have to wait and see but the odds are on her side, so to speak” Peter’s face lit up with a smile that truly came from the heart.
“That’s wonderful! We have to celebrate!” Arabella said cheerfully.
“How about we rent a movie for tonight. I have to see Phillip for a little while and then could you go and rent the movie and buy some candy” suggested Peter.
“What a great idea!” Arabella said, full of joy. “Phillip, wasn’t he the one who had opened a restaurant?”
“Yes, he’s the one. Oh yeah, I was going to ask him if he would let Joey work there”
“Joey would be really happy if he would get the job”
“I have no time for doing that. I have a test I have to study for” Will interrupt them with a somber tone.
Talk about dragging down the mood. Arabella was so happy for Peter and the girl’s sake and also for Joey but apparently Will wasn’t.       
“You can stay home and study while Arabella and I goes to town. Try to be a little social would you. That’s not too difficult is it? I mean you’ll probably soon scared away Arabella from living with us if you continue to be on that mood all the time” Peter looked sternly at his nephew. Will looked back at him in the same way but Peter was the winner in their staring contest. Will stayed home and studied when Peter and Arabella went to town later in the day.   

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