I Will Not Fall

Already at a young age is Arabella forced to grow up and take care of herself. She manages to live by herself thanks to her friends. But what happens when her apartment gets water damage and she is forced to move in with Peter and his nephews. How will she deal with the knowledge of the family’s secrets and their past?
I Will Not Fall is a story about friendship, love, family and growing up. It follows how Arabella and her best friends Rose, Roxann and Joey cope with the everyday life of a teenager and all its problems.


10. Bubble gum

For some reason believed Aphrodite that is was Arabella’s fault that she had gotten lipstick on her teeth even though it wasn’t. Okay so it was Arabella who had pointed it out but it was Aphrodite’s own fault that it had gotten there in the first place. So even thought is wasn’t her fault so had Arabella this feeling that Aphrodite wanted revenge. She wanted to make her feel just as humiliated that she had, just ten times worse. And it’s not like Arabella is paranoid, it was Aphrodite’s killing glare that gave her intentions away. But it still didn’t drag down Arabella’s good mood. She, Lissa Rose and Mason was now walking towards the gym. Arabella’s jumped up on Mason’s back and rode on it all the way to the door to the boys ‘locker room. Arabella jumped down from Mason’s back and walked the last few meters to the girls’ locker room. They were the first people in the room witch felt really nice. It felt nice to not having to hear Aphrodite’s mean comments. It happened very often that she pointed out every little mistake you had and what was wrong with your body.
They still had their class outdoor even though they were in the middle of October. It had started to get really cold outside but the afternoon sun was out and warmed a little bit. Arabella changed from baggy jeans to Adidas shorts, from black tank top and red plaid shirt to a sport bra, a large t-shirt and a thick sweater. She was just tying her shoes when the rest of the girl’s in her class stormed through the door. First came of course Aphrodite. It was like an unwritten rule that she always had to be in the front of the girl group. Arabella couldn’t help but to compare her with Regina from the movie “Mean Girls”. She even had her own little gang of plastics consisting of Tina and the new girl Stella. Tina has been hanging around Aphrodite since kindergarten and has always tried to be like her. She is Aphrodite’s so called best friend. Stella just moved in to town recently. When she started in the girls’ class so took Aphrodite her immediately under her wings. But Arabella suspected strongly that it wasn’t because pity because she was new and wanted to be friendly but rather to secure her place at the top. Stella is at least as good locking as Aphrodite if not even more and it probably scares her. So instead that the two of them would fight for the throne Aphrodite instead made Stella her left hand since Tina already was her right. Even though the girls had been in the same class for almost two months so didn’t Arabella know what kind of person that Stella really was. She keeps herself in the background most of the time and lets Aphrodite and Tina do the talking. She mostly just smiles and nods and simply looks great. Sometimes Arabella wonders if she has something behind her forehead or if she is one of those dumb blonds that she looked like. But at the same time has she received good results in every test they had so far so Arabella suspected that she’s just playing dumb because it’s easier. She should have realized that Aphrodite’s friendship real. Arabella wondered how Aphrodite would handle the situation if Stella won the Halloween contest. Last year was Aphrodite the winner and they had to hear all about it for the rest of the year. Arabella knew that she wouldn’t stand all her bragging if she won this year as well.   
It would be fun if Arabella or someone of her friends won instead just as Mason had said. Arabella though that rose probably had the biggest chance of winning and only the thought of her receiving the crown instead of Aphrodite made her smile. Aphrodite noticed that smile and didn’t want to share Arabella’s joy.
“What the hell are you smirking about?!” she hissed to Arabella.
“Your appearance. Have you got your teeth cleaned yet?” answered Arabella. She gets surprised by her own words. Sure, she had often thought bad things about Aphrodite but she’d never said any of them out loud so Aphrodite could hear. She didn’t really know why she’d always hold back, probably because I’m I coward she thought. It had always been Rose who said the mean answers. It’s Rose who isn’t afraid to be cocky, not Arabella. Arabella could see in the corner of her eye how Lissa stood and looked at her with her mouth open, just as shocked by what Arabella had said that Arabella herself was and Rose who gave her the thumbs up.  
“I look better that you in any case even though I have crap in my teeth” replied Aphrodite as she walked towards Arabella. Just as quickly were Lissa and Rose at Arabella’s side. Arabella though that it felt good to have them beside her since it looked like Aphrodite was about to hit her. But instead of hitting her so she starts to smile wickedly at her and leaned forward. Her face was so close so Arabella could feel her warm breath on her cheek.  
“I have at least something to grab hold of” said she coldly. Her cold eyes stared into Arabella’s and she forced herself to not look away. She didn’t want to give Aphrodite that satisfaction. Arabella could feel how her cheeks already had gotten warmer after Aphrodite’s comment and she planned to not give her anything more to laugh about. Aphrodite was the girl in their class, maybe throughout the whole school with the largest breast and the fact that she only used push-up bras didn’t exactly make them smaller. Arabella had personally not much to come with. This was something that Aphrodite loved to point out since she knew that Arabella hated being flat-chested.
Aphrodite finally leaned back again.
“But it’s not your fault Arabella that you still looks like a child, with no curves and with your baby face” she said as she grabbed Arabella’s cheek. “The only thing missing is for you to have your hair in two ponytails on each side of your head” she grabbed Arabella’s hair and started playing with it. That was what Aphrodite had planned to do all along. Arabella didn’t even react to what Aphrodite was doing before Rose had hit Aphrodite’s hand so that she let go of Arabella’s hair.
“You’re so damn jealous! It’s so clear so you might as well write it on your forehead” Rose hissed angrily against Aphrodite.
“Me jealous of her, I don’t think so. There’s nothing to jealous of, she has nothing that I don’t already have or that I want for that matter”
“She has Will” Rose said coldly with a grin.
Arabella didn’t like the way she said it. Rose made it sound as if she and Will were a couple which they weren’t. She knew that Rose knew that as well that it wasn’t like that. She was just about to say that it wasn’t true but stopped herself when she saw how red Aphrodite’s face became. She wasn’t red because she was ashamed like before, she was red because she was angry. It looked like she was about to explode. Arabella could just imagine how it would come fire out of her moth and smoke from her nostrils. But instead of screaming out all her hatred at them she just glared at them before she turned and walked out of the locker room.
“Aphrodite wait!” shouted Tina when she and Stella ran after her.
Arabella just stood there and looked at Rose and Lissa in shock. Rose had kept herself form laughing while Aphrodite and the company had stormed out but couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Her laughter filled the locker room which lightened up the tensed atmosphere. It wasn’t long before the rest of the girls in the locker room started laughing as well. They all enjoyed the moments when Aphrodite no longer were “perfect”. No one in the room could stop smiling. Aphrodite often managed to take down their spirit and destroy that little self-confidence that they had built up. She thought that if was fun to get the rest of them feel bad about themselves. So when it happens that she falls off her high horse they all enjoys it. Arabella used to always feel a little guilty when she laughed about others misfortune, but not when it was about Aphrodite since Arabella though that she deserved it. After the girls had laughed for a while they all went back to change clothes before the lesson. Aphrodite, Tina and Stella still hadn’t come back. Arabella was just about to put up her long hair in a ponytail when she felt something sticky against her fingers.
“Uh… Lissa, do I have something in my hair?” asked Arabella and looked a little uneasily towards her.
“Wait and let me see” answered Lissa and lifted Arabella’s hair to look.
“That bitch…” mumbled Lissa. Arabella was surprised by the words she uttered. Lissa wasn’t that kind of person who you expect to say something like that. Arabella was getting a bit worried when Lissa didn’t say anything more after that.
“Lissa what is it?” Arabella asked tensely.
Holy shit heard Arabella Rose exclaim behind her.
“Please can you tell me what it is?” Arabella asked and you could easily hear the annoyance in her voice. It wasn’t like she was annoyed at her friends she just wanted to know what had happened with her hair.
“Uh…” began Lissa nervously. “It’s a bubblegum Arabella. A really big one”
“Are you serious!” exclaims Arabella and raise her voice in panic. She basically screams out the words.
“Calm down Bella!” says Rose behind her. She places her hand on Arabella’s shoulders in an attempt to calm her down.
“Sorry Lissa, I didn’t mean to yell at you” Arabella said low and looked down at the floor. Ashamed that she let her anger and panics go out on Lissa, the kindest person she knew.
“It’s okay” Lissa said and went back to picking up Arabella’s hair so that she could see the damage better.
“How bad is it?” Arabella asked anxiously. “Will I be able to brush it out or do I have to cut it?”
“Hard to say. It’s quite big you know”
“It’s HUGE!” cried Rose out.
“Rose stop, you’re scaring her”
“Sorry, I mean it’s tiny”
“Why even bother lying Rose when we all know how bad you are at it” Arabella said and chuckled. She really loved her friends; they always managed to make her smile even in these situations.
“Let’s get serious again shall we. Describe to me how it looks like back there” Arabella said and drew her head once again towards the floor so that it would be easier for Rose and Lissa to see.
“Okay, so when Aphrodite was playing with your hair earlier she put some gum in it” Said Lissa and took a short break before continuing, as if she was trying to find the right words. “She managed to get it stuck in quite a large part of your hair, which means it will be difficult to get it out. It’s also I bit up so if you cut it off then it will be a clear gap so you have to cut it all in that case”
“But don’t worry Bella. You’ll be just as pretty in short hair. It’ll give you a little bit more attitude, you know” continued Rose.
“But what should I do? It’s really hard to get an appointment with a hairstylist on such short notice. And I can’t just ignore school either”
“Of course you can. I’ll tell the teacher that you went to the nurse and that she sent you home with a fever” said Rose and put an arm around Arabella’s shoulder. “And when it comes to finding a hairstylist you can always call Roxann. I mean one of her friends is educating herself to become one right? So she could probably cut your hair”
Arabella smiled at Rose and Lissa. “You’re right. The world’s not going to end with me getting a haircut” Arabella picked up her phone and called Roxann.
“Hey girl. What’s up?” Roxann answered. “I’m kind of busy right now so you have to be quick about what you want”
“Hey Roxann. Sorry that I’m troubling you. Do you have a friend that’s studying to become a hairstylist?”
“Yeah Thea does. Why do you ask?”
“Well I need someone to cut my hair… today. Like now, as soon as possible. So can you ask her if she would like to cut my hair? I plan on paying her”
“Sure she’d love to. I’ll give her your number when my lesson is over but I have to go now. My teacher is staring at me. Chio”
Roxann hung up the phone before Arabella got a chance to say goodbye.
“So what do I do now?” Arabella asked her friends.
“You’re going to Roxann’s school so you can meet her friend as quickly as possible” Rose said confidently.
“What?” Rose looked confused at Arabella.
“Her name is Thea”
“Oh right, well then you have to go to the school and meet Thea as quickly as possible”
“But I can’t just go there and sit outside and wait for them. I mean it’s freezing outside”
“Arabella honey… You know that you can go into the school and wait right”
“Why don’t you guys go with her?” Alice interrupted. Arabella had completely forgotten about that the rest of the girls in her class were also there. “We can tell Matt that you have a giant cramp because you’re on your period and that Lissa and Rose followed you to the nurse. As soon as he hears that someone is on their period he gets pale and stops listens to you and instead just agrees with everything you says”
“I bet his wife is pretty sour when she is on her period” added Felicia.
Her comment made Arabella and the rest of the girls smile.
“That could work” said Arabella and smiled towards Felicia and Alice. “Thank you”
“Isn’t that what classmates for” Felicia said. “You know, lie to teachers when the others are skipping class. That’s what I always thought you’d call class spirit” she smiled and winked.
“Okay girls. Shall we go?” Arabella asked Rose and Lissa. They both nodded at her and smiled.   


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