I Will Not Fall

Already at a young age is Arabella forced to grow up and take care of herself. She manages to live by herself thanks to her friends. But what happens when her apartment gets water damage and she is forced to move in with Peter and his nephews. How will she deal with the knowledge of the family’s secrets and their past?
I Will Not Fall is a story about friendship, love, family and growing up. It follows how Arabella and her best friends Rose, Roxann and Joey cope with the everyday life of a teenager and all its problems.


2. A fresh start

Arabella looked at the clock once again. It was five past three already ad she was late as usual. Though at this point Roxann, Rose and Joey probably had already gotten used to it. They were always waiting on her. When she arrived at Evelyn’s, their favorite café, they were already there. They were sitting at their favorite table in the corner by the window. Arabella went up to them and sat down on the empty chair.
“Hello. Sorry I’m late” she said apologetic.
“Oh, never mind. It was only five minutes this time” Joey said whit a grin. “But I’m thinking of giving you the wrong time next time we’ll meet. One that’s ten minutes earlier so that you fore once will be on time”
“Haha fun Joey, but I’m not that hopeless”
“Yes Bella, you are” said Rose whit a big smile on her face.
“What’s your excuse this time then?” Roxann asked, also she smiling big.
“I have none or no good anyway. Believe it or not but I didn’t find my shoes. Or rather I didn’t find my shoe.  I think seriously that it ran away because I found it under the couch”
Rose started laughing. “So typical you Bella” she said. Arabella started to laugh as well when Rose said that. Then Joey also started and finally Roxann. They were all sitting there laughing very hard and did not stop until the waitress arrived whit their coffee and tea.
“I assumed you wanted tea” said Joey to Arabella while he winked at the waitress who served them.
“Yes, thank you” she replied while Roxann was rolling her eyes.
When the waitress had given the group their cups of coffee and Arabella her cup of tea so gave Joey her a little extra tip for her outstanding work.
“Thank you so much…” said the waiter.
“Joey” he said quickly.
“Anya” said the waiter and smiled.
Joey smiled back at her and she began to blush and hurried quickly away to the kitchen.
“You are hopeless” said Roxann towards Joey. “I mean when was it that you and Julia broke up? Two weeks ago and you are already beginning to flirt whit someone else”
“It was actually a month ago” Joey defended himself. “Plus what is wrong whit a bit of flirting. Furthermore as Julia and I are history. She said so herself when I tried to get her back after she had broken up whit me. But Anya there looks to be a bright future for me”
“For God’s sake Joey you’re such a player!” continued Roxann.
“I am not! I just find new girls that wake my interest quickly. Plus a player flirts whit all the girls at the same time. During the time that Julia and I were together she was the only one for me and you know it. She broke my heart when she told me that she had fallen on love whit another guy and that she wanted us to break up” Joey clenched his fist so hard that they got white. He was still upset about everything whit Julia. “She didn’t even tell me who it was. And you know how I am, I can’t be alone. The easiest way for me to get over someone is to fall in love again and it is quite easy for me to do so. I know I’m hopeless, but it’s who I am”
“I know Joey, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking right now before I spoke” said Roxann apologetic. “But will it cheer you up if I say that Anya has checked you out several times after she walked away from our table” Roxann continued and nodded at Anya’s direction. 
Joey looked up from his cup and away to Anya and met her gaze. She began to blush when they made eye contact and looked quickly away. Joey continued to watch her for a while as he looked on while she served a few guys at another table.
“So Bella, what’s happening? What are you going to tell us?” Said Rose and managed to get Joey to tear his eyes from Anya and turn his attention to the group again.
“Yeah, well the thing is that my grandfather that I have lived whit is going to move but I won’t go whit him. Not that he won’t let me but because I don’t want to. I don’t want to leave you guys” Arabella told them and looked at her beloved friends who she loved more than anything else. Rose who is always happy and so cute whit her blond curly hair. Roxann who is like a big sister to her (she is one year older than the rest of the group) who always looks after her and her friends. And Joey that is so sweet and smart whit his blond hair and whit his sarcastic sense of humor.
Arabella looked at her friends so much and they all looked back at her and their eyes showed that they felt the same way for her.
“So I have thought about buying a apartment, or at least rent one. I have already found a cheap on that I can stay in, I’ll just have to pay the first amount of money so that I can move in later. And I’m going on a job interview at Fiffis later today so it fixes itself whit money and such hopefully”
“Oh Bella why didn’t you tell us this earlier?” Rose asked whit concern in her voice. “When will your grandfather move? I’m so sorry but right now my cousin from England visiting so there is no place for you at my place. Not that you take too much space but you know what I mean”    
“It’s okay Rose, I understand. And my grandfather will not move until a few months from now. Two I think. So it’s cool”
“There’s always room for you at my place Bella” said Roxann.
“And whit me as well” Joey said. “It’s a bit messy but I can clean it up for you” he smiled widely at her.
“Thank you, you are all so nice. I promise that I will not be a problem”
“Of course you won’t Bella, because you’re not. You are not a burden so don’t think more about it” said Rose while Joey and Roxann just nodded in agreement.
“Okay, good. Well there’s one more thing. I told you that I would be on a job interview later today and you would be very kind if you gave me some tips on what to say. I’m actually quite nervous”
“Then we are having a big problem. We can’t have a nervous Bella now can we” said Joey whit his usual grin.
They soon began talking about what to say and what not to say. How to behave so Arabella would have the best chance to get the job.
When Arabella had to go back home her head was full of different tips of how to act during the interview. Before she left she said goodbye to her friends and gave them all a big hug. When she was walking past the café towards her grandfather house she could not help but to look through the window and see how Joey, Rose and Roxann sat there. She saw how they eagerly discussed something whit each other. It was probably about her moving to an apartment or her job interview but it could also be about their love life. It’s a pretty popular topic for conversations. Arabella smiled as she walked at a fast pace home.


An hour later Arabella sat and waited for her interview to begin. She had gone there extra early because she didn’t want to be late. She looked up at the clock that hung on the white wall and watched as the second hand move. She felt how her palms started to get sweaty. She was so nervous and inside her own thought so she jumped when she heard someone said her name.
“Arabella Torstensson, ma’am wants to see you now” said a young woman around the age of twenty. She was very cute. She had big eyes and blond hair that she had in a ponytail.
Arabella got up from the chair she sat in and followed the woman as she showed her to the room where the interview would be held. It was a fairly large office whit large windows that had a view over the city. There was not much furniture in the room. Just a desk and an office chair. They had brought another chair opposite of the desk. It was the one that Arabella would use.
Behind the desk sat a woman around forty years. She had brown hair had up in a knot on the back of her head, glasses that made her looked firm and stern but kind. She was wearing a long skirt and a blazer which suited her well. She looked very good in her own way.
“Arabella Torstensson, if I’m right” the woman assumed when Arabella sat down in the chair. “My name is Elly Samuelsson and I am head of this department. So tell me Arabella, why should I give the job to you. What can you do for this company?”  
She looked her from top to bottom whit a sharp eye. Arabella tried her hands tightly in her lap and thought that is was just to open her mouth and she would start talking, when she is nervous she starts to babble on like crazy.
Arabella began talking of how she would be helpful as Ellys assistant and told her about all of her abilities and strength. Also her experiences from the few summer jobs she had before. She talked very fast because she was nervous and was not surprised when Elly asked her to repeat what she said.
The interview continued and fifteen minutes later Arabella was back in the waiting room. The cute blonde stood behind the counter and smiled at her. She kindly asked her how it had gone on the interview.
“Good, I think anyway” Arabella replied.
She picked up her jacket as she had left in the cloakroom then went home to her grandfather.
Now she just had to wait.

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