The Malignant Deity

There is an omnipotent being called a Trickster who controls all of the suffering in our lives and takes pleasure in guiding us into misfortune. In this story, he takes an interest in an unhappy family of four, each with their own personal desires. The narrative follows the lives of each of the individuals, and shows their reactions to their new found, and fickle, happiness.


1. Prologue

Throughout history there has always been the idea of gods or other immortal beings who defy the natural order of the world, changing it for the worse; the Ancient Greeks had Eris, the goddess of strife and discord who cursed the offspring of other gods out of jealousy of their greatness. In Norse myth there was Loki, a shape-shifter who almost caused the death of his adoptive father, Odin. In Native American myth the Coyote was a thief and a traitor who tried to pass himself off as a hero. These are just a few among the thousands of spirits accused of bearing the qualities we as people try to avoid, and punish where possible. These may be true legends, or just plain speculation and suspicion, but it is clear that we as humans are hardwired to defy the animalistic wants and feelings that we evolved from. Instead of taking responsibility for them, we pass them off as the acts of those who have an omnipotent power over us, meaning that we don’t have complete control over what we do and how we negatively affect the world. There is a name for beings like this; Tricksters; the divinities and idols who would do us wrong, kept at bay only by those who have the power and knowledge to do so. It seems as if the mere idea of them is just an excuse to pass the blame, wouldn’t you think? As the world moves on, the ideas of these entities above, around and inside us, controlling what we do fades into the background of history.

But what if all of this time those ideas were the truth, weren’t just complete speculation? What if we don’t have complete control over every single action that we perform? These eternal creatures of darkness could be above us right now, deciding what we do, which direction we turn and even which ideas form in our minds. Maybe if we had the knowledge of them, we could fight them. I may be giving you the means to combat and perhaps defeat the little, red devil standing on your left shoulder, whispering into your ear. But what if they can’t be defeated, or even fought. I may just be giving you the awareness of something that you cannot change, condemning you to an existence spent fighting the inevitable; what a poor life that would be. Just the thought of these fiends sparks off plenty of ideas of a wasted future.

I give you one last concept to ponder; what if there is just one, seldom figure, standing in the mist, making us turn left instead of right, feeding off our pain? What if throughout our lives there has been just one man in a suit, overcoat and top hat who radiates the darkness of the ages? This figure could be right behind you, peering at the literature you chose and growling with malcontent. Do you have the feeling of throwing this book away, leaving it to rot while you seek safety in the arms of a loved one? Ignore it, for you have just felt the wrath of the man in the shadows, the malignant deity; I call him, the Trickster.

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