Niall's Princess <3 (ON HOLD)

Rebecca and her best friend,Nikki, are so excited to go to One Direction's Take Me Home Tour. It all starts when the boys gave them a lift home from the concert. Is it going to be Love.... or heart break?.....


9. Niall's Princess <3 Chapter 9

---------------------------------~Chapter 9~-----------------------------------------------------

Rebecca P.O.V.

I heard loud beeping noises, I couldn't see or move. I was going to scream! I don't know what's happening at all!

Niall's P.O.V

We finally left Nandos, I can't believe what I just said. I LOVE NANDOS! but today I wasn't. I just wanted to see if Rebecca is okay. I miss her... Did I just say that?... I know we just met, but I think....I love her...

Zayn's P.O.V 

I think we all know that Niall has feelings for Rebecca. But they hardly know each other..........

Niall's P.O.V 

We got to the hospital and found where Rebecca was going to be staying. She had cuts and bruises but some really deep cuts. I ran over to her an helt her hand. I wish she was going to wake up soon.....I felt someone having their hand on my shoulder, it was Liam.
"She'll wake up soon, don't worry Nialler" Liam said. I smiled weakly at him.
"Where am I?..." Me and the boys turned to Rebecca. We all hugged her. "Please, Y-Y-You're -h-h-hurting me". Rebecca said.
"oh, sorry, and your at the hospital love." I manged to say...

Rebecca P.O.V

I heard someone talking to me, but I don't know who though. I assume it is one of the boys.... probably the Irish funny one. I tried again to open my eyes. After a couple of go's they finally opened. 

Yes, I was right. It was he Irish one. I think he is called Niall?, well I'm not very sure. Litterly after 3 seconds they noticed Ii was awake, they all came running over to hug me. 
"Please, Y-Y-your hurting me." I managed to get out.
"Oh, sorry, you're at the hospital love." Niall said. Why am I at the hospital? What happened? All these questions kept running through my mind. Then it all clicked to me. It was them mean girls.....



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