Niall's Princess <3 (ON HOLD)

Rebecca and her best friend,Nikki, are so excited to go to One Direction's Take Me Home Tour. It all starts when the boys gave them a lift home from the concert. Is it going to be Love.... or heart break?.....


7. Niall's Princess <3 Chapter 7

-------------------------------------chapter 7-------------------------------------------------------

I was so scared, I heard alot of awful things these mean girls did. I screamed as loud as I could for help, but no one came. I got dragged out by my hands while my feet dragged along the footpath. I kept kicking my legs to try to get away but that didn't work at all. I got chucked up onto the brick wall, I screamed for help.
"There is no point screaming for help. No one is going to come and help you!" mean girl 2 said.
BEEP BEEP! ~Phone message~
I heard my phone making a noise as I got a new text message, I hoped it was Nikki saying that she was okay and someone was going to come and help me. 

Nikki P.O.V

I got pushed up against the wall, my head hurt so much. I put my head where it hurt. I took my hand away to open the door so I could go to the nurse. There was blood all over my hand. I tried to help Rebecca but she was already got dragged out by the, I quickly ran to the school nurse to get my head sorted out. I regret not running to find her....

Rebecca P.O.V

I really wanted to check my phone to see if it was Nikki. Then I felt blood running down my arm. They must of cut me, I heard some boys running and screaming shouting my name. I heard someone say "Niall slow down, I can't keep up." I think that was Liam shouting to Niall. The 3 mean girls ran away as they heard people coming over in this direction. I saw this blonde haired boy coming over getting down on his knees, trying to talk to me. I didn't have a clue what he was saying then everything blanked out....



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