Niall's Princess <3 (ON HOLD)

Rebecca and her best friend,Nikki, are so excited to go to One Direction's Take Me Home Tour. It all starts when the boys gave them a lift home from the concert. Is it going to be Love.... or heart break?.....


6. Niall's Princess <3 Chapter 6


------------------------------------------------chapter 6--------------------------------------------

Niall text you back saying.... 
"Would you like to hang out some time just you and me?"
"yeah, sure :D" you replied.
"This Saturday at my flat?" Niall replied.
"Yeah that's fine." You replied. You screamed out loud and done your happy dance. Since you were so loud you woke up your brothers at 1 in the morning. You were so excited, you could hardly wait.
"Great, I can't wait" Niall replied.
"Same, oh forgot to say...Thanks for the ride home :D" You text him back.
" Don't worry, It's fine... And I'm glad I met you x" Niall text back.
" :D I got a go to bed now, got school in the morning Night x" you replied back.
You quickly got changed into your PJ'S, brushed your teeth and hopped into your bed. You were so tired that you fell asleep when you put your head onto your pillow.

~Next morning~
You couldn't wait till tomorrow as you were going to Niall's flat. You were so excited but then you found out that Nikki didn't get invited, you felt sorry that she was going to miss out on so much fun. So you kept quite that you got invited to go to Niall's so she wouldn't be upset.

Today was so boring in school, you wished you could of got off but your mum didn't let you. You were moving corridors to get your last class, you saw the means girls. You hoped you didn't bump into them as you don't want to know what would happen. You were walking past them but then Nikki nudged your elbow a wee bit and then you fell into them...
"Watch here your going! Eurghh!!" Number 2 girl said.
"Come on, let's bring her round the back of the school." Mean girl number 1 said. Oh No! You thought to your self. You tried to get away from them but you couldn't pull your arm away. Nikki tried to help you escape from them but Mean girl 3 pushed her into the wall that she hurt her head. She had to go to the school nurse. There was no one else to help you escape.......



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