Niall's Princess <3 (ON HOLD)

Rebecca and her best friend,Nikki, are so excited to go to One Direction's Take Me Home Tour. It all starts when the boys gave them a lift home from the concert. Is it going to be Love.... or heart break?.....


2. Niall's Princess <3 Chapter 2

These will get longer promise! 

----------------------------------------------chapter 2 ---------------------------------------------

You were so excited to go to the concert, but you were really worried if your mum will be able to go.

"Sorry girls, I think you'll have to get a taxi there, I'm not well enough to drive" Mum said. "

Awwwwww, Nikki can your dad to drive us there?" You asked.                                                                            

"Nope, he's working as well as mum" Nikki replied.                                                                                  

"Looks like it's the cab" you said scarily.                                                                                                             

"Indeed" Nikki said.

"Rebecca come and get the money for the taxi" mum yelled from the kitchen.                                                            

"Right Mum" you called "Coming now!"

"I just called the taxi and it will be here in a minute" mum explaining. " This money is onnnlllyy for the taxi to get here and back"                                                                                                                                  "Right mum!" I said annoying.


"Bye mum!" I yelled running out of the door with Nikki.



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