Niall's Princess <3 (ON HOLD)

Rebecca and her best friend,Nikki, are so excited to go to One Direction's Take Me Home Tour. It all starts when the boys gave them a lift home from the concert. Is it going to be Love.... or heart break?.....


15. Niall's Princess <3 Chapter 14 Shopping goes crazy and the truth has been told

Niall's Princess <3 ~Chapter 14~ Shopping goes crazy and the truth has been told~

Niall's POV

The car ride was all about what we were going to do for about the next 2-4 months. Going to the beach, swimming also going to see our parents again. Rebecca was going to come with us as well! And this was going to be the first time she will ever be in Ireland. I cannot wait.

"We're here!" Louis shouted so everyone could hear.

"I think we knew that Louis" Zayn muttered, but not loud enough that Louis could hear him. We got out of the car and walked into Nandos to get out breakfast. We sat in our usual corner which was away from all the fans and people so we wouldn't get handed paper and pens o write our signatures while we were trying to eat.

"Hi boys, usual?" Our waiter asked us.

"Yep!" I said while popping the 'P'

"And what would you like?" She aid while looking at Rebecca. She wrote down our orders and went to prepare the food.

"Have you ever had a Nandos before Rebecca?" Louis questioned.

"Nope" She said popping the 'P'. Everyone stopped what they were doing, their mouths were wide opened in a perfect 'O' shape. I think mine was the biggest. Our food came and we all tucked in. 

"This is amazing!" Rebecca was the first one to speak since we got our food. Everyone agreed and continued with their breakfast. I sat my knife and fork straight on my plate.

"Finished!" I said.

"Nialler beats us again" Louis said. I smiled and went a bit red. I waited for 5 minutes for everyone to finished eating. I went up to the till and payed for our breakfast then we left. 

"Niall, would you like me to leave you and Becks where ever you two are going" Louis suggested.

"Sure" I said and smiled. "Where would be the best place to go shopping Lou?" 

"Erm... The shopping centre? It shouldn't be busy as the shops have just opened" Louis replied.

"That should be fine" I replied. We got in to the car and Louis drove us to the closest shopping centre.

"I'll text ya when we are leaving" I said before closing the car door and saw Louis nodding his head before leaving.

"I'll let you pick what shops you want to go into first" I said "As I need some clothes as well".

"That's fine" Rebecca said. I smiled back.


We walked around a couple of shops, already having over 4 bags, which I carried for Rebecca. As I was being nice.

" I think I've got enough clothes for now.... How about your sho" Rebecca asked before she got interrupted.

"OH MY! YOUR NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!" A crazy fan said and pointed then all these girls started screaming and ran in our direction.

"RUN!" I softly shouted and grabbed Rebecca's hand and ran.

~In Starbucks~ 

"That was wild" Rebecca said.

"Well, that was a small group, wait till you see the bigger  crowds" I replied. her mouth made a perfect 'O' shape.

"There's bigger! Wow!" Rebecca said.

"Hmmh" I replied and took a sip of my hot drink.

"Do you want to go to your shops now, before the word gets round then have more girls chasing us" Rebecca asked while laughing.

"Sure" I said then we left Starbucks.

~Back at the apartment~

Rebecca's POV

"Hey guys! We're home!" Niall shouted so everyone knew we were home. We went into the living room were the other boys were.

"Who wants to play a game?" Zayn asked.

"Truth or Dare!" Louis shouted.

"That sounds good" Harry said. We got into a circle and sat on the ground.

"Who will go first?" I asked.

"Oldest to youngest?"

"First letter of name?" Where some ideas shouted round the room.

"Oldest to youngest?!" Liam asked, and everyone agreed.

"Truth or Dare Louis!" Zayn shouted.  

"Dare!" Louis replied. 

"I dare you too....." Zayn said and stopped to think. "Too.... take Niall's food away and eat it" Louis quickly grabbed Niall's food and ran while eating some. 

"Louis! You better give me my food back now! before it gets serious!" Niall shouted and ran after him. Zayn, Harry, Liam and a little bit of myself had a laughing fit at it. Louis came back in holding his arm.

"Dare done Malik, dear help you in advance " Then Niall came back in with a sad face, he walked over to Louis and hit his arm, then came back and sat back beside me. 

"Zayn, Truth or Dare?" Liam asked.

"Truth" Zayn replied.

"Do you fancy Perrie from Little mix?"

"Erm.. err...yes" Zayn muttered.

"We have to get you two set up!" Louis shouted.

"Liam, Truth or Dare?" Niall asked.

"Dare" Liam replied.

"I dare you to... eat this ice-cream with a spoon!"

"NOOOO!" Liam shouted.



"Yes do it or else you have to strip and run up and down the street saying you're batman."

"Eurgh! Give me the sp-sp-spoon" Then Liam took one spoonful of ice-cream and ate the ice-cream.


"Niall, Truth or Dare" Harry asked.

"Truth" Niall replied.

"Hmm...Do you fancy Rebecca?" Harry asked. As soon as Harry asked that question, Niall got up and ran out.

"Niall!" Liam shouted, I got up and ran to his room as I saw him in that direction. I knocked his door.

"GO AWAY!" Niall shouted.

"Niall, please let me in" I begged. I heard noises then he opened his door.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"To speak.... to you"

"Okay..." He muttered then opened the door wide enough for me to get in.

"What do you want to speak about" He asked and patted the bed for me to sit down beside him.

"Couple of things. One, why you crying? Two, don't listen to them. And three, tell me everything and I will listen!. He let out a loud sigh before speaking.

"Cause.....what Harry" He muttered. I leaned closer to him and gave him a big hug.

"I would of said the same thing if he asked me, If I fancied you" I whispered into his ear.

"Really?" He whispered back.

"Yep" I said and hugged him back. He began to smile and I smiled back to him.

"Rebecca, I've really liked you from the day I met you....erm... Will you be the honour to be called my girlfriend?" Niall asked me.

"Yes" I said happily and hugged him.

"Thank you" He said quietly and hugged me back.

"We better go downstairs and tell them the good news" I said.

(A/N) So they finally got together <3 It's Fr1Day! I would of updated sooner this week but was busy. I'm still off for Easter next week so hopefully another update then :D Sorry for my spelling as always. Till later <3 


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