Niall's Princess <3 (ON HOLD)

Rebecca and her best friend,Nikki, are so excited to go to One Direction's Take Me Home Tour. It all starts when the boys gave them a lift home from the concert. Is it going to be Love.... or heart break?.....


12. Niall's Princess <3 Chapter 12

~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 12 Let's Just Hope.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Then she hung up......

CRASH!! I slid my phone into my pocket.

"Shizzle, she must of heard me." I heard Niall swearing underneath his breath.

"She will NEVER hear the Swag Master Of Doncaster!" Louis said really loudly.

"Well....'She' did hear the 'Swagger Master Of Doncaster' for your account" I sneakily said. 

"Well... That was... HARRY!"

"Harry isn't even here..."

"Then he quickly ran down the stairs!"

"Boo Bear! Stop blaming me for something I clearly didn't do!" Harry shouted upstairs.

"HARLOD! You gave away my cover!"

"Rebecca clearly knew that was YOU!"


"I did" I butted in.

"Soo..... What did your mum say?..." Niall butted in to stop the boys from fighting. 

"Well, she is in America with my brothers as something is up with her sister..... She said I have to stay at one of my friends house....But I didn't get to say about you guys, so I guess I can stay with you all." I saw Niall smiling happily. 

"Imbetweeners dance let's go!" Louis shouted.

"He does that when he is happy...sorry" Niall whispered in my ear.

"I see.." I whispered back. We walked downstairs to say to Liam that I can stay.

"So, what did your mum exactly say?.." Liam asked.

"Well, she is in America with my brothers as something is up with her sister...She said I have to stay at one of my friends house...But I didn't get to say about you guys, so I guess I can stay with you all" I repeated myself in the extract words I said to Niall and Louis.

"Well, I guess your mum should be okay with you staying with us". 

"I hope so, she doesn't let me do anything really....." I mutted under my breath.

"What did you say?... couldn't make you out."

"Nothing." I smiled and walked into their living room to look at their DVD'S. Toy story, Toy story 2, Toy Story 3, I guessed them was Liam's. Notebook, some batman and other ones. 

"Hey becks, want to come to the cinema with us tonight?" Harry asked.

"Sure, what time?"

"Erm.. One sec, BOO BEAR! What time we going at?!"

"HAROLD! For the 10th time, 8:00" Louis shouted down the stairs.

"8:00 then"

"Sure, that's fine" I said then smiled. I put the DVD's back and went into my room to get my phone.

Niall's P.O.V.

Louis decided we should ears dropping and see if Rebecca can stay with us. I tripped over the washing basket and I guessed she heard us. She came out, I was a little bit scared in case she shouted at us for ears dropping. But she didn't mind, so I was okay. 

We went downstairs to tell Liam and he thought that Rebecca's mum should be okay with it. I went into the kitchen to get some Oreos as I was in a mood for some.

"Niall! No food before Dinner!" Zayn shouted at me.

"But I am hungry!" 

"You just ate less than 5 minutes ago"

"But I am still hungry!"

"No, tea will be ready less than 10 minutes. You can wait till then." 

"If I die from hunger, it will be your fault Bradford Bad Boy!" 

" I don't even say that any more". Zayn mutted under his breath. I couldn't help but laugh to myself, I am so funny. I walked into my room and put my IPhone on charge and I booted up my laptop to have a look on what's happpening on twitter. 

"Hi, Nialler.... erm, we are going to the cinema at 8:00... you coming?"

"Sure!" I said and smiled back. 

"NIALLLLL! Dinner is ready!" Zayn shouted to me. I ran down the stairs less than 10 seconds. All you heard was everyone laughing, then I went oure red an started laughing.

"You sure do like your food Niall" Rebecca said before giggling agian. Everyone agreed with her, which is normal when it comes to the love of food. I tucked into my food happily while the others were still giggling, then their giggling died down after a while.

"FIINNISHEEDD!! What's for dessert Zayn?" I asked. 

"There's icecream in the frezzer, if you must have dessert".

"Yes, I must have dessert...And you know that". I got a spoon from the cupboard and got out the ice-cream tub and brought it back to the table. 

"Hey Liam!"

"What Niall"

"Guess what!"


"SPOONS!" I teased and helt the spoon very close to his face.

"Sp-Sp-Sp-SPPOOONNS! AHHHH! Get it away from me Niall!" 

"Awww, Okay" I chuckled.

"That's not very nice Niall, you now don't deserve your ice-cream". Zayn teased me. 

"DONT YOU SAY THAT AGAIN!" I shouted and hugged the ice-cream tub.

"We will need to get ready to go to the cinema now...."Louis said wisely. We all set our plates in the dishwasher, except for me, I put the empty ice-cream tub into the bin, and we got ready.

~After a load of shouting and deciding later~ 

"Zayyn, you don't need to make your hair perfect. It's not like someone has night vision goggles to check everyones hair!" Louis shouted up the stairs to Zayn. Me and Rebecca laughed a little at Louis's joke. 

"Right! I'm coming!"

"You said that 10 minutes ago!"

"Yeah, but I'm coming now!"

"Hurry up!! or we are going to miss the best movie ever!"

"You don't know if it is going to be the best movie ever!"

"Every movie is the best! Now hurry up!" All you heard was Louis and Zayn shouting at each other for a while.

"Right guys, stop fighting and get into the car so we can go" Liam said. Louis and Harry ran to get to the car, followed by Liam, Zayn, me and Rebecca. Of course Harry sat with Louis, and Liam sat with Zayn. So Rebecca sat with me, Louis turned round and gave me a smirk. Great, the boys must be planning something.

"ermm, about that day we were meant to go somewhere... Erm.. How about tomorrow?...."



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