Niall's Princess <3 (ON HOLD)

Rebecca and her best friend,Nikki, are so excited to go to One Direction's Take Me Home Tour. It all starts when the boys gave them a lift home from the concert. Is it going to be Love.... or heart break?.....


11. Niall's Princess <3 Chapter 11

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 11~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nialls's P.O.V

We were waiting for Rebecca to finshen texing so we could talk for a while. We heard the door opening, it was a doctor. I hope she was going to say something least.

Rebecca was still texting, I was going to say there was a doctor but then she noticed. We were all waiting on the news.

"Good or bad news first?" the doctor said. 

"Bad." Rebecca said. Oh My G-- Will she ever hurry up and spit the news out. Taking forever!

"Well, you will have to stay with the boys till you recover." WAIT! Did she just say that? She has to stay with us?! This isn't bad news this is fantastic! 

"OI!" I heard Louis saying, this made me jump out of my day dream. 

"And, the good news is that you can come home today when you sign this". The doctor said before leaving the room. Thank Goodness! I hate seeing people that I like/love in hospital....Me and the boys started to do our happy dance, we were so excited. I walked over to Rebecca and hugged her. She hugged me back! Oh my, so happy! I handed her a bag with brand new clothes and she went to the bathroom to change.

She came back and everything fitted nicely on her body. It was perfect on her, Harry and Liam did a good job.

"Are we going to go now, or are you all going to stare?" Rebecca quiestioned us. She woke me up from day dreaming about her.

"Oh, sorry.... You're just so pretty in that outfift" Zayn quickly said before I was going to say anything stupid. We all walked out of the hospital and went to our hotel, where we were staying.

Rebecca's P.O.V 

I quickly went to the bathroom with the new clothes the boys got me, they are so kind. I put on a top which said 'Geek' on it, blue skinny jeans, white hightop converses and a jacket. The boys must of spent lots of money on me, I'll have to repay them sometime. I decided that I should probally go back to the boys as they are probally bored waiting on me. 

I skipped down the corrier as I was so excited to lave this hospitail. I totaly hate hospitails, they freck me out. I saw the boys waiting for me with all my bags. 

"Sorry that took me so long" I said. 

"You're not that long Rebecca, you're even faster than Zayn trying to fix his hair!" Louis joked. 

"Oi! I do not!" Zayn replied. Me and Niall couldn't stop laughing at Louis's joke. I'm really really really excited to stay with the boys for a while, with Louis's funny jokes, Liam being Daddy, Zayn with his hair and looking at himself in every reflection he can see. Harry and his cheecky side. Niall, do not get me started with him, he has always been my favourite cause I love boys with blue eyes, but his blue eyes are commpletly different, that I could stare into them all day if I could. SNAP OUT OF IT REBECCA! Stop day dreaming infront of the boys.

"Hello Rebecca.....You okay?" Zayn asked.

"Earth to Rebecca! Earth to Rebecca!" Louis shouted in my ear.

"WOOOO Sorry, that hurt Louis!" I moaned and give him a nudge with my elbow.

"It would be better to stop daydreaming then you wouldn't get hurt" Louis said smerking.

"Stop picking on her Louis!" Liam shouted.

"Hmmmhh, do what Daddy Directioner tells you Boo Bear" I said then winked at him then we went out of the hospitail to go to the boys hotel were they were staying. 

~At Hotel~ 

"WOW! This is massive!" I said when Liam opened the boys hotel room. I could see Niall trying to hold his laughter then he turne to the kitchen probally going to get food. Liam told me to follow him into the spare room, which will be my oom for a while. 

"Ermm.. would you like me to ring you mum saying that you will be staying with us for a while?..." Liam asked.

"I'll be okay doing it myself". I replied nicely as I could.

"You sure?"

"Yes I am sure".

"Okay then, I'll leave it you..."

I took out my phone and rang her. It rang about 5 times before she finally aswered it.

"Hello?.." My mum said.

"Hi mum"

"Rebecca, where are you! You've been gone for ages!"

"Remember I was in hospital..."

"Oh, yeah... erm have you got out yet?"

"Yes, but this is the reason....I'm ringing you." i nearly chocked on my words, my mum would never EVER let me stay with them.

"Well, you'll have to stay with one of your friends as I had to go to America, with your brothers as my sister ain't well. I have to go now, bye love." Then she hung up.



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