a capitol has been taken over by a alien life form who insert tags to people and show them horrific images to study different REACTIONS but when a boy comes back from the army he does not REACT to any of the images.

what will his punishment be and will he survive?...


2. chapter two - EVIDENCE

As we walked down the road towards Xavier’s house we realized that there were two cars at the end of the street stuck under a cargo train,

“Xavier, look isn’t that your mums car” I said as I began to identify the registration number on the back of the car

“Yes, but I am sure that she sold the car before I enlisted for the army because she wanted to make sure I could buy the right amount of equipment” Xavier replied

“Oh ok, if you’re sure” I said as we walked up the front lawn and into the house.


 I pulled back the blinds, the cars were still there, no one has noticed that there is a train on top of two cars right at the end of their street.

“Xavier, haven’t you noticed that no one has rung the police about the train outside” I questioned as I looked down the street.

“No Sam, I haven’t” Xavier replied getting to feet and walking over toward me and looking out of the window at the train, “Sam do you think that we should ring them”

“No, ring your mom first” I said handing Xavier my mobile

I watched Xavier as I pressed in the number 02563498748

“Hey, who is this” Xavier asked the man at the end of the phone

“It’s your father, X” the man replied, we knew all of a sudden that something was wrong because Xavier’s dad got killed when he joined the capitol council.

I snatched the phone out of X’s hands and put it to my ear, “hello”

“Hello Sam”

“Who is this really?” I demanded

“As I said, Xavier’s father”

“Well as far as we know, you are not X’s father because X’s father got killed five years ago, now bye” I hung the phone down before he had chance to reply.

The phone rang five minutes later,

“Hello” a woman said “my name is Linda, Linda carter; I am Sara’s assistant here at the council”

“Hi Linda”

“Could you come down to the council, like now?” the woman demanded and hung up on me.


“Come on X, were going to visit Sara” I said to X, not letting him know where we are going.




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