a capitol has been taken over by a alien life form who insert tags to people and show them horrific images to study different REACTIONS but when a boy comes back from the army he does not REACT to any of the images.

what will his punishment be and will he survive?...


1. chapter one - DIFFERENT



In war, truth is the first casualty.



This is a story of a boy and his friend who refused to REACT....


They pushed us of the jet one by one, we were no use to them anymore, and since we had been kicked out of the army they had chosen to send us home but little do they know I have no home.


Before I enlisted to join the army my parents had locked me in the cellar and would batter me if I spoke, I know that I can't return home and live them again. I don't know what I am gonna do, but I will live in a cardboard box on the streets until I find somewhere to stay. 

"Excuse me sir, can I have your arm please" a woman asked as i walked through security,

"Why" I asked

"We need to give you a numbing solution before injecting your tag into your neck"

“Okay then” I rolled up my sleeve not knowing what the hell the woman was talking about.

  She pushed the needle through my skin and what felt like a cartilage and pushed the solution out of the end

“Thank you sir, NEXT!!”

Xavier was not far behind me,

“What the hell was that about” he questioned

“I have no idea,” I replied

“Afternoon” said an officer as we walked out of the airport

“Could you tell us what this tagging systems for” Xavier asked

“I am very sorry sir but that is confidential information” the officer

“No I am sorry, we are having tags injected into us but we ain’t allowed to know why, that just wrong, that’s just fucking wrong”

“Excuse, would you like to repeat that” the officer questioned

“No I would not like to fucking repeat myself because you heard the bloody first time, you fucking disgust me you bloody imbecile” Xavier shouted at the officer

 “I sorry about this officer he was dropped at birth as you can tell” I butted in just to make sure that this didn’t get out of hand.


“Yes I can see that” he replied

Xavier went to hit the officer but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back

“Come on Xavier, your moms waiting”

We walked down the path in silence waiting till we were out of hearing distance from the officer,


“What the hell are you playing at, Xavier”

“I’m sorry if the officer did not annoy you and I did” he replied

I swung for him hitting him right in the nose,

“I’m sorry X; I don’t know what came upon me” I quickly said panicking; I have never in my life hit someone in this kind of situation.

“It’s ok Sam, I probably deserved that”

“No you didn’t, I don’t blame you for worrying about what’s going on with these tag things”

“Hey look, everything’s changed” he remarked, it toke me a while to realize what he meant;

The cars were flying,

Houses were made of metal and steel.

“What the hell has happened?” I asked

“I don’t know, but we need to get home” he said remembering that I couldn’t return home he added “come on you can stay with us”


We walked to Xavier’s house in deep discussion about different causes of the tags and the changes of our home city.









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