forever yours

a 16 year old girl and her best friend that she has known her hole life go through a big change will they stay friends or drift apart forever.


9. the next morning

emilys pov. 

i woke up the next morning to my alarm clock and looked at my phone it was already 5. i got up and went to take a shower i turned on pandora like i always do when i get in the shower a few minuets later i get out and go to my room and get dressed then i hear footsteps out side my room and i walk to my door to see who is out side the door or who is up as soon as i open the door i see zayn and i jump and start laughing " you scared the crap out of me ' i told him and walked back in my room to do my hair and he smiles and laughs too " sorry love didn't mean to scare you " he has this really big smile on his face as he sets on my bed and watches me do my hair " why are u up so early " "i was going to as you if you wanted a ride to school" he looks at me and smiles real big "sure if you don't mind " i look at him as i curl my hair he smiled and said "of course i don't mind love " i remembered last night and just smiled and finished my hair i finished my hair and was about to start on my hair when zayn stood up and walked over to me ans said " im so glad you mine and you look beautiful " he was smiling and gave me a kiss on the lips . i smiled tro the kiss and so did he i broke away from the kiss and got up and hugged him " im glad too " i look at him and he has a big smile and so do i he leans in and gives me another kiss and i broke away again and smiled " i have to finish getting ready " he smiled  " why? cant you just stay here with me today " "  i wish but cant have school" he lets go off my waist and i went back to finishing my make-up and grabed my bag and we left 

A/N hey sorry it was sort ill update more tomorrow after school 

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