forever yours

a 16 year old girl and her best friend that she has known her hole life go through a big change will they stay friends or drift apart forever.


3. the day before xfactor part two

hey sorry guys i havent had my computer and i was at my dads so didnt get to update but im going to mack up for in i hope you guys like it 


laims pov 

i was so mad this day was sopost to be fun because im leaving tomorrow but it just ended up making everyone fight "zake you can let me go now " i said in a calm voice but i wasnt calm at all my best friend had got punched in the face and i was so warryed. 

emilys pov

when  zake let laim go her ran up to me and hugged me tight he was kinda hurting me " laim you hurting me let go im fine " i said kinda mombling " oh sorry " he said laughing and let go of me i could tell he was still mad " laim im fine i mean my face hurts but im fine " i said laughing a little to try to get him in a happy mood it worked a little .

zakes pov 

i was really mad that drake would do that to emily. i was right with laim wanting to punch him in hes face. emily was like my best friend and i really liked her i wanna be more then friends thats why i got so mad. he should never have come over today it was going to be fun and we was here to hang out with our best friand who is leaving to go follow him dream tomarrow and i didnt want something like this to stop him " ill get you some ice " i said smiling at emily she just smiled back her smile was so cute.

emilys pov 

when zake went to get ice me and laim sat on the couch with callie and was taling about his big day tomorrow. " here you go"zake said  handing me my ice then pulled me off the couch and sat down in my spot " really zake " i said smaing and laughing at him " what i wanna set here and you was sitting here so i pulled you off but if you was you sit on my lap " he said siming and pulling me on him lap " fine " i said looking at him smiliing . he was so funny. we all sat like that for a long time it was around 9pm when we said are good byes to zake and callie.

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