forever yours

a 16 year old girl and her best friend that she has known her hole life go through a big change will they stay friends or drift apart forever.


2. the day before xfactor part one

liams pov 

   "emily come on get up is 10 in the morning " it was the day before i left to go on xfactor and i wanted to spend time with my best friend . i make coffee and go in to the living room and then i see emily wank down the stars. " good mornig sunshine" i say and she gives me this look like why would you wake me up at this time on a Saturday.

emilys pov 

   in wake up bc of liam yelling at me telling me to get up so i wake down stars and see him on couch " morning sunshin " liam says every morning when he is a good mood i gust was over to the couch and sett by him and put my feet on him . he just smiled and looked at me kinda happy but sad he always dose this when he has something to say but dont wanna say it , or needs advice about a girl he likes or wants to hang out " what is it " i say with a half smile " oh its nothing " " its obvious that you have something to say " i look at him then he looks at me and says " im going to xfactor tomorrow and i just wanna hang out with u "  i just sat there with a half smile bc my best friend  was leaving i didnt know for how long or if we would be able to talk. i was going to miss him so much he was like my brother what if he forgets about me or moves away ? thin i look at him and i realize im crying " emily whats wrong dont cry " he looks at me and wipes the tars away .

 it was 4pm and we was watching movies when we header a knock on the door so i got up to get it " hey guys " it was callie and destany and drake and zake " come on in ?" i was really confused i didnt ask callie or destany to come over i mean im happy to see them but was confused . i looked at laim he smiled " i asked them to come over and hang out with us " he said and looked at me with a smile because he knew i liked drake .i went and sat in between liam and drake and callie and destany sat in frount of us and we all watched the movies together. zake was all by himself so being a good friend i went over there and sat on his lap and made him laugh i kinda liked zake but i mostly tough of him as my best friend of my snuggle buddy because every time we hung out in a bifg group like this at the house i would always end up going and setting by him and we would either snuggle or id sit in his lap it was always funny but this time i think drake was getting mad or something but i didnt wanna be mean so i got up told zake to come and set over where we was and went and sat by drake and liam again and zake sat right in frount of me and let me play with his hair but i keep thinking about drake and wanting to set in him lap i liked him so much . but whatever i was tierd of trying to get him to notice me i was done so i started flerting with zake and liam but liam knew i was joking even callie was laughing at this point i was in liams lap zake was beside me and liam and callie was in zakes lap we were joking around i even was flerting with drake some and zake was flerting with me callie and dastany but then something really made me mad i look over and destany is all over drake kissing him and everything i try to make it seem like i didnt care but i could feel tears in my eyes i looked at callie and i ran upstairs to my room i didnt want anyone knowing i was crying i slamed my door every one knew i liked drake everyone liam looked at drake and destany and ran upstairs to cheek on me i hear a knock on the door " go away i dont wanna talk " i say crying so hard " emily please let me in ?" i hear liam say " nooo!" i screamed i was so mad and said and upset oh could this happen 

callies pov 

i looked at destany and screamed at her " how could you do thid to emily you knew she liked drake and you went behind her back and kissed him and in her on house if you was going to kiss him or whatever way did you have to do it here you such a bitch " i hear liam come down the stairs " is she ok " i asked " no she wont even let me in and really drake you knew she liked you i told you yesterday then you do this a destany she is you best friend why would you do something like this  to your best friend " liam say he looked so mad " wait drake you knew how she felt and you kissed her best friend what kinda persion would do something like that!' i said about ready to hite someone then i saw zake punch drake in the face and desany got up and slapped zake in the face then i screamed " ok stop what the crap is going on "  " me and drake are dating" destany said then was seeing if drake was ok 

liams pov 

" me and drake are dating " i heard destany say that just  set me off i waked over to  drake and punched him in the face and didnt stop i felt destany pulling on me but  i didnt stop i was so mad how could he do this to emily to me in fact he knew what id say .

emilys pov 

i heard  screaming and i ran down stairs abd saw laim and drake fighting and punching each outher " STOP" i yelled still crying i went and pulled liam off and drake swung his firt and punched me and zake held back liam and drake look ant me i was on the grown and he was shocked " iim so sorry i didnt mea" drake said but i cut him off " for one dont touch me or talk to me for to how dare you"  i said slapping him then went to destany and did the same thing " now get out " i yelled " but-" destany said zake was still holing liam back " GET OUT NOW " liam screamed and they both ran out . 

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