forever yours

a 16 year old girl and her best friend that she has known her hole life go through a big change will they stay friends or drift apart forever.


8. the date

emilys pov 

we where in the car talking about are day and everything and was singing to everything on the radio we stopped at the park and i saw a little blanket and a picnic basket "zayn what is all this " he looked at me and smiled and got out and went to my side and helped me out of the car "its are date " i smiled at him and we walked to the blanket and set down and he gets out the food and we talk and eat and laugh and joke around. we finally finished and zayn got up " come on lets go play " he smiled at me and winked "what do you mean lets go play " i was smiling and he had this weird look on his face and pick me up and started running " zayn ahhh but me down " i was laughing like crazy he smiled and said " fiine ill put you down " he smiled and put me down and pulled me in to a hug when we was done hugging me i pulled away and started running " he where are you going " he yelled casing me and laughing " you cant get me " i yelled back and when i said that i could hear him running faster " oh really " by now we were both laughing and running and i felt two strong arms around my wast and pick me up and spend  me around " i got you babe " i heard zayn say in my ear and i started to laugh and try to run away but couldn't because of his strange grip and he started laughing " wear do you think you going " 

zayns pov 

i caught up with emily and rapped  my arms around her wast and spun her around and whispered in her ear  " i got you babe " she started laughing and i put her down but didnt let go of her and started laughing she was trying to run away but couldn't and i laughed " where do you think your going " she laughed and turned arond to face me" well i guess no where cause u wont let me " she smiled and laughed she was so cute and funny i stared into her eyes and she stared into mine and i wanted to kiss her so bad but didn't know if i should then just did anyway i pulled her closer and leaned down to kiss her and priest my lips into hers .

emilys pov 

i turn around to face him " well i guess no where cause you wont let me and stared into his eyes and he was doing the same and then he leand down and kissed me i was so happy and kissed him back we kissed for what seemed liked for ever and he pulled way and smiled and i smiled back and my phone started ringing " are you gannna get that " he smiled at me and i smiled back and got my phone out of my pocket and it was liam 


hey where are yall at you have school tomorrow

ok we will be home in a few 

ok bye and be save ok

ok we will

alright ill see you when yall get here i love yu 

i love you see you later

i hong up the phon and looked at zayn and laughed " we have to go home liam said so " he smiled and laughed "he is such a partty popper " we both laughed and walked to the car hand and hand it was the best day of my life we got in the car and he looked at me and smiled " can i ask you something " ' of coures you can zayn you know you can ask me anything " i smiled at him and he smiled back " i was wandering if you know you wanted to be my girl friend " he smiled at me and grabbed my hand "i though you would never ask " i smiled and kissed him and he kissed back and when we pulled away he smiled and started the car and drove home .

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