forever yours

a 16 year old girl and her best friend that she has known her hole life go through a big change will they stay friends or drift apart forever.


4. im going to miss you

emilys pov 

i woke up made food for me and laim and went and woke him up " wake up sleepy head " i said hitting hime with a pillow like always laim graped his other pillow and hit he i started laughing " come on stop playing around we have to eat the i have to take to th air port " he finaly got up and went down stairs i was really sad that he was leaving me was going to miss him so much. 

laims pov 

we went in the kitten and ate eggs and baccon and pancakes with a shake emily never cookie like this unless it my birthday but hey i wasnt going to say anything about it. i was leaving todat and she was proble said and she judt lost her best friend i felt so bad we fished eating and we went to the car and i drove to the air port we were singing songs that we knew the hole way there.

emilys pov 

we got to the air port and i went and sat down then laim went to ask the lady when the plane was bording. i sat there ready to cry i didnt want laim to go i didnt want him to leave me what if her forgot about me or made a new best friend and didnt wanna be my bestie anymore laim came back and sat by me " its bording in 20 min " he said looking at me thrn i felt a tear come down my face i guess liam saw because her wiped it off my cheak " emily why are you crying its not like im leaving for ever ill be back "

" do you know you might fine someone to replace me " 

" emily you are being crazy i could never replace you with anyone "he looked at me and gave me a hug then we heard "plane 157 is now bording " he looked ant me and gave me a hug and i stated crying more "hey stop that ok ill be back and can always txt me and ill call you every night ok " he siad trying to cear me up " ok and i know but im just really going to miss you  like alot " i said giving him a hug and crying and laughing at the same time " i know ill miss you too " he said huging me tight " last call for flight 157 last call " we hard " well i have to go " he said giving me one more hug " i love you emily " he said waving good bye " i love you too liam good luck " i watched hime bord on the plane then i went out side and got in the car and drove home i was crying the hole way home when i got home i called zake and asked if he could  come over because i didnt wanna me alone .

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