forever yours

a 16 year old girl and her best friend that she has known her hole life go through a big change will they stay friends or drift apart forever.


5. coming back

hey guys im sorry i havent been updating ive been busy with school and fild trips and didnt have a way to get to a computer but i well make up for it promos well here is another chapter :) i hope you like it lovvvee youuu guyyys 


Emily pov 

i haven't really seen liam in a few weeks i mean i went to see his shows and meet the other 4 guys in his band there is zayn who is supper cute then there is Louis who is really funny and niall who is also supper cute and has really pretty blue eyes than there is harry who has curly hair. they where all really cool they named the band one direction and won 2nd place. 

ding dong ding dong

i walk over to the door and see laim and the whole one direction gang  . "hey guys " i huge them and they come in and set down on the couch.  zayn looked really cute today .

zayns pov 

we got to Emily and laims house and she opeand the door and she looked so cute today i couldn't stop smiling " so Emily are u still in school " i asked that to see how old she was because i dont really know much about her " yeahh its my seiner year and school starts back next year ''  "oh thats cool " i was trying to seem cool i was smiling and couldn't stop 

Emily pov 

i couldn't stop smiling and it looked he couldn't eather. " so liam where are yall going to be staying and recording untill your first tour ?" i asked hoping they would say they are staying here but i wasnt sure " oh im i now we are staying in this town but not sure were exactly " " why dont yall stay here i mean we only have 3 rooms but we can make it work untill yall get a bigger place and stuff and anyway i need some people to keep me company and help me with school work and help from some guys if i look good in my outfits "  everyone laugh even me 


a/n sorry it was sorta short hope you liked it 

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