forever yours

a 16 year old girl and her best friend that she has known her hole life go through a big change will they stay friends or drift apart forever.


6. back at school

emilys pov

(beep beep beep) i wake up to the sound of tmy alarm clock and looked at it and it was 5:00 " grr i hate waking up this early "

i get up and take a shower and then went back in my room to get dress " knock knock can i come in? " zayn said " umm hold on " i put my pjs back on " come in " zayn came in and sat on my bed me and zayn had got pretty close since they got here " good morning love is that what you wearing for your first day back at school " he was laughing witch made me laugh " no i havent got dressed i just got out of the shower and you knocked so i put my pjs back on " i said answering him i walked over to my closet to find something to wear " oh do you need my help on picking out something " he was saying and walked over beside me and was halping me look. " ummm i guess why not i mean your here so sure " he looked with me and picked out this really cute outfit and put it on my bed " what about this one " he looked at me and smiled " zayn this is perfect !" i looked at him and smiled and went and put it on in the bath room i came back in my room and saw zayn laying on my bed " how dose this look '' he sat up and he smiled " looks great " i smiled and went to my mirror and turned on my cerulean iron and started putting on my make-up "so why are you up so early " i looked at him as he was thinking " will you know i felt you needed help with your outfit and you needed someone to talk to so you wouldnt be bored da."  i looked at him and smiled " so what do you wanna talk about  " i was done with my make-up and started on my hair waiting for zayn to say something " well i dont know can i ask you something tho" he looked nerves " umm yeahh of course you can you know that" i was kinda nerves because i didnt know what to expect " umm i was just wanting to know if umm maybe after you know you get home if you wanna go out and get a bit to eat or something " when zayn got done my heart was racing did he just ask me out " umm like on a date or just 2 friends  hanging out " at this point i was almost done and had one peace of hair left and was smiling from head to toe " umm as a date " he looked so nerves " zayn i would love to gou on a date with you " i stud up and smiled at him and smiled i was done and was so happy. " so how do i look " i turned to zayn and smiled and turned around " you look amazing and do you need a ride to school and what time do you wanna go on the date" " umm i dont really need a ride but if you want you can talk me since you asked and it is my first day and umm i dont care i would like to change when i get home before we go tho " he smiled and hand me my  bag " well we can talk more about it when you get home from school and ill take you today and then you can drive tomorrow if you want " i smiled and went downstairs and out the door and in zayns car with zayn right behind me and he came to my side and opened the door for me he is so sweet.

zayns pov

i drove emily to school and when we got there we said are good byes " i can wait tell are date zayn" " me either " i smiled and waved bye and saw her run up to her friends . when i got home i when back to bed and woke up at 11:30 and went downstairs with the boys 


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