forever yours

a 16 year old girl and her best friend that she has known her hole life go through a big change will they stay friends or drift apart forever.


7. after school & getting ready for the date

 zayns pov

" hey zayn what time do you have to go get emily " liam asked will making him some tee "umm not sure she i s going to text me when school is over " just at that moment my phone beeped *new message* hey my schools over meet me in the back Xemily "hey ill be back emily just texted me she is out of school " i get my keys and get in the car and drive to the high school when i get  there i go   to the back like emily told me and see her talking to my friends i park were she can see me and i see her wave bye to her friends and run to the car " hey how was you day " i asked here as she was getting in the car " it was pretty good kinda boring " i smiled at her  " so we still on for on date tonight " " of course " she smiled and we drove home she turned you the radio and was singing alot with all the songs she knew 

emilys pov

we got home and i walked in the door and said hey to the boys and told them all about my day and then went upstairs to get ready for mine and zayns date i went in my room and did my hair and make-up over again then put a cute strapless dress on  it was blue and red and put on my slip-on shows and grabbed my phone and went down stair to she what the guys though zayn wasnt down there and they all told me he was getting ready so i sat by niall and liam until zayn down 5 mins later zayn walked down looking all nice with his black skinny jeans and a black shirt her looked so hot " hey love are you ready  " he was looking at me like he had never seen me in a dress but he had he had the biggest smile on his face " yeahh lets go " i smiled at him really big. " you look really pretty " he said smiling as we walked to the car " thanks and you look really cute yourself" my heart was racing every time he looked at me


A/N hey you guys i need some help i was wanting to give the rest of the guys girlfriends and was wanting to know if yall wanted to be in my story just comment you name what boy and a little about youself and i well udate more later love you guys and i need to some help on what to call yall any ideas comment :) hope you guys liked it  

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