Can you keep a Secret?

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2. The Preparation

Boys? What boys? I thought little and concluded that it was his flatmates, they'd be a bundle of fun by the sounds of things...
As I twirled my hair round my finger into ringlets,I thought carefully before answering:

"That's sweet but why, may I ask  why were you fussing over me? I'm nothing special Niall" 
All I heard was muffled talk and the phone obviously exchanging hands as a different voice answered the phone .

"Hello there, ally is it? 
"HARRY, HARRY! HARRY IS BACK GUUUYS!" The shrill voice screeched
"I know Louis, what?" Harry replied
"I'm Louis by the way! It's weird you didn't phone Niall back, he always gets the girls.!"
Louis finished as the phone exchanged hands again and this time I heard Niall's voice, he was actually quite sweet. Wait ally, Pull yourself together now, he probably is a jerk. You heard what that guy 'louis' said.

"I'm sorry about that Ally, Its not true I don't always get the girls. I mean its not like I want you, wait. No that sounded harsh sorry about that." He said beginning to ramble                  

Ellie wash miming what I'm supposed to say while frantically waving her arms around to signal my next sentence. I managed to get out a sentence of my own.
"Yeah, I will" I said
"You will what?" Niall said confused
"I will go on a date with you, pick me up at eight" I said quite confidently if i do say so myself
"Well, I originally thought I was supposed to ask first but okay, see you then!" He replied

After that I could feel Ellie's victory dance coming on, I couldn't help but feel happy myself, maybe this is what I need to get my life back on track. Who knows, we might go further. WOAH, HOLD ON.  I have nothing to wear. What if he stands me up? What if I'm late? Oh, it feels just like high school all over again. I hated high school.

I am nineteen and I'm acting like I'm fourteen again, over a date. Okay, one date with Niall can't be that bad. Actually no this is going to be awkward.

"Ellie! EEEELLLLIIEEEE! WHERE AARE YOUU?" I bellowed from my room
"Hey, I'm here but i have to uh- leave. Sorry but I really cant help you get ready this time. Bye! Good luck." She said

The door slammed shut. She was acting very suspicious, I pondered over it for a few minutes after she left, then realised that I need to get ready in 3 hours.

One hour for a shower and shave. Half an hour for my hair, half an hour for my clothing choice. One hour for my makeup and final touches. Sorted.

I turned on the shower, stripped and carefully placed my dressing gown on the door hanger. How i loved living alone sometimes, nobody banging on the door wanting the loo, not being told to hurry up. Although it means I cant look after my dad anymore... I stepped into the shower, the first droplets ran down my back. I used to sing in the shower, now? I guess I make life decisions in here. I let myself wonder into my own world of imagination. 

I´m really exited for the date tonight! But what is so special about me...
I mean he only met me once. As I  thought about tonight , I  cleaned myself with my favorite soap, it has a very sweet strawberry  scent. When I was done with washing my hair and body, I grabbed my fluffy brown towel and wrapped it around my dripping wet body. I don't want to have bad breath for tonight so I brush my teeth and start to suck on a mint. 

I feel fresh again. I wrapped the towel tight around my body and walked out of the bathroom. I walked in my room and opened my  closet to choose a nice outfit for tonight. I dropped the towel and slipped in my underwear, then I grabbed a few nice outfits out of my closet but I didn´t like either of them for tonight but when I put them back in the closet I found  a gorgeous pale, lacy dress that has a cute, gold belt that tightened at the waist.

 It was perfect for tonight. I had a pair of matching lacy brogues which I could wear tonight. I got dressed and started to blow dry my hair. What would be better, to curl my hair or to let it fall naturally?

 I´ll just curl it I guess. I grabbed my curling wand and let it heat up. While I let it heat, I started to do my make-up.

Blush, Mascara, Eye Shadow etc. I took a quick glance in the mirror and to be honest I´m happy with how I look so far.  I started to curl my hair, but not to much so it still looks natural. Wow getting ready really took me about 3 hours to get ready, Niall is going to be here any minute. I slipped into my brogues and put my phone and some money in my purse, just as I heard the doorbell ring. I walked over to the door and opened it with shaking hands. Why am I so exited, its only one date isn't it?


I hope you guys liked this chapter, Alyssa really helped me on this one guys, sorry it was short. The next one will be up soon. Do you think the date is going to go well? what do you think should happen? tell me in the comments


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