Can you keep a Secret?

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1. The Beginning

Authors note- 

Hello to anyone who might be nice enough to read this fanfic! This obviously is not a chapter but I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Bethany but I like to be called Bessie, this is my first fanfic, I'm 14, I live in the UK and I adore writing and love one direction. Everyone says you're not a true fan if you have favourites but I have a soft spot for Niall:) Also, if you use anything from my fanfic I'd like the credit and ask me first:)

Enjoy- Bethany


Chapter One- The Beginning

Ally's Pov:

"I can live on my own mum, I've lived here for ages now, yes I know mum. Okay bye, love you too" I said as I threw my phone at the wall

"hey, hey, hey now ally! You don't want to break another one" said a sweet voice from the door

I turned around to see Elle snickering at my angry fit. She shut the door, dropped her bags and casually strolled over to me. As she was peering at the current state of my apartment, I suddenly felt self-conscious and started to pick up the clothes off the floor.

"well, its been what? Two days since we tidied up. Oh well, this is just the OCD side of me speaking. How have you been Ally, after you know, what happened with your dad and how you found out and all." She rambled

I ignored the comment about the my dad and continued to pick up the dirty clothes lying on the floor. Truthfully, I remember it well.


The Music was pumping. You could actually see the chairs vibrating. I sat down at the bar and a devilishly cheeky smile glared back at me from behind the bar.

"h-h-hi, can I have a drink please, just water thank you" I said

"Sure thing sweetie, here take this vodka to your sexy friend over there" He retorted

I actually hate this club, I hate clubbing. As a matter of fact I hate socialising, people suck. Ellie came skipping over with a new lad who I'd never met before. She sat on his lap while he sat on a stool, I wonder how uncomfortable that would be. Their public displays of affection were certainly unappreciated by me, I left her drink on the bar and started walking towards the ladies room.

"Wow, you're B-E-A-UTIFUL. Want a go for a drink?" A raspy, yet sweet voice asked

I felt big yet gentle hands grasp my waist, I shrugged them off and continued walking.

"No, please leave me alo-" I said as I turned around

All I could think when I saw him was, wow. What gorgeous blue eyes and lovely fluffy blonde hair. He reached into my back pocket, at which I was shocked at only to pull out my mobile and type in his number. Once he had finished typing his number in, he returned my phone to its place with a wink.

"My names Niall by the way, Oh! And I'll be expecting a call tomorrow, stay sweet" He said as he exited the club smoothly.

"Jerk, touching my stuff- my pocket, ugh." I mumbled as a scrambled for my phone to see what he had typed.

*The Horanator (AKA Niall) : 07798779712*  

My ring tone blasted -Cause your hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no-, You got to love a bit of Katy P! I answered expecting it to be Niall...

"ALLY!! ALLY! ALLY! I'M SO SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. You're father h-he-he is in hospital, he fell down the stairs and was bleeding, his legs were all bent... I came to check on him like you said to and h-he was lying there and I couldn't do anything, I called an ambulance but they said he will be paralysed from the waist down..." Alyssa said sorrowfuly

*end of flashback* 


A single tear rolled down my face, after that I burst into tears... 

Ellie came and engulfed me into a warm hug. I could smell her miss Dior perfume, it was comforting, I felt safe and loved. She could read me like a book and when she finally released me she knew where to go in my fridge to find the chocolate, the she put forrest gump into the DVD player. 

"Run Forrest run!" Ellie mocked  

" I love you Jenny" I retorted  

" and I love bubba gump shrimp" she replied

Our southern accents really are terrible, I do love Ellie though. I do not know how I would survive without her! I walked off into the bedroom and took out my box of photos then brought them through to Ellie... 

"Why are you going to do this to yourself? You will only get upset, wait a while, wait and do this with your mum." She pleaded, I could hear the sincerity in her voice. 

"I need to do this, I need to start to rebuild my life!" I replied a little annoyed. 

" it's only been a few days since you heard the news for gods sake! Give yourself time! As much as I love you, I don't think you can do this " Ellie said sweetly 


I knew I couldn't but a little support wouldn't have killed her, I love her and all but I, I just. Well I don't know what I thought, I needed comforting and when I'm like this I'm one heck of a big problem for people. My ringtone blasted underneath me,I forgot I must have been sitting on my phone. -cause you're hot then you're cold, you're in then you're out, you're up the you're d-

It was niall? Wait, I hadn't seen him since the day my dad had his accident. I dropped my phone frozen... 

Ellie picked it up and answered it: 

"We'll hello, this is Ellie and the person you are trying to reach is frozen with fear right now. Would you like to leave a message or just talk through me?" She cockily answered 

As far as I could hear, his deep Irish accent was still the same. My heart beating faster than ever before, I snatched the phone and started to talk. I soon realised I'd interrupted him mid sentence. 

"Speak to all-" is all I could hear him say  

" hello there, you're talking to ally!" I chirped 

" hey, I thought you were going to call me? I waited for a few days then gave up, I drove the boys mad, and then I lost your number. As you can tell I found it though and I called you" Niall whimpered

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