Voldemort's Granddaughter

Tegan was a rebel, a foster kid, kicked from home to home because of 'accidents' that kept occurring. Then in a shock revelation on a school exchange to Hogwarts, when an innocent prank goes wrong, Tegan is identified as a witch. Surprised, and relieved, Tegan begins to finally fit in. But the question still hangs, why didn't Tegan receive a letter? Was she just 'overlooked'? Or is there a much more severe reason for blocking her from her world?


19. Stupefy, FYI

I was never noted for my timing skills. I was born two weeks after my due date, apparently creating a great fuss in the hospital, according to my social worker. She said it was true Tegan style, 'making life difficult for everyone'. I always thought it was more of the fact that even foetus Tegan wasn't going to be told what to do, kept everyone guessing, kept everyone on their toes. I could just imagine being inside my mother, hearing the news that I wasn't going to be born on a certain date, and deciding that I was having none of it. I also thought that maybe my mother could sense that, and that's why she bailed on me.

At school, every essay, homework assignment and project was late. My teachers would say that I didn't try because I had low concentration levels and I was, in short, thick. What they didn't know was I did every essay, every project, every homework assignment, with extra information, references and links. I would just leave them on my study desk at home every morning before school, printed, pressed and ready to grade. Why didn't I hand them up? Because I was a disappointment in everybody's eyes, a waste of space that was broken and didn't have a chance in life anyway. And when ever they yelled at me for being a useless student who thought I was too cool for everything, I felt that little bit of hope inside me, that one day I would prove them all wrong. One day, I would be presented with an opportunity to define who I was, what I would be.

I knew, when I arrived to the tower that night, that I had missed that chance.

We watched him fall, his white beard tumbling down after him. A tall, slender man in a black cloak stood in the centre of the tower, wand outstretched. I could still feel the green light in front of my eyes.

Everything happened in slow motion then. Daphne and Draco were staring in horror at the sight, like a scene frozen in time. The man turned, and recognition hit me. It was him, the slimy looking teacher with the greasy hair who greeted Draymount that first day. Snape.

And then he was gone. I felt movement beside me, and looked just to see Harry's face. It was contorted with that kind of rage that wasn't just anger, a rage that stemmed from love and hurt. Harry Potter had lost more than any of us that night.


But he was gone. Chasing the man who took everything from him. The tower was silent, the soft hooting of owls the only sound to be heard. For a moment, the world was silent. What a thunderous silence it was.


It was the day of the funeral. Draco told me about the plans, that his job from the start was to take down Dumbledore. He also said it he couldn't do, not when it came to it. We didn't speak after that, I told him I needed my space. Harry was also distant, pulling more and more away. I really wanted to help, as much as we were unalike, he was a friend. Daphne was a mess, blaming herself for everything, crying all the time. She even said that Dumbledore had been the grandfather she needed, she just hadn't seen it.

We hadn't heard anything about Voldemort since. But we knew it wasn't over. It was only the start.

The funeral was short and sweet and meant absolutely nothing to me. I watched Harry holding the hand of a red-haired girl, his face expressionless. I looked up at Draco, his eyes were on me. We both didn't say anything or make any motion. There wasn't anything left to say.

After the funeral I returned to the Slytherin common room with Daphne. She was a wreck, tears streaming down her face. I envied her ability to feel. I switched off. Shut down. Better to feel nothing than everything, right?

"Tegan, Daphne, Professor McGonagal wants to see you outside"

I turned to face Draco, but he was already heading up the stairs to his tower. I guess he was starting to get the message.

It was the female teacher with the stern eyes, the one who brought me to Dumbledore's office on my first day. It seemed like decades ago. She didn't smile or try and make any cheery half-hearted attempt at making us feel like everything was okay. She just nodded wearily. We followed her down the corridor, past portraits and paintings on the wall. No one was weeping or wailing with sadness, no one shed a tear. There just echoing silence around the school. Like Hogwarts hadn't accepted it. I started to recognise where we were going, and soon we came to the gargoyle. She handed me a thick brown envelope with a regal looking red wax seal. It had the Hogwarts emblem on it, as Daphne had told me after, so she knew we were dealing with something important.

"Dumbledore placed this in my care a number of days ago. Probably best to open it in his study, you will have some privacy. The password is..."

"Lemon Sherbet" I said, remembering the odd phrase from my first visit. It twisted abruptly, and then we were there.

I could describe the wondrous magic of the study, the way the light shimmered through the window, sending strobes of light across the room. The mass of thick, leather-bound books stacked high to the top of the ceiling. The fact that it still felt like a wise presence was among us, knowing things that hadn't even occurred yet. But it was all pointless at the time. In fact, I remember thinking that it should just be burned to the ground. Every last page of book destroyed, every beam of light diminished. It would reflect what we were all feeling.

"This is beautiful" Daphne breathed, unable to mask her awe.

"Have you ever been called here?"

She shrugged.

"I never got in trouble"

I raised my eyebrows.

"How are we even related?"

"Rephrase, I never got caught"

We stood in silence for a moment. There's only so long you can pretend, I guess.

"Do you want to open the letter?"

I looked at her. She didn't want to, she was already at her limit. I looked at the front of the envelope, and there in black, curly italics:

His Descendants

I nearly cut my finger in my haste to open the seal. I folded out the letter.

Dear Ms. Asher and Ms. Greengrass,

I must apologise for the confusion you must be experiencing at this time. I'm afraid I cannot explain everything that needs to be explained, and I regret to say I will have to leave you nearly as muddled as you were when you first opened this letter. The one thing I ask, and I do ask it for my own well-being as well as yours, is that you do exactly as I say. You are going to think it incredibly unfair to ask you to do what am about to ask you. But then, you both have already been through so much, that I feel I may be underestimating your durability. I will tell you what I can.

Ms. Greengrass, your father is currently residing in St. Mungo's Hospital, admitted after the death of your mother. You were such a young age, your grandfather gave you to his trusty companion, Bellatrix Lestrange. And there you were raised in among the Malfoys, like a second family. Your problem, much like young Draco, was that you were told who you were from a very young age. And for that, I am sorry. Unfortunately, I could not intervene until you were 11 when you received your Hogwarts letter. But by then it was too late, your upbringing had defined you.

Ms. Asher, your situation was slightly different and I beg you to approach what I say next with caution and bravery. Your mother was against your grandfather. She educated herself about the happenings of the Wizarding World during her time at Hogwarts, and eventually came to the conclusion that what she was raised to believe in was wrong. She had a best friend, you see, who was a muggle born. Her name was Lily. When the two left Hogwarts, they joined the Order of the Phoenix. You must understand Tegan, she could not have helped what had happened at the Potters. Harry's parents were being hunted by Voldemort that night, for reasons I'm afraid I cannot divulge. There was one person chosen to keep the secret of their location. That person was your mother. Although every action was taken to guard Oribelle, Voldemort still found her, using every torture spell he knew to retrieve that information. But she wouldn't tell. He gave her two options. Join them, or meet her faith like any of us would have. She said she would rather die than support him. My guess is that Voldemort felt something, something much like poison to a man like that. I think, Voldemort hesitated. And then he knew his worst mistake had been made. He had formed attachments, a weakness in his eyes. He could not kill her, but did not want her alive. So he put a spell so powerful on her that she simply never woke up. A permanent coma, you may say. I believe Oribelle is in care at St. Mungo's. I am sorry, Tegan, but there is nothing for you there. She is not your mother anymore.

So you were given to a foster home. The rest would be ignorant for me to tell you, because no one knows it better than you. You two needed to know the truth about your parentage before I get to this next part.

I wonder, Ms. Asher, do you recall a conversation with my trusty friend Hagrid? I believe he described the way in which we keep the secret of the Wizarding world when dealing with muggles such as Draymount school. A spell, projected out to a great number of people. And leaving this world, I am able to say that you two are the only living souls that will know the full extent of its power. For I am ashamed to say, this was invented in one my darkest times. You will use this, and then it will vanish. It is the only way.

What do you use it for, you may ask? Let me enlighten you. You will never be safe, never be able to lead normal lives, never be able to define yourselves, being Voldemort's granddaughters. Family is something that Voldemort cannot understand, it is a nuisance, a mistake that never should have happened. Or worse, a disadvantage. Use the spell. In using this, you can make it like Voldemort never met your grandmother, never had Oribelle or Calysta, never had you. Of course, this will not change what actually happened. But it will change what everyone thinks happened. Not you, you will know the truth. Those who have or will have sometime in the future, a specifically strong connection to you, will also know the truth. I hope you do not find this offensive, but it seems you never made any of these connections, Tegan. Well, this is the time that comes in handy. Only Voldemort will understand the truth, because he is bound by blood to you.

But he will not come after you. Why? Because this is a blessing in disguise for him. You have both proven that you cannot be manipulated by him. Therefore, you are worthless. He will leave everything as the spell will entail. That, I can promise you.

So here it is. Daphne, all I ask of you is that you stick by Ms. Asher. No one but I knows that you are his granddaughter, from our side at least. There is no need for you to use the spell. You must move on with your life, find peace and happiness in your loved ones, surround yourself with those you trust. I wish you the best in everything you do, and applaud your bravery thus far.

Tegan. Tegan Asher. The girl who nearly blew up Hogwarts on her first day. I am saddened to have to say goodbye to her. But I must, you see, because she has too many ties with the outer world. You must use the spell to rewrite a past for yourself, hence allowing yourself to define your own future. I do not need to go into detail on the instructions, you will understand when the time is right. Just bury your head underneath the waters of my pensieve, and the rest will come naturally. I must not divulge too much, in case this enters the wrong hands.

And lastly, before I go, I want you to know something. Those 'occurrences', the mishaps that happened when you got angry or agitated? Your teacher, Daphne, the one who crashed her car? Your foster mother, Tegan, who dropped dead on the floor? These were not your doing. These were intentional deaths caused by Voldemort, not either of you. They were designed to never offer you a loving family, always isolate you. They were never, ever your fault. I hope you understand this, accept it and move forward.

I have every faith in you. Remember, even in the darkest of times, you have a home in Hogwarts. And Hogwarts was not, is not and never will be limited to the walls of this castle.

Yours, most sincerely,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

I stared at the letter. I just stared and stared and stared. I should have been pounding my fists against the wall, howling at the unfairness at what Dumbledore had asked me to do. The trust was, I wasn't Tegan Asher anymore.

Daphne nodded towards what I figured was the 'pensieve'. It was now or never. It was like a gothic bird-bath, with the most unattractive substance I had ever seen residing in it, a rustic red-brick. The idiot in me didn't want to dip my hair in it. I plunged my head into, before I could think anymore. I felt the rush of the water circle around, my skin tingled. I gasped for air. And then I saw it. Me, a baby, being found in a broken down car. Being brought to a orphanage. Riding my first bike. Going to my first party. All the memories flashed by like a mixed-up short film. And then I saw a white space open in the distance, coming closer with each second. It stopped, waiting, waiting for me. It was allowing me to rewrite my past. I thought, what did I really want? And then it all seemed so clear. I wanted what I never had. A family. But maybe families weren't just cookie-making, show tune-humming mothers and newspaper-reading barrel-laughed fathers? I knew what I wanted. I wanted a family that I maybe already had. Not some perfect TV family. Something else.


A/N: Hello! I was very busy with exams this week, so being the diligent student I am I knuckled down (I went on tumblr and said I was 'studying') :) But I'm writing again, the story isn't finished yet :) I hope you all like the chapter :)

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