Voldemort's Granddaughter

Tegan was a rebel, a foster kid, kicked from home to home because of 'accidents' that kept occurring. Then in a shock revelation on a school exchange to Hogwarts, when an innocent prank goes wrong, Tegan is identified as a witch. Surprised, and relieved, Tegan begins to finally fit in. But the question still hangs, why didn't Tegan receive a letter? Was she just 'overlooked'? Or is there a much more severe reason for blocking her from her world?


17. Petrificus Totalus, thanks...

I pulled the cloak's hood further over my head and kept my eyes to the ground. I felt Draco's presence behind me. I was annoyed with myself that this comforted me in some small way.

There was about twelve of us, all in the same black cloaks and dragon tattoos on our arms. Excuse me, snake, as Draco put it. Why couldn't their club mascot be a bunny or something... fluffier?

I shook myself. I couldn't think like this, not now. I had to remain calm, and do my duty. At least, that was what Voldemort, the single most amazing person to have ever graced our presence, had said. Stop it, Tegan! I had to have respect for him, worship him like a God. Except, I found that really hard considering he didn't even have a nose...

"I hope you've changed your tune, girlie"

It was that irritating black-haired woman who looked like she had been electrocuted one too many times.

"Oh, I'm on a completely different jukebox"

She growled and flicked her hair back. I looked over at Daphne, my supposed cousin. She looked contemplating, her eyebrows furrowed in thought. I wondered if she was rethinking what we were doing here. 

"Tegan, you don't have to do this"

Draco, again. He had been constantly trying to talk me out of what I was going to do for the last hour.

"Draco, I thought you hated Harry?"

"I do. But I don't hate you. And I think you're going to destroy more lives than one tonight by going through with this"
"Mine?" I guessed.

"And therefore, mine"

I spun around sharply, my eyes wide. But he had fallen back among the group, back to Daphne. I faced forward and kept walking. Draco didn't understand. I was bound by my genes, my DNA, my whole being to do this. I had asked for a family, and this was what I got. This was who I was.

"You are making history, Tegan. You belong here"

I couldn't bring myself to look at the face that owned the chilling voice. He was beside me. My beloved grandfather, Voldemort.

"Just tell me the plan"

He chuckled lightly.

"It's simple, only a fool like Draco could mess it up. But you're much smarter than him, so you will succeed"

I didn't say anything so he pressed on.

"The plan is that you, Daphne and Draco will head back to Hogwarts. We can't enter the Hogwarts grounds, it's protected by a shield of magic. So it's in your hands. Find Harry and end his life. I'm sure you can be very persuasive if you want to be"

I hated the mocking tone of his voice. I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

We approached the building, the one place I had found happiness, even if for less than a month.

"Okay children, it is time. Draco, Daphne, you know what you must do. Tegan, I trust you to do what is expected"

He stepped back. It was our turn now.

Alone, the three of us made our way towards the castle. It was dark, and from what I could tell, all the students were in the great hall having dinner. The place was silent. 

"We must go to the Astronomy Tower. Go find Harry and meet us here when you're done."
"What are you doing in the Astronomy Tower?"

They looked at each other.

"Two people will be eliminated tonight. Just finish Harry, okay?" Daphne looked almost hesitant to let me go. She really had taken the role of big sister under her wing, although I was only her cousin and Draco wasn't even related to her. She quickly reached forward and pulled me into a hug.

And then they were gone.

Students started spilling out of the hall into the corridors. I tried to find Harry in among the crowd, but all I could see was a sea of black cloaks. Then I saw the flaming red of hair of that boy he was usually with. I pushed through the crowd with great effort, and there he was.

"Tegan, are you alright? You took off in quite a hurry at the Quidditch match" Harry looked concerned. I tried not to feel anything. I could kill this unassuming, perfectly innocent boy with his whole life ahead of him. I could do it.

"Yeah I'm fine, I was just feeling a little unwell"

The bushy-haired girl scowled at me. Unfortunately I didn't feel like making amends at this moment in time, and oddly my conscience wouldn't allow it, knowing I was going to murder her best friend.

"Harry, can I talk to you for a minute?" I flashed my most winning smile. His geeky surprised expression made me stomach queasy. I needed to do this fast. "Maybe we could go for a walk around the grounds?"

"It's late, you won't be allowed" The girl narrowed her eyes at me. I took Harry's hand in mine and led him away. We walked out the main door and out onto the courtyard. We walked in silence until we got to the Owlery. I looked over at him.

"Tegan, I think I need to explain something..." His voice was shaking and I could see he was uncomfortable. "You see, there's this girl...and she's maybe a little bit off limits, due to my closeness with her family...and although I like you..."

He stopped short, like he was just realising something.

"There's so much that is happening to me, to the people I love. Bad things" He looked up at me. "And I think sometimes I choose people who won't get hurt, it makes things easier. But ultimately...it will all lead to her"

I felt tears prick in my eyes. He looked like he wanted to die, thinking his announcement of his feelings had brought me to tears. I realised, I was taking away his dreams, memories, feelings, love. For what? A man I despised, an ideal I didn't understand. And why? Because he was my god damn family.

"What is family?" I asked to no one particular, yet to everyone in my entire life. "Cookies in the oven and newspapers on the table and board games on a Friday night? I used to think so. I wanted that, spending all my life wondering why I didn't have it. But it's me, that's why I don't have that. I caused an innocent boy to nearly fall to his death. I made a four-post bed frame crash down on a teenage girl. I killed the only woman who ever showed any love for me, my foster mother. I destroy anything good that comes near me. I'm evil"

Harry backed away slightly, his eyes wide with terror.

"I have to kill you Harry, I have to end your life. Because this is who I am. A cold-blooded murderer. I'm Voldemort's granddaughter."

His face fell with realisation. Why I had brought him here, what this was all about. And then something I never have expected came out of his mouth.

"Go on then. Kill me"

I raised my eyebrows at him. Part of me, the old Tegan, wanted to laugh and make a fake gun motion. But I was shocked. Did he not take me seriously?
"You don't think I'll do it?"

He shrugged.

"I know you won't"

I became defensive.
"Oh yeah, and why not?"

"Firstly, how do you plan on killing me?"

I stopped short. I spent hours debating with my conscience about the act I was about to carry out, and yet ultimately had no idea how to do it. I was given no gun, no knife, not anything remotely capable of being used as a weapon of murder. 

"A wand, maybe?" Harry said almost mockingly.

"No" I said in a small voice. How had this gone so terribly wrong? Why did Voldemort stress so intensely that I had to get rid of Harry, yet hadn't given me something as simple as a wand? And then it struck me. What had been there all along, but I was too busy wallowing in my own sombre depression to see it.

"He never wanted you to kill me"

My eyes darted to Hogwarts.

"He wanted you out of Hogwarts"

His eyes narrowed.

"What do you mean?"

"Come on. We need to go to the Astronomy Tower. I think something much worse is going to happen"

"Worse than me dying?"

I looked at him.

"I was never going to kill you, you knew that"

"I wasn't too sure. I mean, you're Voldemort's granddaughter"

"Not tonight. Tonight, I'm just Tegan Asher"


A/N: Hello! I know this one was quite short, but big chapters are coming up next. Let me know what you think in the comments, and thank you so much for all the lovely likes and favourites :)


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