Voldemort's Granddaughter

Tegan was a rebel, a foster kid, kicked from home to home because of 'accidents' that kept occurring. Then in a shock revelation on a school exchange to Hogwarts, when an innocent prank goes wrong, Tegan is identified as a witch. Surprised, and relieved, Tegan begins to finally fit in. But the question still hangs, why didn't Tegan receive a letter? Was she just 'overlooked'? Or is there a much more severe reason for blocking her from her world?


13. Engorgio, LOL...

"I just wish that everyone would forget it" I said, sighing into my mug of tea. Hagrid chuckled knowingly.
"Oh they will, sooner than ya think"
"What do you mean?"
Hagrid shoved another rock cake my way, which I pushed back with a smile.
"Did ya think Dumbledore would let muggles outta here knowing what we can do? Ya must be bloody barkin'!" Hagrid grinned, beaming at his hero's cleverness. "Ya see, the Ministry would never have allowed the visit to happen unless Dumbledore had some sorta way of wipin' all the muggles' memories clean. They said he wouldn' be able to do it, but he did! He used the ol' Obliviate spell and a False Memory charm. A genius, that Dumbledore!"
"Genius" I mumbled, wondering what the giant was harping on about.
"Ya see, by mixing the two, the Draymount kids never were here. They think they've been at an amusement park for the last week!"
"But then why bother with the exchange if they don't even remember it?"
Hagrid looked surprised, and chuckled.
"It's for Hogwarts benefit! Especially for those taking Muggle Studies"
"How does the spell work? Surely you can't cast a spell on every student?"
"Oh, that's the best part! Dumbledore found a way to project the spell out to a number of people. Well, that's what 'e says anyway!"
"So all of Draymount will suddenly find themselves wondering how they got from the Sky Rider roller coaster to a dimly-lit hall in a castle?"
"Lessa that cheek, yun lady. 'O course Dumbledore will have 'em all gone by port key to the place he wants 'em 'for he casts the spell. And it's all very complicated so I wouldn' go messin' in it!"
"So, I'm guessing I won't be allowed use this for my personal affairs then?"
Hagrid guffawed at the idea. I mumbled how unfair it was.
"Stickin' a pole up a Cornish pixie's noggin is unfair, you don't see me complainin' bout it!"
"You just did" I said flatly.
"Oh we've got a Nicholas Flamel on the rise here, have we? Get outta here 'for I give you a pigs tail!"
I swaggered to the door, making sure to leave a gust of wind come through upon opening it.
"Ya rotten little...!"
But I didn't hear what compliment Hagrid had issued on me because I was already laughing my way down to the castle. I stuck my hands deep into my duffle coat pocket and sighed. Kids were playing with colored marbles, knocking them up against each other and squealing with delight. I dismissed their idea of fun immediately. But seeing friends, joking with each other, laughing at each other. It's what me, Zo and Josh had always had.
Then I realized. If their memories would be wiped and replaced with other memories, what would they remember of me? The thought of Zoe not knowing where I was or how I left made me grow even colder inside.
Before I could ponder it any further, a ball came rushing towards me, narrowly missing my head. I felt the singe of where the ball brushed my hairs.
"What do you think you're playing at, mate?" I yelled.
A boy of about medium height landed neatly on the ground in front of me, perched on a long, slender broomstick.
He had shaggy black hair and round glasses, which surprisingly he pulled off in a geeky sort of way.
"Sorry, that doesn't usually happen. I normally get to it first"
"Yeah well, tell that to my neck. You nearly severed off it's upstairs flat mate, my head"
He gulped, and looked back towards where he had come from for help.
He mumbled something about being 'awfully sorry' and 'not my fault'.
"It's not your fault you aimed a ball at my head?
A look of realization crossed over his face.
"You're the new witch, from that muggle school. I was meant to be your Hogwarts partner, before you were transferred"
"Henry Crafter!"
"Harry Potter"
"Close enough"
We both stood in silence, him not knowing where to go with the conversation and me not interested enough to help him out.
"So, have you been sorted yet?"
"Slytherin all the way" I said sarcastically, making a pointed dig at how lame of a question it was.
His face fell into a disgruntled expression.
"Oh... People were saying you would be"
I raised my eyebrows.
The boy seemed thrown off by this turn of conversation.
"Well, it's just...we all saw what happened in the Great Hall...with the snake...and the kids...I'm not saying you're bad or anything..."
"Bad?" I smirked. "Slytherins are 'bad'?"
He shrugged.
"Some say the house doesn't contain the nicest people"
"So all the 'good' people are sorted in one group and all the 'bad' in another? That's ridiculous"
He looked like he thought a lot worse about Slytherins but decided to keep his mouth shut. Smart boy.
"People get sorted by their personalities, correct?"
"Yeah, traits and qualities"
"So, what? All the people with the worst traits go to the house of Doom... Slytherin?"
I mwahahahahed villain-style, making the awkward boy laugh.
"We Gryffindors don't have the greatest history with Slytherins"
I nodded.
"Seems an awful lot like all that blood nonsense they talk about, pure, half and mucky or whatever..."
This theory seemed to shock the boy.
"I... I never thought about it that way"
"Maybe you should"
A smile crossed his face. Somehow, that made me feel...nice. His smile was endearing, oddly.
"Well, I suppose I'll be seeing you at the Quidditch match tomorrow. Gryffindor and Slytherin?"
"Right. The game with the brooms and balls. I guess if I have nothing better to do" I let my voice trail off when I saw a girl with bushy brown hair approach Harry.

"Harry, did you see my camera?" She seemed in a panic, her voice high-pitched and her breathes short.

"Camera? I didn't know you were interested in photography, Hermione"
She scowled.

"Colin Creevy got picked by the Daily Prophet for an internship. I was going to have him cover the SPEW conference I'm holding during the Quidditch match intermission! Now I have to take over the photography, and I already have enough to do with speaking and advertising and promoting and..."

"Slow down, Hermione!"

I coughed. They both looked at her, a look of realisation crossing Hermione's face. It instantly grew stony.

"The girl who destroyed the Great Hall" She folded her arms.

"The biotch who trashed me in the paper"

Harry held up his hands.

"Hey, hey, come on. Hermione, what's your problem with Tegan?"

Her body language stiffened. Something told me that Harry was usually on her side.

"I don't have a problem, Harry. Just tell your girlfriend to stop terrorising students"

Harry blushed at the statement. I rolled my eyes.

"Look, Lady. I don't know you, you don't know me. I did what I did to teach the Draymount kids a thing or two"

"And you scared half of Hogwarts to death in doing so! Not to mention bringing back bad memories for Harry. People started talking again, just when things were settling down! Dumbledore would have handled it"

"What has Harry got to do with?"

Hermione let out a frustrated sigh.

"Just keep your wand in your pocket and your mouth shut. People like you are no asset to this school, and I don't understand why Dumbledore is so adamant that you settle here"

"I'm a witch, aren't I? Just as much right to be here as you have"

"I'll tell you, I didn't waltz into the Great Hall on my first day, acting like I owned the place. And I certainly didn't make a mockery of the establishment I was lucky to be accepted into"

"Lucky? Doesn't every magical person in Britain go here?"

She pursed her lips and turned to Harry quickly.

"Harry, I'll see you before the match. Tell Ron to come to the Great Hall before breakfast tomorrow to organise the conference"

And with that, she stormed back towards the school.

"I'm sorry. She can get quite passionate"

This annoyed me.

"Passionate? More like demented"

"That's not funny" He said, an odd look passing over his face.

I decided that my departure was well overdue. It was getting late, and between the fuss over the Great Hall incident, the sight of the boy falling from the tower, my unending string of people that didn't seem to like me, and the feeling that something wasn't right with me, I was exhausted.

"I'm gonna go"


I looked at him. He sighed.

"You should come" He smiled awkwardly at the ground. "To the match, I mean."


He smiled, and left.

Before I knew it I was back in the Slytherin dungeon. I uttered the password and entered the chamber, ignoring a couple of jeers and laughs about the Great Hall situation as I passed. I went up the stairs as quickly as I could, just glancing at the girls already in their beds, obviously in full conversation about me.
"You missed supper in the Great Hall" Pansy said in a snooty tone.
"Really, are you sure I didn't show?"
I heard laughter but it soon was hushed.
"Scorpion girl is just jealous because no one cared whether she was there or not"
I closed my eyes tightly and flexed my fingers. I should have known those witches would root through my stuff when I was gone.
"Scorpion girl?"

"Your box. From one of your friends? No, that's not it..."

My hands became fists.

"Must be sad to have no one like you..."

And then the four-poster bed frame above Pansy fell down with on her with a thud. Her scream erupted throughout the room. Oh no, not again...

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