Voldemort's Granddaughter

Tegan was a rebel, a foster kid, kicked from home to home because of 'accidents' that kept occurring. Then in a shock revelation on a school exchange to Hogwarts, when an innocent prank goes wrong, Tegan is identified as a witch. Surprised, and relieved, Tegan begins to finally fit in. But the question still hangs, why didn't Tegan receive a letter? Was she just 'overlooked'? Or is there a much more severe reason for blocking her from her world?


8. Descendo, by the way.

"Tegan, how are you feeling?" Dumbledore looked concerned. He couldn't have known what had happened, but something told me that this man was even wiser than we all thought.

I sat up in the hospital bed and pushed back my hair. My dirty blonde hair was living up to it's title. Madam Momfrey, the white-haired boy, and Dumbledore all looked at me, waiting for a response.
"I feel like my head is a boulder and my body is a tree"
"That is the most random analogy I have ever heard" The boy scoffed.
"Shut up, Mallory"
"It's Draco Malfoy!"
Madam Pomfrey waved a cloth at him in an effort to shush him. Dumbledore turned his attention back to me and smiled.
"I think it'll be a relief for you to know that Hagrid has all your school equipment ready. It's waiting to be shipped to your house, but of course you have to be sorted first"
My mouth dropped.
"What? Aren't you going to expel me?"
"If that is what you wish. Although that would be quite inconvenient seeing as Hagrid has travelled all the way to Diagon Alley and back"

"No" I said quickly.
I was going to ask about what had just happened in the hall, but something in Dumbledore's eye made me think that this wasn't the place to have that conversation.
"So, in your delicate condition, I thought it best to sort you here"
He pulled out a black pointed hat, frayed at the edges with a slightly grey tint. He placed it on my head and stepped back, as if letting the hat decide it. Then I heard it.
Ah. Well this is very unexpected.

"What?" I said aloud. I looked at Dumbledore in awe. It took some man to speak without his lips moving and in a completely different voice.
"It's not me, Tegan" He said with a smile. "The hat is sorting you"
You have wit, I see. Ravenclaw would nurture you well. You also have immense courage. That is a valued attribute in Gryffindor. Justice is strong within you, a tie with Hufflepuff. You have skills to be a leader, Slytherin's trait. But where to put you..?
I shuddered. I could almost feel it searching through my mind, reading every moment I had ever experienced. Then I felt the hat rise a little on my head. Like it had gasped.
Now this is interesting.
"Well, which house are you in?"
There was a pause, and the room waited expectantly.
"Slytherin!" It cried.
I looked at Dumbledore for assurance. Even if when I was a kid and I preferred reading people to reading books, I couldn’t possibly tell what Dumbledore was thinking.
"Well Slytherin has gained a great member of their house” He said, finally. “Mr. Malfoy, I'm sure you wouldn't mind showing Tegan around your house"
"Yay" He said sarcastically.
Dumbledore nodded again, and turned to leave.
"But Dumbledore, I have to talk to you" I said. But Madam Pomfrey waved Dumbledore off, saying I needed my rest. I suddenly was overcome with tiredness. My eyes began to droop. I felt all my worries of Zoe (who I assumed was still furious with me), the fact I could make flags move and control a patterned snake, and the case of me getting a creepy vision that I had an unexplainable connection to, melt away. I floated into the land of slumber, this time undisturbed by men in cloaks and the shadows of a half moon.


The sun beamed in the window, flashing across the nearly empty hospital wing. I must have been out for the rest of the night and morning as well. I noticed a box sitting on the nightstand beside me. It had a faint snake pattern on the top. I didn’t normally get freaked out by things, but that seemed very coincidental.

The white-haired boy walked into the room. I noticed that his bed was made up.

“Is your imaginary injury gone?”

“Yes, how very polite of you to ask”
I rolled my eyes. I reached for the box and clasped my fingers around it. The boy came to sit at the edge of the bed. I don’t know why I kept calling him ‘the boy’. With a tall, lanky shape, he was more of a young man really.

“What did you say your name was?”

“Draco Malfoy”
“What it is with you people and surnames? It’s not like Draco is a common name, why bother?”

“Family and blood is important”


“Well, where you come from defines you, doesn’t it?”
“No. That’s what people who are either too lazy or too scared to make a life for themselves say”
Draco’s eyes grew cold.

“Sometimes you don’t have a choice”

“No, that’s…”
“You spend a lot of time giving lectures about judging people, but then turn around and act like you know me in a day”

He stood up abruptly, and left the room. I started at the space he was sitting a moment ago. I wondered what beef he had. I turned my attention to the box to distract myself, and opened the lid. I saw a glimpse of black. I pushed it back further and out it popped.


It was a scorpion, black and shiny. It crawled along the bed sheet and over the side of the bed. I watched it scramble out the door, and felt pity for the little creature. It was born to a mother, the same as any of us. It was immediately defined by it’s roots, the race of arachnids.

Maybe that’s what we all wanted, a chance to define ourselves.

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