Voldemort's Granddaughter

Tegan was a rebel, a foster kid, kicked from home to home because of 'accidents' that kept occurring. Then in a shock revelation on a school exchange to Hogwarts, when an innocent prank goes wrong, Tegan is identified as a witch. Surprised, and relieved, Tegan begins to finally fit in. But the question still hangs, why didn't Tegan receive a letter? Was she just 'overlooked'? Or is there a much more severe reason for blocking her from her world?


15. Daphne Greengrass: The Middle

Daphne took a deep breath and knocked at the door in quick little raps. She didn't know why she was nervous, she was perfectly entitled to come here. Wasn't she? Daphne shook her head, trying to shake the doubt. He wanted to see her, didn't he? But then, he also said he wanted this other granddaughter? Daphne groaned. Had she made the right choice to just go to him without her?

Just when Daphne was unsure enough to retract her steps, the door swung open. Standing there was Bella, in a floor-length black lace gown. But there was no look of surprise or shock on her face. She was expecting her.

"Daphne, come in"

She followed Bella into a medieval-style hallway and further into a very luxurious living area. It was decorated beautifully, with dark wood furnishings, red velvet curtains and a sleek, black, button-tufted sofa. Daphne couldn't take her eyes off the exquisite paintings hung up on the walls around her. Then she saw him.

A figure so white, there couldn't possibly blood running through it's veins. It's nose were merely two slits on it's face. It was long and looming, like a shadow. It's black cloak hung loosely on it's skeleton-like body. It then reached out it's hand, withered and spindly. And then Daphne realised, she had seen it before.

"You!" She screamed, lurching back against the wall. Her heart quickened, her breathing grew ragged. 

"Now, now, Daphne. Don't get over-excited"

Daphne couldn't move in fear, she was paralysed. 

"This can't be real" She whispered, staring at the figure in horror. She hadn't just seen it once, but many, many times before. It was the thing that occupied her dreams, made her break out in cold sweats, haunted her for years. 

"Sit down, Daphne. There is much I need to explain"

Daphne urged herself to reach for her wand, but she couldn't flinch a muscle. Bella was just sitting there, watching the scene unfold. Why wasn't she doing anything?

"Get Grandfather, Bella! He'll know what to do!"

Bella just cackled, getting up from the sofa and swaggering over to the hooded beast.

"This is your grandfather, little girl. What, not as pretty as you hoped?"

Daphne's face contorted with confusion. How could that thing be related to her?

"I don't believe you, Bella. That's a monster!"

She cackled again. Daphne stared at her. This wasn't the Bella she knew.

"Daphne, please sit down"

And then, without any voluntary movement from Daphne, she began walking stiffly over to the couch. She felt her muscles contract and relax, but not of her own accord. A fear she had never felt before took hold.

"Now, listen girly, and listen good. Don't interrupt and just listen with those wittle ears of yours, don't say a word, okay? Let my Lord talk, and then you may speak"

But this warning wasn't necessary, because sure enough, Daphne's vocal chords were completely non-communicable. It was like a block had been put up between her brain and the rest of her body, and someone else was taking control.

"Hello Daphne, I am indeed your grandfather" The hooded figure revealed his face fully, terrifying her even more. "Your mother was called Calysta, and you look just like her"

Daphne felt a flutter of pride in her stomach. She had seen pictures of her mother, and it was no insult to be announced that she resembled her.

"Calysta was beautiful, she was a shining example of a perfect young woman. But her perfection was her downfall, unfortunately, and led to her untimely demise. She attempted the long and treacherous journey to the Fountain of Youth, and sadly she was crushed by a giant"

Daphne stared at the man. She knew her mother was dead, but she had never heard the story. It made her quite proud to think of her mother dying on a quest, how romantic and wonderful is a death on a trek to the Fountain of Youth? 

And then the band holding back everything snapped, and it all came rushing back to her. Daphne flexed her fingers, just to check she could.

"What did you do to me?"

Her voice was cold. No emotion or hope was left. She didn't trust him.

"Just something to calm your nerves, my child"

She clenched her teeth.

"Calm my nerves? I couldn't feel my nerves"

"Ah, but is that not calming?"

Daphne leaned back, baffled by this turn of events. This was certainly not what she expected.

"Why is your face like...that?"

"Disfigured?" A look of sadness and longing crossed his abnormal facial features. "It was in trying to save your Aunt Oribelle, I'm afraid. Although a large price to pay, I would do it again for any of my kin"

"He's always looked after us, Daph. Every school trip, Hogsmeade visit, Diagon Alley venture, all supplied by your grandfather"

"You didn't have to do that" She muttered.

"Oh but I did. I always felt guilty for not coming after you two, not raising you myself. But I couldn't give you the life you deserved with the state I was in, I would disgrace you. So, I gave you into the care of my trusted, right-hand woman Bellatrix"

Bella beamed with pride, gazing at him with admiring eyes. If Bella trusted him, then he had to be who he says he is? After all, he did look after Daphne all through Hogwarts, apparently.

"What happened to my father?"

"I'm afraid the loss of your mother was too much for him. He's currently in St. Mungo's, under the careful watch of trained professionals"

The information was overwhelming. Her head throbbed with all the uncertainty. Her mother dead? She had thought that much. But her father stuck in some mental hospital?

"I just can't take it all in"

"That's understandable, Daphne, very understandable. But unfortunately, we are on a tight schedule, and need to press on" He smiled. "As you know, Tegan Asher is your cousin. And she plays a very important part in our plan"

Daphne froze.

"Plan? What plan?"

"Daphne, there's a reason you dream those dreams, feel the way you do. A reason for all those mysterious happenings through your life"

"I don't know what you're talking about..."

"Your first school teacher, Ms. Bradberry? What happened when she told you off for 'moving' things in class?"

She closed her eyes and let her mind bring back the memory. Embarrassment and humiliation as the whole class turned to watch her get scolded. How she hated Ms. Bradberry, how she ridiculed her for something she had no power over. But Daphne never meant for it to happen. She was just sitting, waiting for Bella to pick her up. And then Ms. Bradberry's little yellow car just swerved, colliding with a tree that seemed to spring up out of the ground.

"That wasn't me" Daphne whispered, more pleading than stating.

"Daphne, you did the right thing. People like that deserve to die"

She felt her eyes pricking with tears. Thoughts and memories regarding the event came flooding back, ones she had tried so hard to block for years.

"People want us to forget who we are, to play with the muggles like equals. But muggles are weak, afraid of those more powerful than them. And they deserve to be eliminated. Think of all the times your 'friends' have deserted you because of your abilities? It's because they're jealous, they envy us."

She thought of all the times she tried to make friends with muggles, but instead got ridiculed and discriminated against. She had always thought the problem was her, that she had to change. But it was them that needed to change. Or like he said, eliminated.

"They called me names, isolated me from everything they did. I hated myself because of them"

"And now you know better. That this can all end. We can change the way mudbloods are willingly accepted into Hogwarts, alter the future of the Wizarding World. No wizard or witch needs to feel like you did again. Don't you want that?"

Daphne nodded eagerly.

"Then two things need to be eliminated before this can happen"

"I'll do it, I'll do anything"

"I have faith in you" He looked towards the corner, a darkly lit part of the room she hadn't noticed. There was a muffled scream. "And her, too, when the opportunity arrives..."

"Tegan? She's here?"

"Oh yes, and a little more...unwilling, as expected" He flicked his wand in her direction. The scream became clear and distinct.

"I'll never do it, I'll never kill him!"

"Kill who?" Daphne asked.

"Who I should have killed long, long ago..."

And then the pieces fell together, in to what Daphne realised should have been obvious from the start.

"We're Voldemort's granddaughters"


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