Voldemort's Granddaughter

Tegan was a rebel, a foster kid, kicked from home to home because of 'accidents' that kept occurring. Then in a shock revelation on a school exchange to Hogwarts, when an innocent prank goes wrong, Tegan is identified as a witch. Surprised, and relieved, Tegan begins to finally fit in. But the question still hangs, why didn't Tegan receive a letter? Was she just 'overlooked'? Or is there a much more severe reason for blocking her from her world?


10. Alohomora, yeah?

"Hello everyone"

I stepped into the dungeon room. They all stopped their conversations to turn and stare. One of the guys started clapping. Then another joined in. Soon the whole room was applauding.

"The Snake Queen has arrived"

"A true Slytherin!"

"All hail the Parselmouth Girl!"

I stared at them with a frightened expression on my face. I really didn't get all this odd language. I looked through the crowd. There he was, his white blonde hair among the sea of black. I didn't particularly like him, but he was someone I knew. He was awkwardly staring at his feet, obviously not wanting to get involved. I wasn't sure if the crowd were mocking me or praising me, so I didn't know if he was embarrassed to be seen with me or not. I decided not to shame him, and pushed through the crowd to the bags I spotted by the fireplace.

"Are these mine?"

"No, they're Nicholas Flamel's" I looked up to see a pig-faced girl scowling at me.

"Oh right, well, where's my stuff?"

She snorted and rolled her eyes. Was I that insufferable when I did that?

"They're yours"

I turned to see Draco.

"Right, the girl was trying to be funny" I grabbed my bags. "Where do I go now?"

He pointed up a flight of stairs without looking me in the eye. I nodded and made my way up. It was a domed shape tower. There was five beds with green leather headboards and fancy engraving in the dark oak wood. The bedding was a deep green, that matched the material of the curtains. The floor was dark wood, giving a luxurious yet cold atmosphere to the room. It was by far the most deluxe room I had ever been in.

"You're sleeping here?"

The pig-nosed girl was back.

"Look, do you have a problem?"

She looked taken aback.



I turned my back on her and scanned over the beds.

"I suppose I'll take the one with the empty chest" I said, spotting the open open chest at the end of the bed by the window.

"Suppose you will"

I started laughing, angering the girl. She flounced out of the room in a huff.


I found that among my new things there was the old stuff I had kept throughout my journey of various foster homes. One of my favourites was a scarlet red old-style radio. I propped it on the bedside table and tuned it to the station I always listened to.

"She's up all night til the sun, I'm up all night to get some"

I sang (out of tune) to Get Lucky playing off the radio as I unpacked the bags. It was thrilling and shocking to see what I had. There was weird Halloween-costume style cloaks and odd contraptions that I couldn't begin to guess what their purpose was. I was having great fun rooting through the pack when the girls came in. It was the pig-faced girl, though this time with a posse. Two girls stood behind her, one with a terrible case of acne on her face and another with a model-like but very, very blank face.

"This is the new girl"

"Your hair is nice" The pretty one said, as if this determined whether she should speak to me or not. Maybe it did.

"Thanks, I wash it"

The girl stared at me, obviously oblivious to my sarcastic comment. The pig-faced girl rolled her eyes.

"It's a joke, Arabella. Mother of Merlin..." She shook her head with impatience. She then narrowed her eyes at me, which I returned with raising my eyebrows. "You're sleeping in Daphne's bed. Don't mess it up because she'll be back soon"

"Well, she did fall a long way, Pansy. She couldn't be back that soon" There was a note of panic in the acne girl's voice, which this Pansy girl didn't seem to notice.

"Oh she'll be back before the Yule Ball. We picked out dresses for it and everything. There's no way Daph would miss it, you know that Ramona"

Acne girl, or Ramona as she supposedly is named, kept her mouth shut, but something told me she wasn't exactly looking forward to this Daphne coming back. It looked like she was pretty comfortable being Pansy's sidekick.

"The Yule Ball?" I asked, imagining a Times- Square like event where they drop this massive ball in the middle of the Great Hall.

"Oh, its the most magical event of the whole year!" Arabella exclaimed, clapping her hands in excitement. "It's a dance held in the Great Hall with food and music and dresses and music and dresses!"

"It's actually quite fun, even for the non-dancers like myself" Ramona smiled to herself.

"You have to bring a date, too." Pansy smiled. "I think I know who's going to ask me"

Arabella squealed.

"Pansy and this boy have had a thing since their first year at Hogwarts. They're like the king and queen of Slytherin house..."

The girl rambled on, but I stopped listening. I had noticed something. Out the long window of the bed chamber I could see a tall circular tower, the one that so many owls flew out of. At the top of the tower was a boy, his face I couldn't make out, holding what looked like a parcel. This wasn't what startled me though, it was the ball of fire flying towards his head.

I ran to the window, unlatched it and flung it open.

"Move!" I screamed at him. Out of shock at this sudden screech, he fell. Down and down and down until I heard sound that would forever haunt me. A sound of a neck breaking.

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