Voldemort's Granddaughter

Tegan was a rebel, a foster kid, kicked from home to home because of 'accidents' that kept occurring. Then in a shock revelation on a school exchange to Hogwarts, when an innocent prank goes wrong, Tegan is identified as a witch. Surprised, and relieved, Tegan begins to finally fit in. But the question still hangs, why didn't Tegan receive a letter? Was she just 'overlooked'? Or is there a much more severe reason for blocking her from her world?


4. Accio, awkward...

"Prefects, please bring the Draymount students to the beds made up in the North Tower. Hogwarts students can return to their common rooms. I wish you all a good sleep, and a very happy stay in our castle!"
The mass of students all began filing out of the hall. I looked around for Zoe, but somehow she had got lost in the crowd. I had just got a glimpse of Josh and was about to latch onto him when I felt a tug on my jacket.
"Ms. Asher, Professor Dumbledore would like to speak to you. I'll show you to his office"
"Can't you just magic me there?"
The lady raised her eyebrows, but didn't respond. I followed her through the group of students, receiving a few curious glances. I caught the eye of my partner, the Potter guy, who was talking with his red-haired friend. He must have thought I was so cool, having private sessions with the headmaster with the killer beard. Yeah, Tegan Asher has officially MADE IT.
The woman led me out of the hall, her dress robes swishing at her heels as she paced across the stoned floor. I followed her up a grand staircase, and another, and another until we reached the third floor. She led me down a corridor, and towards a tower called 'The Headmaster Tower', as it read on the sign. We reached an ugly looking statue thing, which the woman called a 'gargoyle', and we stopped.
"Lemon Sherbet" She said.
"Er, no, I'm okay" I patted my belly. "Stuffed after that feast"
She looked at me oddly.
"It's the password, Ms. Asher"
"Oh right" I nodded. "Very original"
She rolled her eyes, and suddenly the gargoyle turned around to reveal a spiral staircase. She stepped into it, and I followed. The stairs began moving, and before I knew it, we were there.
A mahogany table engraved with spirals was in the middle of the room. Shelves of books circled around the room, like a dome-shaped library. It was magical. There was telescopes, atlases, books upon books, and many other weird and wonderful contraptions. The woman nodded, and left the room. Suddenly, Dumbledore appeared.
"Hello, Ms. Asher"
"Sup, Prof. D"
He raised his eyebrows.
"Too Fresh Prince?" I asked. He looked baffled.
"Fresh prints? Well, I have some new parchment paper"
We both looked at each other, confused.
"Why don't you take a seat, Ms. Asher"
I slumped into the grand seat across from him. He picked up what looked like a very well carved twig of a tree.
"I was wondering if you could give this a wave, Ms. Asher"
A wave? I smirked, but did the deed anyway.  I was shocked to see sparks fly from the end of the stick.
"Is this a..."
"Wand? Indeed it is. One of Ollivander's finest. This particular model is 12 and 1/4 inches, Ash, with the hair of a unicorn. Although lovely, it doesn't appear to be the wand for you. Here, try this one"
He handed me a slightly bendier one, with more of a rubber look. Before trying it, I paused.
"Sir, you don't think I'm a wizard do you?"
Dumbledore shook his head. I guess I should have felt relieved. But I didn't. At least being a wizard would have explained why I could do things others couldn't. Explained why no one ever wanted me. I shook myself to get some sense into me.
"You can move things without touching them?"
"When I'm furious, or ecstatic, or depressed. Mostly when my emotions are at their highest. Sometimes it's in my control. For smaller things, like the explosion, I can control it."
I looked at his wise, sparkling eyes.
"When did this start happening?"
"Ever since I was four. I was in my first foster home, and a kid pulled my hair. Before I knew it, he was on the roof, hanging by the ends of his trousers"
Dumbledore smiled. I didn't know why, but I liked seeing this man smile. Even though I had only known him for less than three hours, I trusted him. Like a grandchild trusted their grandfather.
"What do you think all this means if I'm not one of you?"
He looked up.
"Who said you weren't 'one of us', as you say?"
"You said I wasn't a wizard"
"No, Tegan..." He smiled gently. "You're a witch"

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