Hope | Sequel To Torn

Charlie has had tough choices to make in the past but now she is 22 and getting serious with her 4 year boyfriend Harry.But on her 22nd birthday all seems to go downhill for Charlie when she is diagnosed with a life threatning illness. Sequel to Torn


3. Waiting

*Harry's P.O.V.*

I sat in the waiting area with my head in my hands, hoping for news from the doctors that Charlie was going to be okay. I tapped my foot restlessly on the ground looking at patients going in and out with broken limbs and women screaming about to give birth. Sickly children and teenagers made their way over to ask for autographs every now and then, don't get me wrong I didn't mind, it was just a little frustrating when my girlfriend might be dying in there. Suddenly Sufia and Zayn appeared from down the hallway. I jumped up from my seat as they headed towards me. 

"Hey man, any news?" Zayn asked. I just shook my head sadly sitting back down. "What was she like when they took her in?" Sufia asked. "Any change"

"Yeah, not in a good way though, they had to use a machine to help her breath properly and she had the cold sweats!" I said running my hand through my hair. Zayn sat down to my right and Sufia sat beside him. We sat there in silence for several minutes when I suddenly heard the clacking of high heels. I glanced up slowly at the woman rushing towards us.

"Oh no, great!" I muttered standing back up. "What!?" Zayn asked looking behind him. "Oh her!" He then said shortly realising. It was Charlie's mum and she was NOT going to be happy...with me! 

"Harold! What the hell have you done to my daughter now!" She shouted. 

"Lovely to see you too Lisa!" I said sarcastically. I explained to her what had happened and how we had planned a surprise party in our apartment. She began to get teary eyed so I sighed and stopped sitting back down beside Zayn. 

"Oh my goodness, open up, THATS MY DAUGHTER!" She shouted banging her fists on the door where they held Charlie.   "Miss Faires, I hate to be rude but I don't think you can do that!" Sufia said. Strait away a doctor opened up. "We can explain!" Zayn said jumping up out of his chair. "Charlie Faires?" The doctor asked. "Yeah!" I said standing up, my face perking up a tad. He gave us a weak smile and held out his hand towards the door. I walked in to find Charlie lying there hooked up to machines with tubes sticking all over her.

"Oh Charlie!" I said running towards her and throwing my arms around her. "Please be careful sir!" The doctor ordered literally pulling me up off of her. Charlie smiled very weakly.

"Hi Harry!" She spluttered. "OH MY BABY!" Mrs Faires screamed she ran over to the bed. "Are you hurt badly, what did Harold do to you eh?" I sighed and threw my eyes up to heaven. You'd swear I was abusing Charlie. "No Mum! I'm alright!" She reasured. 

"Charlie, what did the doctors say, whats wrong?" Sufia asked her.

"They don't know, tests are being done later!" Charlie told us. I sat down on a chair beside the wall. I stared at her. I couldn't believe it what could've been wrong? She was as white as a ghost and her eyes were bearly open. She was breathing very heavily and every time she coughed it looked like a struggle. She winced at every sight of someone about to touch her and she didn't look like my Charlie anymore it made me sad to see.

"Excuse me I hate to tell you but one visitor at a time please!" Another doctor broke to us coming in. We all looked at each other. 

"Well I'd be here in the mornings so?" Sufia offered. "Yes and I would be for her all night!" Miss Faires told us. 

"Great and I could be here any other time!" I said happy that everything sorted itself out. "Guys you don't all have to be here!" Charlie told us. "It's the least we could do!" I told her taking her hand and squeezing it softly. She gave me a little smile before simply shutting her eyes and falling asleep. I kissed her on the forehead vowing to mind her with my life.

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